Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birthday Flower and Greeting;

Birthday Flowers* 
This week, we had one of my cousin's birthday party with delicious lunch and refreshing chitchat♪  I asked the arranged flower for her at the Flower-Shop where we used to go for special occasion. To my surprise,  I found the GORGEOUS big flower similar to Cotton Rosemallow at her own house-side.  
The old lady-owner told me its Japanese name and added; as it was gifted by her daughter, really preciousfor her.   In English, "Swamp Rose Mallow" 
She called the flower "america-fuyouアメリカ芙蓉;  American Cotton Rosemallow
Through PC,  I learned the flower is Native to North America. Always fascinates me finding these interesting naming differences between the 2 languages♪

These are the arranged flower and Anthurium my husband wished to buy.
Oh, I should have taken picture without the bag...

      *I need to take posting break until early last week of this month*
One of my old classmate friend invited me to a short domestic travel from 21st.  
And plus other miscellaneous tasks before the trip :-)  I WILL do my best to catch 
up with as many friends as I can till then♡♡♡  
So sorry not having visited you (especially link host);  starting from tomorrow morning.  
Night Night for today. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Partial Power Failure inside the house etc;

(header’s changed for the newer post;)

*Strange Power Failure*
The other day, lights of some rooms went out;  No, the breaker hadn't tripped...?
My husband looked really confused with this strange power failure :-)  Before that, we were wondering about the flickering of the lights. We contacted the Electric Cop. and 2 young staffs checked electricity distribution lines of 2 poles in front of our house. 
As the lights came back till then, it was hard for them to find the cause.
The cause was the bad condition of the part of "three-phase three-wire systemlink 
Later, Senior Staff was called and checked.
Instantly, the staff found the little heat of the electric switchboard. The senior staff called out to get down for the young one on the other pole with loud voice.
The senior staff looked quite kind and trying to teach the young staff.
And my husband was hearing their explanation. 
three-phase three-wire system and our breaker at that time;
I've had a lecture :-) from my husband about the distribution system and how the breaker is working.  Now, I learned why flickering and power failure happened at the different places. He took me to the transformer station in our city. 
I could see how the electricity is distributed; "power plant high-tension power transmission line →transformer station power pole".    Thanks for blogging (^_^)
                                                                                           (Hope you can see fences in this part)
ps; for this part (posted; Etymology page)
Untill late 20's, I never knew the right word "breaker".  It has been called 'テンパール・ tenpa-ru' in our district because of the the name of the big company in Hiroshima. I checked with PC as my husband used both words. Haha, he never knew "tenpa-ru" is named after the company.

Orthetrum triangulare melania;  taken on the same day while outside with the staffs.
Coincidentally, male has bluish color with the topic above:-)

Cormorant and Dancing Egret;
Spiranthes sinensis or Twisted Flower in Japanese;
The two pictures in the left side was gifted by my husband's friend and right end is mine. When we went to see transformer station, my husband spotted this rare flowe for me. He said I might be able to make collage with hers :-)   Sure is twisted or spiraled♪
I got confused with these both words in English "twisted and spiraled" (^^;)
Swallowtail Butterfly from neighbor's garden. Sorry, I couldn't identify
Thank you SO much for reading this long post.  
It stared pouring outside now :-)  See You Soon♪

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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Sparrows and Shellfish digging etc;

*Many Sparrows were having rice*
While driving for errand, we found many sparrows were having lunch offered rice by (probably) neighbor.  I thought I might as well taking video :-p)

flying back and forth from the road to the tree;
I forgot the wider picture where they were.
When we went there on our way back, they were all gone.

*Shellfish Digging* (this part posted; Japanese meal page) 
On a same day way back home, we spotted some people were digging shellfish. The shellfish is Cyrenidae Graywe call it 'シジミ, shijimi'. 
This particular shellfish said to have the medicinal effect of enhancing the liver function and live in the brackish waters (of an estuary). I knew they live in the area 'estuary' which has water that has more salinity than fresh water. My husband proudly taught me the area is called '汽水域, kisuiiki' in Japanese :-)

With this shellfish, we normally cook miso-soup. I had urge to eat bowl of conger eel and rice. Believe me, they are yummy.

*And for the flower link* 
The white one I found at the roadside which I couldn't find name. And gifted picture 
of our friend 'hellebore', we call it 'Christmas rose' ♪

I DO hope you are having a wonderful week;  See You Soon, friends;

ps; Reading Dearest Theresa's comment, I checked with pc.
found these (A. B) pages.  Please refer to them. Thank you, Theresa♪

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Nations’ Birthday ♪

                                                                  keeping header of previous post for link pages;

 (posted; Japanese culture page)
National Foundation Day (in Japan) by using my old post(2012)
"The origin of Japanese National Foundation Day (February 11th) is New Year's Day in the traditional lunisolar calendar. On that day, the foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu (first Emperor) was celebrated based on Nihonshoki (日本書紀), which states that Emperor Jimmu ascended to the throne on the first day of the first month (around BC.660).  In the Meiji period (19th century), the Japanese government designated the day as a National Holiday."

  Have a great Holiday, Dear friends in America, 
Wishing you all will have a wonderful weekend.
ps, Thank you for your kind visits. I was a bit below par, but I'll visit you this afternoon.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another Performance at the local Shrine;

During these 2 months, my husband had more than a couple of stages to perform. Invited to the festival at the Sumiyoshi-shrine. And I'd like to introduce you one of the famous dances we enjoyed on the same day. 

*My husband's Group*
*Local dance group carrying on traditional dance called "よさこい ・ yosakoi”*
            "yosakoi" link  is from Japanese archaic term '夜さり来い. yosarikoi
Birthplace of Yosakoi is Aichi-pref. and the varieties of yosakoi  is performed at the festival in many places in Japan.  You'll get the better atmosphere by enlarging pictures :-) 
I found this beautiful dance performance by young ladies.

At the Shrine, many little bamboo lanterns were decorated alongside the stairs and path. Sorry that I haven't visited at night.  There were papers inside the lanterns; DREAMS in the future were written by school children on them.
From the left
* Wish to be an idol (she meant national or TV icon) when grow up.
          We call aidoru. idol for young singers, actors and actresses.
* Wish to be a policeman when grow up.
* Wish to grow up mentally as well as physically.

         Flower pictures gifted by key-board player of my husband's band group. 
  Feijoa and Lily;   Never tasted fruits of feijoa :-) 

            Swallows I found close to my house
  They seem to be young ones;  Happy to find their cute posing.
Waiting for Mom to bring food?  :-)

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