Monday, September 25, 2017

Stage and New Copy Machine etc;

Opening performance at Karaoke meeting
In the middle of this month, My husband's band group was invited to perform at the Karaoke meeting. They played one popular song. He said that there were some acquaintances among the performers. 

New Copy Machine (for A3 size paper) 
Our oldest copy machine in the teaching room broke. 
My husband wished to have one for his music scores (A3). 
Our second smaller color copy machine is for only up to A4.

Machine has been set (downstairs)
                     *Teaching room upstairs*   
      *Left; after new one came    * Right; before and there was a big one which broke 
     The smaller color copy machine used to be downstairs is in the teaching room now.

Flowers and Bird 
Cluster Amaryllis; Japanese name is Equinox Flower '彼岸花'.Season for this flower♪
We consider around this time of year, the celebration of seasonal change typical of an agricultural society.  And also, The etymology of '彼岸・higan' is from "the other shore of the Sanzu River", which separates this life from the afterlife in Japanese Buddhist tradition. On 23rd, we visited grave yards both sides (my husband's and mine).

Heron in the paddy before rice reaping

So sorry for my long absence...; First, copy machine. And now, my 3 year old 8.1pc(windows) was sent to the maker to replace the "liquid crystal panel". Taking backup, I'm using older one.
Wishing to visiting you soon;

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Butterflies and Autumn Taste etc;

Wandering Gilder (ウスバキトンボ)
Early this month , we found many Wandering Glider in the rice paddy.  As they were hovering wildly, I couldn't take good pictures. My husband taught me that they are carnivore having strong jaws to bite off small winged insect. So they are Useful Insect in the paddy :-)

Sorry that the short video is a bit noisy with the sound of the machine.
Picture below is not my taste, but my husband insisted on posting saying very rare;-)
Male Lesser Emperor being eaten by a Spider

Herons and Sweet Autumn Clematis
       They were in abandoned rice paddy.

      On our way to the rice paddy, I was lucky to find this new Clematis for me.

Gifted Autumn Tastes
Annual gift of chestnut from my next neighbor♪
Enjoyed the first one this year.  Both boiled and with rice.  Pears and grapes from friends.
I'm posting a little early as I'll be away from home tomorrow. 
Hoping everyone is safe in your place.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Update about the unknown flower and Butterflies;

     (sorry for the next post's header for link pages, posted earlier)
Ki-karasu-uri or Karasu-uri
The unidentified flower I posted in the previous post is one of the gourd family.  "Trichosanthes japonica"  in Japanese, "ki-karasu-uri". Made me smile with its Japanese name  as literal translation is "yellow-crow-gourd" (*^.^*)

The picture of gourd above and these pictures below from pc-site taught me a lot.
When I was checking, I got confused with this another look alike gourd's flower. It's called " Japanese snake gourd (Trichosanthes pilosa) in Japanese, "karasu-uri". 
Left; Ki-karasu-uri                              Right;   Karasu-uri

I haven't seen this gourd but seems like eaten with pickles p:-)

Male Ceriagrion nipponicum  and  Sympetrum eroticum
We found 2 kinds of small red butterflies in an old small reservoir.  These pictures were taken by my husband (too small for my bad eyes :-)  
The first one is one of Damselfly (糸トンボ) called Ceriagrion nipponicum (ベニ糸トンボ) .   Surprised to know this  is one of Endangered Species from pc-site. Sorry for not clear pictures, bit far away.   Damselflies perch with their wings folded, my husband told me proudly. He looked so happy to see his first rare one. Funny Face p:-)
The second one is called  Sympetrum eroticum(マユタテアカネ)perching on the Iron Scrap in the reservoir.
This shrike is called "百舌鳥モズ・hundred tongue bird" in Japanese derived from their varieties of singing sounds.  Pictures I haven't posted.
Wishing you will have a wonderful new week. 
Starting to visit you from this afternoon♡♡♡

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