Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girl's Day Exhibition:

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*雛人形, Hina Doll*  (Expanded from the first doll picture below)

Choufu-city in my prefecture is a castle town, where is one of the reason (or triggered) to open the door to the Meiji Restoration in Japan.  At Mori-residence in the city'Hina-Doll Exhibition' link is going on.  As I've posted about this festival last couple years, I wish you to enjoy the pictures :-)  Traditional Japanese festival held to wish girls both health and growth.  

*Entrance, walk way and inside of the front door*

*Two main Tiered Doll Stand for Hina Dolls and other works*
*This lady showed me how the Japanese '手鞠・Temari'  is made*
She explained me that the purple color bird is made by using her grandmother's kimono.
So the work has special meaning for her.  Hope you can see the arrow in the picture below.

*For the last, one arrangement and the back yard*
         Some of my old friends might remember;  
I wish I still had my doll which my grandmother gave me but they were eaten by mouse. Traditionally, Hina-doll is bought by grand parents.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ducks were flying and Ducking;

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So surprised to see many ducks having lunch together;

                     You guys ARE so hungry and muddy (^^;) 
I wonder what's your lunch is :-)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Three Colors of Japanese Apricot Flowers;

Today, we went to the city more than an hour away from my city for an errand whole day.  On our way home, my husband kindly made a detour to the next city's park, I wished to seek for some nature.  Not beautiful full bloom but I found three colors of them. And I was happy to see zooming succeeded making pictures back blurry.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Festival at Next City and etc;

Last Sunday, one of the bands my husband involves 'he involves two' which has the smaller members attended next city's Festival.The area is called '高千穂, takachiho';

Several kinds of performs;
The instrument at the lowest left is called "Taisho koto; 
Japanese harp with two to five strings".  Picture page; It has very elegant sounds.

*Then, my husband's band group played a couple of music from popular songs*
My first try of updating video directly through my video file.  It was so funny that the original one has clear picture. But seeing in my blog, it turned out really terrible...
Well, we wish you will be able to enjoy the music :-)

*There were lots of art work as well*
    Introducing just a few of them.
For the work on the right side above, I felt really heartwarming;
Long work on the left below, we can see the 12 animal zodiac signs;

*Display for coming 'Girls Day' from my favorite cake shop*  

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Calligraphy Guests;

 (posted; Japanese culture page)

 '夫婦善哉meoto-zenzai' Sweet Red-Bean Soup 

  ('meoto' means married couple; please click any of the words above to my former post)
So AMAZING to see how wonderfully they've done this work for us in collaboration.

*Lady Calligraphy Guests to my house*
You might remember my post of First Calligraphy of the Year on Jan.18th. The other ex-lady-colleague of my husband who is also a member of the same "genyuukai" calligraphy school came to my house with two friends to practice bigger sized work. From my request, they wrote the beautiful work on top together for us.   
These four words means a lot for me :-)
Arrived and Preparation
Worked hard; they continued writing and hanging works to dry many times!

I wish I could show you more works. The Buddha shaped doll is to pull the string.

brushes and expensive Japanese papers

*Taking break at lunch time with Soba*

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Yesterday, I had different guests and today, I'll be a kind of porter for my husband. The band he is involved will play on the little stage :-) 
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