Monday, February 21, 2011

Trouble with "Sound-Multiplex System"

Unexpectedly Kind Staff

Since I bought a new DVD-player in my tiny kitchen last Nov., I had trouble with "sound-multiplex system". In this high-tech digital day and age, all these gadgets sure are hard to master how to use them. And I have been contacted with the maker since then.

The sound-multiplex system of it won't work with the DVDs I dubbed from the old recorder I had in the living room.  Interviews, dramas I want to leave it play during the chores in the kitchen annoyingly have both Japanese and English.
Today, finally a staff came to my house and checked the trouble. It was funny that the staff himself looked confused with the trouble. Anyways, I will be able to give DVD-player back to the maker and have its money refunded. Kindly he brought back 2 DVDs to see what would be my prospective new recorder. Well, as I did the "before buying consulting" for the player to the maker, I might deserve it. Thinking back the way staffs of the service-center dealt with me, I appreciated the generous, sincere manner of him.
    Hopefully, they find the right one for me next time!!!


  1. Hi! This is @readable from Twitter :) I hope you get a new DVD player that works.

    Sometimes when I watch bilingual programs (such as Begin Japanology) that I've downloaded, I have to turn off one speaker. There's a problem with the sound -- I can't switch sound channels. Instead, I have to listen to either the left or right speaker to choose the language. Otherwise, I hear both. I wonder if it was a similar problem ...

    Great blog, by the way!

  2. Hi! I've been busy! At last got home but yet have to cook for dinner. I just realized you posted your profile picture! How nice! You look pretty. Glad to "see" you! Hopefully I'll come back later.

  3. Hi! Clarissa
    I see you've got the same trouble(opposite way,haha) Yes, it sure is irritating and makes me feel VHS-tapes were the better(^_^;)
    Hope you will be able to find the way to rectify it.

    Thank you very much for your compliment, SO happy to read it. Especially form you!!!

  4. Hello! Mekkan
    Yes, I see how busy you must be. I really hope you are coping wih your tight schedule well!!!

    I've been thinking and thinking about the pic. And I came to a decision that "not in the icon", but "side-bar".
    I hope to talk to you soon, as well (*^_^*)

  5. Oooh, a DVD player in the kitchen! That's great! Good for watching cooking DVDs while you cook, hehehe.

  6. Hello! Dionne
    Yes, isn't that really convenient?
    Please do not mistake salt for suger by getting distracted ^^)