Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From our City Park (part 1)

*Late last month, I stopped our city's park to see if I could see any birds *
Park's Character Pelican you can see is a sculpture  p:-)

Flower arrangement at the Entrance
There were the same kind of flowers arranged inside the park.
 Maybe,  'Madagascar periwinkle’  we call the flower '日々草 nichinicho-sou'.  
Its flower blooms till late Autumn. Its "SEASONS" now.

*Critters and Flowers *
Luckily, Cormorants were visiting the park♪
Their BLACK color (for Fridays Hunt ) looked really elegant♫♫♫ 
And the regular pelicans  city park has.
Snapdragons with various colors were beautiful♡♡♡

This cute dog were enjoying a walk with his owner♪

It was a week day (not many visitors); And for Theresa's (GoodFences) 
Cute little boy's parents approved to post them when I showed them my picture(^.^)

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City Park (part 2) will be late this weekend with out linking:-)
Have a wonderful week, Visiting You Soon (^.^)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Saxophone player, Critters, Flowers and Fence;

Amazing Saxophone Player 
This is not my first time to introduce this young Saxophone Player.  Although he played flute, Soprano and Tenor saxophone, not Alto on this stage, it was amazing to know that he can play all three kinds of Saxophones♫♫♫  "Soprano. Alto. Tenor"  

These pictures below (with Fall atmosphere)are for Fridays Hunt and SEASONS;
Wandering Glider with Saxophone 
The illustration below was the header I prepared for this butterfly thinking to put it at the top :-)   In the middle of last month, lots of this Wandering Glider was flying in front of my house. I tried to take pictures or video, but not successful. My husband caught me two of them and I took pictures with his saxophone and heavenly bamboo.  Of course, we released them later.

Hope you can see the two little ones :-)

*From "Satoyama biotoup Futamatase” *
Rhyothemis fuliginosa;  Japanese name is 'cho-tonbo 蝶トンボ,・butterfly dragonfly'.  Light made the one in the first picture blackish: 'Ortherum Albistylum' on the right.

*Flowers and Ducks(Mallad) found at Neighborhood River*
                         "Asiatic dayflower" and "Bush clover"

So sorry for late linking for Wednesday link;
 I need to go to my late parents' empty house today.
 Try visiting you before teaching class and Have a great rest of the week. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Visiting you soon;

(I have a next year's calendar gift on Oct. 8th post:)

I feel really bad for my absence to you all, I will be able to visit you from tomorrow.
Hope you all won't forget me;  Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

PS. about the Marking of Chestnut Tiger Butterfly;

 * Had a call from Mr.  Shimada whom we met at the Ryuou-Mt. *
When my husband saw the marking, he said it must be really rare to have a shot like this. And he contacted city to know his phone number to report it.

Through the first phone-call to him, I learned his mail address and sent the picture. We had a return call from him this morning and he said he kindly contacted to the Marking-Net to check.
   1.  Marking was put at the Yatsugadake-peak in Nagano-pref.
   2.  He couldn't ID the organization of "TM" which put the marking.
   3.  Date  Aug. 12th.   230th marking there.

*Information from him*   This butterfly starts flying from Taiwan around April about 100a day.  The poison in honeydew of  "hiyodoribana,ヒヨドリバナ " works as pheromone to draw female. The number of the female is smaller than the male's.
This year, he put markings for 20~30 of this butterflies with elementary-school children. All of them was the male he said.

We appreciate those information from Mr. Shimada very much♪
So sorry for my absence Visiting You Soon.
Have a nice coming weekend♡♡♡

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chestnut Tiger Butterfly etc. from next city's Ryuou-Mt.

( I have a next year's Calendar gift in the previous post.)
*Chestnut Tiger Butterfly;  "asagimadara,アサギマダラ*
Today, my husband took me to the Ryuou-Mt. to see Chestnut Tiger Butterfly.
This particular butterfly come to Japan around May and travels through Japanese archipelago to live the temperature about 23.  At the hillside of the mountain, the flower they love "Bonesethiyodoribana,ヒヨドリバナ "  is cultivated and blooming now. To their benefit, this flower's honeydew has poison. But the praying mantis is the natural predator for them. The staff who happened to be there explained to my husband while I was busy taking pictures p:) 
I found the marking character at home. I was SO surprised, maybe I must report this.
The staff told my husband how to ID the gender. Another LUCK
 There's continued version about marking in the next post. 

* Two another butterflies I found *
             Cyrestis thyodamas and male. female of  Indian Fritillary
These butterflies are my "week's favorite" for Friday's Hunt.
Flowers and Fences on the Mt.

They looked comfortable among the flowers.

  *The Moon on 10th.*

I attended my grandmother's 50th memorial anniversary.  (the last anniversary)
Wishing you will have a wonderful rest of the week.