Sunday, June 25, 2017

Remade Signboard etc; 

*Remade  Signboard *
My more than 25 years old teaching signboard got really deteriorated. The other day while my husband was trimming our hedge plant (photinia), the white concrete panel accidentally got cracked. He reused the necessary letters and phone number etc; rearranged them on to the new panel.    
The first picture below (for reference) is the only picture of old one. Three years ago, I linked it to Eileen's critters site as I found the dragonfly on the fence.  
'英語教室' means 'English-language classroom' .

Board taken off, only Aluminum Pole
There are slight difference from the original one (^.^)


Birds around the Water Purification Plant and  Expressway;   Skylark and Oriental Green Finch

After half an hour's search, I was almost giving up looking for birdies when we made detour to this area. All of a sudden, my husband said he could hear voices of Skylark. I truly enjoyed their funny, lovely and aggressive faces with hair (or crest? ) on its head ♪

                          *Skylark  and Oriental Green Finch*

While I was chasing skylarks, my husband took pictures of finches hanging on wires of fence really acrobatically. I wished he could have taken wider shots. He was using our old camera, he said he couldn't take wide shots of them.  

A kind of Japanese clover, I First knew; 
               Chirimen-hagi  'ちりめん萩' 

Lady key board player who is in the band group my husband involved showed me this Japanese clover blooming in her garden through sns called line.  Happily she kindly gave us some, knowing I haven't seen them. The animation character behind is "Gigantor",  he made it all by himself p;-)   Chirimen means a kind of Japanese textile fabric.  This is clover's picture link page.
This picture is from the pc page I found;

Wishing you all will have a wonderful coming new week;

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sale of Japanese style Summer Clothes etc;

Sale of summer clothes of  "crepe, ちりめん chirimen"
Let me show you "summer style clothes sale" at one of the small corner of the department store.  Luckily, the staff permitted me to take pictures. These are not silk crepe but cotton one. I found some senior looking women trying to check them.  

Recently I found 2 kinds of heron on the same day. In the uncultivated rice paddy under the high way, a Grey Heron was enjoying its lunch. Pink Thistles were flowering alongside the road. Later during making detour on our way home, there was a Great heron in the Koto river. Walking very slowly p:-)

             This Skinny heron was walking very slowly in the river.  

When I visited city park (previous post), I also took pictures of hydrogen there. Although the flower is like a symbol of rainy season, we haven't had rain since this month. I remember my mother sweetly said this phrase to me  (like a song) "pain pain go away" when I had a slight injury. Wish to say "rain rain come to us". 

Fingers crossed not to have water rationing.

Happy father's day everyone; on our way back from shopping, we stop by grave yard.  Even though  it's not the "Equinox Day" which is the day we visit family graves.
  Wish to be more faithful to friends...;  Have a wonderful coming new week.

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Irises and Critters from City Park;

*Went to see Irises to the City Park *
Now, the rainy season has just started in Japan. Irises are the flowers reminds us rain :-)  I am so grateful for the staffs giving us chance to be able to enjoy these many gorgeous varieties of them♪
Kindly, there are names for each iris, let me show you some.
Hope you can enjoy the beautifully written Calligraphy as well. 

*I had a big luck that I could take pictures of butterflies with Iris*
The red colored butterflies are generally called "red butterfly"  In Japanese, we call "akatonbo, 赤とんぼ".    Although the Iris with that name doesn't have red color, happy that I could take pictures of both of them.  I learned that butterflies perch on tip of things from my husband when I started writing blog p:-)

Common skimmer resting tip of the name board of the flower and on the bud.
*And I'll add the night scene with "Light Up" by using a mask*

*Flying Kite and Dark colored Dukes
Picture of the Kite was not well taken.
But happy that I could at least have a Flying Kite picture♪
I found these ducks in March.  I have some stocks of ducks' pictures I haven't posted.  They've already gone to the north.  Looking forward to posting later. 

Wishing all of you a happy new week and I always appropriate for the hosts of the link pages.  

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