Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cormorants from 2 places and Sparrows;

 Cormorants need to dry their wings
                    *From Ajisu-Natural-Park last Dec.*
My first time finding to see them more than one in one place.  And the staff at the park explained to me that they need to dry their wings frequently compared to other birds.

                       *From river in our city*
Yesterday on our way back from my parent's empty house, we found these cormorants in the usual Koto-river we take a little detour. While taking pictures, I saw the proof of what I learned here again♪

Sparrows at my late parents’ house
At my late parents' house trying to tidy up a little,  there were lots of sparrows.  At first, they were in the yard but they flew to the old fence of the house noticing me opened the window.  After that, they spread to the fence, roof of the next house and on the tree.

Not a snowy day but very cold outside.  We need to see people from a couple of construction companies and some guests this weekend. 

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Acrobatic Birds and Workers;

*Birds are Acrobatic♪*
These pictures of birds were taken from the same tree and from upstairs.  It was a fine day late last Dec.  Running after winter birds, I got a little sniffle p:-)   So I'll cut short writing; I really admire the way how they can do to have the nut fruit berry of the tree acrobatically. 

        They are  Dusky Thrush, Brown-eared Bulbul, Japanese Tit;


*Workers for Transmission Tower*
Yesterday while driving down the little hill from our house to visit friend, my husband found the workers on the transmission tower, removing old one. I instantly remembered seeing how birdies were having lunch on the tree.  I thought these workers are SO brave working with lifeline around their body.  Oh, they both are really ACROBATIC☆☆☆ 
     A couple hours later when we drove back, the tower had already gone :-) 
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dusky Thrush under the snowy weather;

*Dusky Thrush looking cold*
Today, we had the coldest day this winter with pile of snow. From upstairs window, I checked the tree which I can see my this year's winter bird 'dusky thrush.  Wow, I didn't expect some of them showed up to have the nut fruit berry of the tree.  
(I wished the better pictures :-)

These snowy scenery are the tree they perched and our little yard.

Surprised that the temperature outside was ℃-4 around noon. 
I told my husband that I wondered how can they survive under such cold weathero♪

Our next neighbor's 2 children made this snowman.
I was happy to see they could enjoy a bit heavy snow (for us here) having fun with this rare chance.  Snowman wearing the hat my husband's old one for the band stage.

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I got excited about the snow and took long time for this post(^^;)
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Friday, January 22, 2016

Narcissus and Birds;

*Narcissus from neighboring park* 
On 9th this month, these Narcissus were blooming at Iwahana-park, where is the same park I found "Varied Tit"  I posted here.

You can see the fence beside the railroad :-)

*Winter birds under the different weather*
Luckily, I could find these birds on the tree close to my house.  And under the different weather p:-) ☀☂☃     Including two new ones for me♪

Japanese White-eye enjoying lunch acrobatically; 

     Dusky thrush under the different weather, different day;

                      These my first bird are Hawfinch and Black-faced bunting.
                                    We had snow a couple days ago;

I found them on this tree and under it. This picture is taken on a cloydy day.

This moon shot was from last year on Dec. 29th.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Kirie 'Cutout Picture';

* "Kirie. 切り絵 " exhibition*
Kirie is a picture which is made by using a Japanese paper cutting technique.
The artist called Atuomi has home-page (link). You can click the flag on the right side to find the English page.  And then you need to scroll down a bit to see the categories on the bottom. You'll be able to find his other works♪

*Here is the artist and his wife*
Happy for my first time enjoying Artistic "kirie 切り絵”

I really appreciate his kindnesses allowing us taking pictures;

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