Saturday, February 26, 2011

New cellar-phone and Buddhist memorial service

New Cellar Phone
I finally bought my long-awaited  smartphone several days ago. It was funny that it reminded me how hard it was to learn the usage of PC.  I was expecting that my humble knowledge of PC would help me more to be able to use it sooner. However, I was totally crushed to know that I needed to start up mastering another one all over again. I was made duly aware of the fact that I just had a wishful thinking.     Tackling keenly for a few days, I could gradually become accustomed to the function. Finally, now I'm glad to get it. As it works my handy little PC, I can browse through sites outside the house by using the search engine. I can check SNS I have an account in the bed, haha. Being giggled about my struggle by my husband might be worth my while. 
   (I wish to change the wall paper for more famine one♪)

Buddhist memorial service
Last Friday, my granddad's 50th Buddhist memorial services was held by my uncle at his house.
I will quote a part of the site;
Memorial services depend on local customs. Usually, there are a number of memorial services following the death - for example, daily for the first seven days, or a number of services within the first 49 days, or on the 7th, 49th and 100th day, depending on the local custom. After that, there is a memorial service on the Obon festival in honor of the dead. The festival may be held in the 1st year, sometimes in the 3rd and 5th, 7th and 13th years, and a number of times afterwards up to either the 39th or the 50th year.

I consider those days as good chances to see the relatives (especially the ones long after one's death).  My husband's father died when he was a little kid and as he is the eldest son, we had this service many years ago with his relatives. 
I could see my cousins whom I haven't seen for a while last Friday.  After the monk's recitation of  sutra,  we moved to the Japanese restaurant my cousin owns. We had nice time chatting with each other thinking back the old days. My aunt started to tell us about the cows her parents had or the outside the house bathroom(old Japanese style).  Haha, I sure feel myself got older.
Well, I wonder people in the western countries have the occasions to remember late family members and how.
 We enjoyed the lunch course


  1. Otsukaresama! HOUJI is really a big family event, isn't it. We'll have one next spring in our family.
    And my! it's nice you've got a new gadget! You bring it any place with you, don't you? Enjoy it! I have another year before changing it to a new model. Long way to go.

  2. Dear Mekkan
    I have used my former one for four years. I had buttery trouble. I was almost getting car-sick when I tried using the tiny key board in the passenger seat while hus driving p;)

  3. I have a smart phone and LOVE it. It's so handy!

    That food looks so delicious. What an event!

  4. Hi! Dionne
    I think I finally feel free to use my smart-phone. Took time ^^;)