Sunday, June 28, 2015

'Fun Bazaar' at the Gallery;

   *Fun Bazaar at the Gallery in our city near my friend's house*  
On 10th this month, my friend and I went to see the "Bazaar" at Ogawa-Gallery located near my friend's house. I hope you can enjoy the varieties of items (pottery, glass and wood works, accessories etcwe could buy there.

These owl faced item is a mosquito (repellent) coil container♪  

I wish the time brings us happy old couple's life for us, in near future p:-)  

Lovely Wind bells♪
The note said "Different wind will blow tomorrow’ like 'Tomorrow is another day'

Dolls made of Japanese paper;
I missed to take pictures of these, kindly my friend sent them through pc :-)

I loved to see these gorgeous hats and caps;

In the picture below left-side "broach and scarf ring"

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Bit early posting for memes as I'll be a bit busy tomorrow.  I hope you're or will have a wonderful Sunday and coming new week.  I'll catch up with you as best I can♪

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Iris in the city park (Day and Night);

        *Irises under the Day Light*
As my neighbor had told me that the irises were almost in full bloom, I went there to enjoy the beauty :-)   On 10th this month;      

Went Down the stairs with Hydrangea;

Varieties of Irises (skipping the names of them :-)

Found some critters there on that day;
I thought he is a puppy but Mom of this boy said he is more than 10 years old:-)

Fence with light bulbs for the illumination and Bride;

      *Irises under the Illuminations with different colors*
On 9th night;  visited the day before, funny that I happened to see the night scene first.

I wished to close this post with the ones with day light p:-)

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Thank you SO much for your kind words for my condition of face.
I still have reddish face and not being able to figure out which cosmetic is the cause...
My friend shared me a little of her natural type of them but testing failed.
I tried several different ones, maybe need some rest putting any(^^;)
I'll have time to visit you today (Sunday), friends♪
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Two different kinds of Soba Guests on different Days;

   (posted; Soba Noodle page)     Flowers in the frames are Soba-flowers.

*We had Two different kinds of Soba Guests on 7th and 13th this month*

        Adult guests from band group my husband involved
The lady who plays the keyboard in the band had wished to try making soba "蕎麦打ち, soba-uchi".  The other is the vocalist who loves soba noodle and seemed to have fun watching how noodle is made.
After making dough first; as you can see, she was carefully observing how husband does and how the process should be.  It seems "spreading the dough evenly thin" and "the cutting" is the  two hardest parts.  She looked quite motivated♡♡♡

Now , her turn to try♪
Soba noodle she made was excellent 'soft and evenly cut'.  My husband said marvelous job and even cannot believe it was her first try. We had nice soba lunch time and enjoyed chatting togather♬♬♬

         ♪ Husband's ex-lady collage and her daughter
She approved my posting her daughter (maybe my old friends might notice she has grown a little).  She's become an elementary school student this year.  She's having piano lesson for a while and played us the music she learned♬♬♬  

Of course, she has to take a little English lesson from me p:-)
The 'LEGO' she's making was the congratulatory present for her from us. We asked her mom what she might want to have in advance.  Oh, she has amazing concentration 'Surprised us' seeing how she'd finished making all that by herself in a short while during the visit☆☆☆

Always Happy seeing she enjoys my husband's soba a lot and ate them up♪ Lunch with her Lovely Smiling Face♡♡♡

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*Happy Father's Day everyone* 
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It's been a bit out of shape days with rash on my face (first time in my life) etc.  Hoping to get better but still trying to figure out the reason (maybe cosmetics), as the medicines from the doctor not working at the moment.   See You Soon!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hydrangea Festival at Next City's Park;

       *My friend and us went to see the varieties of Hydrangea Flowers*
My friend taking pictures at the entrance of the Hydrangea garden. It is located uphill in the park.  Let me skip identifying each names of Hydrangea :-)

*Display of the potted ones Inside of the Exhibition Room*
I was fascinated to see 'Myrtus Communis' flowering for the first time in the garden. And then my friend told me she has the white one 'Common Myrtle' blooming in her garden.  How lucky I could show you both colors♪          
These pictures below were taken at the 'Dragonfly Lake' in the same huge park. My husband really wished to see the dragonflies. He used his folding bicycle to go down but we had no luck to see one p:-)  Instead, I found these fences and bridges. "It is used as a stage",  answered the staff when I called the park after coming home.
These Mom and Daughter Border Collies greeted us at the entrance of the park.  
Loved their sweet smiling faces ♡♡♡  

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Hi, friends;  I've been a bit out of shape with rash on my face etc,
waiting and hoping doctors meds will work soon:-)  Visiting You Soon!!!
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