Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cannot believe how much technologies have developed☆

What a day and age
The recent news of cheating the entrance exam by using the high-tech really astonished me. Culprit sent the questions of the exam(mainly English or Math) through cameras of  the phone or the glasses to the accomplice's PC and got the answer. I knew the days without even TV and refrigerator. Haha, I cannot believe I am using PC and writing blog.

 As the article saids, elderly people are the fraudster's targets. The other day I saw gards at the ATM in the convenience-store. It was the 15th of the month, when elderly people's pension money is supposed to be paid.  Well, I should be cafeful as we are now surviving with it☆

the article from the paper
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Universities mull mobile jammers

Kyodo News
Cell phone jammers have come under the spotlight in the wake of recent cheating incidents during entrance exams at four prominent universities, including Kyoto University.
News photo
Zero tolerance: An examiner ensures a test-taker's cell phone is turned off Wednesday during the entrance exam at Taisho University in Tokyo. KYODO PHOTO

Such jammers transmit radio signals in the 800 MHz frequency band, which is used as the mainstream carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo's and KDDI's au phones. Products targeting other frequency bands are also available.
At present, the main corporate users of the jammers are the operators of hospitals, concert halls and cinemas, while some banks have also installed the device at their automated teller machines to help prevent "ore-ore" (it's me, it's me) frauds.
In the phone scam, culprits typically guide elderly people via cell phone to send money to the fraudsters' temporary bank accounts, pretending to be close kin or acquaintances suddenly in a financial bind.
According to dealers of cell phone jammers, universities have now been added to the customer list.
Tokyo-based Macros Japan said an increasing number of inquiries are coming from universities and other schools saying they are troubled by the problem of cheating.


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