Sunday, March 29, 2015

Precaution for the New Car;

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  *Prayer of the safety for the New Car at the Shinto-shrine*
Today, we went to the local shrine called 'Okazaki Hachimangu, 岡﨑八幡宮'   to have the ritual to pray for not to have any accident with my husband's new car. And also had a protective amulet (hope the right words).  Here is the page I posted about the same shrine with a big Camphor Tree and rare shell which named after German doctor called Dr. Sieboldtii.

  We waited for the priest's former appointment of  'お宮参り, omiyamairi' was over.

Omiyamairi literally means "a visit to a shrine." It's a Shinto ritual similar to the Christian baptism ceremony. It is for wishing the baby's healthy growth when the baby is about one month old. I wished to introduce our tradition and happy that they approved my offer.

*Hope no serious accident for the future like our old one*
I couldn't be bold enough to take pictures while having service inside the shrine. After the service, prayers directly to the car by the same priest of the same link page
  • Our new car is not fancy one (popular car). Considering my husband'd age, might be the last one :-)  Our old one was 10 years old.

These are one-third in bloom cherry trees close to our house; taken on our way home. Hope to post full blooms soon♪  Beautiful sunny day for the shrine visit.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ink Painting by Neighbor’s Acquaintance;

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  • *Ink Painting Exhibition by Baba Ryoji*
My next neighbor told us this exhibition; our second chance to see this artist's works.  
Just "WOW" was the word!  I'm SO happy that I had a chance to introduce his great works.  Header of this post was from his big work.  Allowed to take pictures♪
(wished my pictures were not so brownish from the light)

       The artist featured seasons in his works and the titled is
                              'A Moment'    "一瞬・hitotoki" in Japanese 

*Spring*   Cherry Blossom at night

folding screen;
Big pole was disturbing to have a straight shot;

my husband admiring his work;

*Sea of Winter*  Great work made by 12 pieces.
This great work was from the scene of the sea side made from 'Hornfels' at '須佐 susa' in Yamaguchi Pref where I live.
This work is so huge and long; 
            I divided into three pictures (right, center, left) for the wider view.

The artist was explaining to other visitors that the thickness of the black and white part is just from his instinct, wow!  And to connect 12 pieces, he needed to be careful to fix the connecting parts.I wondered how artists of these ink painting figure out leaving the white part, :-)

I liked this work called 'balefire'

*Creative Space Red-Brick*
          This is the place the exhibition took place
                        and archive of the former Prefectural Library.
I hope I could show you the dynamics of these his great works;

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 3)

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*Bridges and Birds at the back of the park on the Festival day*
Behind the building of the park, there is a wide greenery and lake in Ejio-park next city. After all the event was over around 4 pm, I strolled around the lake and sought for things I could take pictures for links :-)    (my 2 previous posts are about the festival.)

People were feeding for the carps, ducks were not close to them;
Name of this bridge,  'Bridge of the Adventure'

Some pictures of birdies I took in a hurry;  I kept my husband wait to go home  p:-)
Found a Meadow Bunting, Oh My! for the first time. Unfortunately so far away and not good picture. We call them 'Hoo-jiro, 頬白' which means 'cheek-white'

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So sorry for my absence to my dear friends.  I'll be able to visit you after I attend springtime Buddhist sermon tomorrow.  I had a slight cold (runny nose), hope you all are doing well at the turn of the season.  See you in your blog till next week♪

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 2)

*Conch Shell and Local Folk Tale*
In old days "conch shell" ‘which has a loud sound’ was used to make communication between far places or to avoid the beast in mountains etc,; for example used by Buddhist monk. Conch Shell is called ‘法螺貝; Hora-gai, hora-shell’ in Japanese. We call a person who ‘talk tall’ or exaggerate thing “hora-fuki; hora-blower”

      There was a "Picture-Story Show" at Camellia Festival.
I found many children enjoying hearing this story about a man who had a big mouth.  It seems this story is connected with call for water’
A man who was a good swimmer saw a BIG snake in the water but people thought it was a 'tall story'.  After persistent drought, the river dried up. Then the long bone and a human's were found in the river. When people knew it was the braggart 'hora-fuki', they called out his name. Suddenly the blessed rain started to fall.

I was happy to see children were enjoying this picture story in this day and age. I couldn't find the English version of this story from pc. So my writing is really simple and short(^^;)  I wish you could understand what I wrote and had fun with the pictures.

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

From Camellia Festival (part 1) ;

My husband's band group attended "Camellia Festival" held in the next city, this year again. There were some activities & events both inside and outside the park. We enjoyed varieties of dances from Many Dancing Groups.  

      *Some art works at the entrance of the room 
                     which varieties of camellias were  displayed*

      *My husband's band group and some dance performances*
Footage(hope the right word)is so bad again :-)
Very short video from the last part of the Japanese popular song.

There were many free market stand as well.

I LOVED to see this sweet girl and the dog♪

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We are having weather so called  '三寒四温; alternation of three cold and four warm days'. Bit hard season to control body temperature;   Take Care of Yourselves♪