Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another Performance at the local Shrine;

During these 2 months, my husband had more than a couple of stages to perform. Invited to the festival at the Sumiyoshi-shrine. And I'd like to introduce you one of the famous dances we enjoyed on the same day. 

*My husband's Group*
*Local dance group carrying on traditional dance called "よさこい ・ yosakoi”*
            "yosakoi" link  is from Japanese archaic term '夜さり来い. yosarikoi
Birthplace of Yosakoi is Aichi-pref. and the varieties of yosakoi  is performed at the festival in many places in Japan.  You'll get the better atmosphere by enlarging pictures :-) 
I found this beautiful dance performance by young ladies.

At the Shrine, many little bamboo lanterns were decorated alongside the stairs and path. Sorry that I haven't visited at night.  There were papers inside the lanterns; DREAMS in the future were written by school children on them.
From the left
* Wish to be an idol (she meant national or TV icon) when grow up.
          We call aidoru. idol for young singers, actors and actresses.
* Wish to be a policeman when grow up.
* Wish to grow up mentally as well as physically.

         Flower pictures gifted by key-board player of my husband's band group. 
  Feijoa and Lily;   Never tasted fruits of feijoa :-) 

            Swallows I found close to my house
  They seem to be young ones;  Happy to find their cute posing.
Waiting for Mom to bring food?  :-)

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Egret, Duck and Dragonfly in the rice paddy;

All of a sudden this afternoon, dragonfly-lover husband started to ask if I posted the pictures of the dragonflies he took for me early this month.  This is the quick post of birds and dragonflies in the paddy field among the rice plants.

My husband was so facilitated finding Lesser Emperor (Anax parthenope), picture page Unfortunately, the sky was overcast on that day. He was really discouraged seeing the beautiful colors of them didn't come out.  

(posted; Etymology page) 
The word "RICE,  米. kome"
This post made me rethink that Japan is agricultural country. For Japanese, English word "rice" mostly implies before cooked, "polished rice".  
   These are some of rice related words;
*稲 'ine'  ・・・・  rice plant  
*お米 'okome'  ・・・・  white rice (mainly used for the one before cooked; polished one)   Fruit of the rice plant.  (hope  fruit is the right word)
*ご飯 'gohan'  ・・・・ This word can be used both 'after cooked ready to eat 'white rice' and  also simply means 'meal'.

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Hope your weekend 'was' 'is' a wonderful one♪

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Iris and Hydrangea from city park and gifted pictures;

On 15th this month, I had some errand close to the city park.  Although I knew it was a bit late for full bloom for iris, I stopped by under the cloudy weather.  Luckily, it didn't stat raining for me :-)

Keyboard player of my husband's band group kindly sent me some pictures of flowers♪
I picked up Hydrangea among them.

While I was taking pictures, a young couple passed me running toward the bridge.  It is great to have something to do together for health.  Heart-warming scene, that was♡♡♡

This handsome dogie was enjoying the flowers walking together with his owner. 
I guessed he is a hybrid between Japanese and western breed.

 It is in the middle of the rainy season and the rice paddies are filled with water, finished planting.
I was busy helping husband fetching things and weeding at late parents’ house. Now, I need to fight against the weed in our tiny garden p:-) 
And community-duty;      Time sure DOES Fly".

   I do hope you all are having wonderful week;
          I'll be able to catch up with you soon... 

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Happy Father's Day;

*I truly was a beloved daughter*
It's been about two and a half years since he passed away.  We held his 2nd death anniversary last Nov.  Actually, we call it "3回忌・3kaiki ".   There were different explanations in PCpages, but I think it's kind of same as the leap year.  Even though my parents' house is empty, I wished to hold the anniversary at home in front of the family altar.   We waited till this spring to start thinking about grave. altar. house etc.

As I wrote here, he sure loved to catch up with the development of civilization. And the movies, dramas from America watched together gave me the insight to the western culture.    You always are in my heart father. I grew up feeling with your deep affection and support. When I saw you working as a lathe worker when young, I was proud of you as my father and breadwinner "大黒柱 big-black-post, daikokubashira."  My husband and I are working together for your house trying to make better for the prospective owner;  Please watch over us together with mom and brother.

Happy father's Day for everyone and have a wonderful father's day Sunday.
My header for this post is the original one I used when I started blog;

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sea Gull and March of Ducks etc;

                                                            My main header now is the original one for the new post;
*Late March at the city park*
I missed posting this birdies' topic in March.  It was surprising and happy to see many Gulls perching together on the fence of the lake in the park.  This year, we had more number than the last year. The black faced one is impressive♪

      *Gave me smile to see many Ducks marching together*
On the same day, I've seen many ducks marching on the hill from the lake side to the museum part.  Wished to ask why they are going up hill♬♬♬

Here are some flowers, mixture of mine and the lady key-board player of my husband involved sent for me.   For the flower links;      (sorry for the out of the season ones)
One on the right is Michelia Compressa;we call Ogatama.  Left side I can't identified.
Hydrangea my husband had from his friend;

(posted; Etymology page)
The governor  of Tokyo announced  resigning yesterday;
I thought about the word 'post' as the TV news is using the word trying to predict who will be the next governor, saying "who'll be  post Matuzoe, ' posuto Matuzoe' ". 
This word is now used as Japanglish.  I presume not many percentage of Japanese people can understand its real meaning. As someone once told me she thought "against" not "after".  I know it's used like "post world warⅡ".  
I wonder if this word is used for the people in the certain post(-:) ; like "who will be post Obama".
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So sorry for the very long post and I WILL be visiting you soon...