Friday, February 18, 2011

Belated News (Secretary's Speech at George Washington university)

Found her speech from You-Tube, (for my learning sake)
As I don't have much knowledge how the Internet is affecting to the world, the incident in Egypt connected with Facebook interested me. I think her speech educated me in the sense of both learning cyber security matter and increasing English vocabulary (also found the transcription)

One editor's comment,  quote; it is difficult to get behind this idea of "Internet freedom" when the concept itself is vague. There is no universal standard for what a free Internet should look like. ;

Although I have no idea how she is doing as a the secretary of state, just impressed by her way of making brilliant speech and eloquence without reading manuscript note. (haha, she must be used to delivering speech)
Anyways, I was happy to have educational time for listening this despite hubby's influenza.  Well, he is feeling better thanks to the doctor's medication. 


Mekkan said...

Oh, you're so studious. Enjoy it!

orchid said...

I started learning English when I was 28 years old because of the loneliness of being alone during the day without a child (^_^;)