Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dragonfly and Rubbish

While fiddling with pc looking for the place to see dragonfly, I found this place. As you can see, lots of green around the rice paddy and good environment for dragonfly♪ 
Catch Phrase of this place is "Starting Station of  Rice Paddy and Dragonflies"

"Satoyama biotoup Futamatase"
*Entrance with the Wooden Gate*
Rhyothemis fuliginosa; we call 'cho-tonbo 蝶トンボ, butterfly dragonfly'.
Funny name but their wings are rather wide :-)
Golden-ringed dragonfly
Sympetrum uniforme 
Common skimmer 
We have different names "male→shiokara-tonbo female→mugiwara-tonbo"
C.atrata  We call 'haguro tonbo 羽黒トンボ, black winged dragonfly'

scarecrow (you have really new dress, don't you♪)

I wish these old waterwheel and bridge fit for Rubbish Tuesday.

Unknown flower I found there.
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Decoration at Airport and Expensive Fish Dish;

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When I went to our city's airport to get tickets, I found this "Gold Fish Lantern" decoration.  I've already posted about this last year but let me show you again by using this years pictures. A coincidence vising there around the same season.

One of the cities in my prefecture (Yanai-city) has "goldfish lantern festival"It was originated through the idea of famous festival called Nebuta Matsuri and used the city's dyeing technique to make them. The lantern became its city's folk-craft article. 

*This year, there was another fish decoration "puffer-fish"* 
From this page; Expensive set dish from restaurant with Sashimi and Nabe
Shimonoseki-city in my prefecture is famous for good fish-catches of Puffer Fish (fugu 河豚). It is enjoyed since more than 2,300 years ago. There were times (mainly, Edo period) prohibited to eat by Shognate, but the first Prime-Minister Hirobumi Ito liked it when he happened to have it. It was the trigger of lifting a bun. Sashimi is delicious but I rarely buy them just because of the price p:)  These are the Wikipedia and Fugu dish pages for the reference. 

*About the flower called 'Gold Fish'*
          The flower of the header above I used for this post before; 
Snapdragon; kingyo-so; 金魚草" in Japanese. Literally means "goldfish flower". This flower was introduced into Japan late Edo-Period and became popular since then. The Netherlands, it's called 'Leeuwenbekjes', winch means 'little Lion's mouths' in English. Interesting how we take the image differently. 
Thanks to Tex and Mariette, I could know these names last year.
There are 2 theories naming the flower goldfish.
        * Snapdragon'petal looks like puckered lips of the goldfish.
      * The whole shape of the flower look like goldfish's tail fin.
You may remember this explanation from last year as well; 
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Male Butterfly in the House and Herons;

In the evening of on 22nd my husband spotted Male Indian Fritillary, before going weekly practice of his band. Wow, what a COINCIDENT male version as well.  Here is the female version of my post. He rushed to fetch the net and handed him to me. He went out telling me "make sure that after taking some pictures, release him". 
       I think he is not in vigorous condition as he even perched on my finger etc.
At first, he flew to the curtain. Too bright...

His button like eyes amazed me.

I really appreciate his short visit to my house and my husband's help♪

*First Blue Heron and Egrets*
I was thinking there would be only Egret around my area and would never be able to see Blue Heron. Lucky that I could spot this handsome fellow♪
Might be a family was enjoying lunch;
I love seeing their long neck, beak and flexibility :-)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our Water Resource and Airplane;

*Dam of my Area*
     I visited our important water resource 'dam' for the first time.
Our city's river has been used widely as the source of cultivated areas. It had experienced flooding and shortage of water.  Construction work of this dam  'From 1992 To 2009'.  It doesn't look so old, I think :-)  About 2 weeks ago with dull weather.
Name of the dam;
Symbol name of the dam 'Future Lake' ;

Different angle from the dam's pathway of the first two picture.
Panoramic view from the road side.

*Airplane from our city's airport*
Yesterday, we've been to our city's airport to buy tickets (discount for early booking) for my husband's late aunt's one year memorial service on Nov. It happened that an airplane was just taking off to Tokyo. I could take some photos for the SkywatchFriday meme. It was pity I couldn't have good shots of take-off and also was overcast sky(^^;) 

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Recent finding and Egret in Bush;  

*Oh, they don't get electric shock*

if we were on the ground...
I've never paid attention to the fact that birds being able to perch on electric cable until recently. My husband spotted the scene of the pictures and stopped the car remembering the silly question I asked before. When school girl, I'm not good at studying science-related subject p:)  He explained me and I checked with pc; I understand they don't have difference of voltage but not quite the feeling of reality.
Having this question seems funny for my husband (^^;)

*An Egret among the Bush*
While driving, my husband glimpsed an Egret like thing among the bush. He made a U-turn for me as there was a space to park.  So sorry that he flew away so soon. I couldn't even catch his front face. Wished to have better photos for linking to the bird's meme...     
             Something new for me to find an Egret among the bush.

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