Sunday, August 21, 2016

Two girls SoBa-Noodle Experience;

*Two cute Soba-Making guests*
My husband's friend's niece and her friend came to experience Soba-Making. 
And the process is their summer homework by using pictures. Yes, Sweet Girls with Lovely Aprons♡♡♡
At first, they keenly observed the way how it should be done.
Now, their turn to try and put their hands together to thank to the grace. 
Well Done, girls♪ They also enjoyed the taste after the new challenge.

*Gifted picture of flower arrangement*
We've had several Soba Guests this summer.  And one of the lady shared me her own flower arrangement picture.  This work was done amazingly with standing type of the vase.  And the tool called "剣山. kenzan", used in Ikebana (flower arranging), with a heavy base from which needles project upwards were nicely hidden by arranged flowers.  I thought this work has cool summer atmosphere♫♫♫

*Summer Arrangement at my favorite cake shop*

Hoped to show this post to the girls soon and Wishing you will have a wonderful new week.  Night Night for tonight; I'll see you soon!

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Three kinds of birds etc;

*Blue Herons, Egrets and Ducks from early July*

*Flowers from my late parents next neighbor's garden*
These pictures were taken around the same day like the ones above.
From the second floor of my late parents empty house while we went there to paint and so on.  (No new Inquiry and we've done all we can to the house :-)

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Today, I have not much time to write except posting drafted one.
Wishing you all will have a wonderful coming weekend.
And hoping easy weekend for me as well :-)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Soba Guests, Gourd, and Critters;

*Making Soba Experience* 蕎麦打ち体験 Part1;
At the end of last month, my husband's ex-lady colleagues and her sister came to our house to try Soba-making for the first time.  I know you might be tired of this topic by now :-)  Please bear with me as I had another cute guests (part2) later.  
One of them is working at the agricultural high school, so she's been wanting to try and chose the summer holiday season of the school. 

I was happy to see this sisters looked happy and having fun togather.

*Gourd Family*
These vegetable are the gifts from them on that day.  Watermelon ←link about I learned from mom when little and remember surprised to hear it.
In the middle of last month, I found this yellow color flower. I proudly showed the pictures to my husband saying how happy that I'll be to link the rare one to flower meme. To my surprise, he laughed a lot. And told me it's a pumpkin flower, surprised him not knowing the flower(^.^)  Blogging helps me keep learning new things.

*For the Critter and the Bird link*
                  An Egret I found in the usual river-side last month. 

Female Cryptotympana facialis
She accidentally popped into my house from the opened window. 
My husband taught me it's a "kumazemi, bear cicada" in Japanese :-)

Obon week in mid August (actual date is from the 13th to the 15th) is one of Japan's major holiday seasons in Japan. It is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating our ancestors, as their spirits believed to return this world in order to visit their relatives. 
Tomorrow, my husband's younger brother's family visit us and family grave.
Thank you SO much for your precious comments♡♡♡ 
I'll start commenting you all soon...

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Sunflower, yellow yellow;

* Sea of Flowers;  花の海 2016*
           This is the 3rd year of Sunflower post from this place.
"花の海"  is the biggest 'System farm' in western Japan This year, they said there are 500,000 of them which bloom with 3 time lags.  Yes, it was really hot and precaution needed; I wore a hat with wide brim :-)

With some flower dud;
Left picture below is for the macro link;
I saw lots of butterflies "Pantala flavescens" flying over the flowers; 
but really hard to take good photos, they won't perch on the flowers (^^;)
*From the shop and the entrance for the mosaic and fence link*
I found  "Cat House made of rice-straw ←link to my old post were sold there.
Picture of the hat in the header was taken at the shop.

     So sorry for the unmatched header for the memes I'm linking this Saturday.  
         Posting a bit early as I'm Not Sure about the schedule of this weekend.
        Have a happy coming weekend friends♪

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Dragonfly with Fan etc;

                                                                             (So sorry that main header’s changed for the newer post;)
* Golden Flangetail  my husband took  pictures*
After finishing an errand on his way home without me, my husband found several Golden Flangtails and took some pictures for me. He boasted about how far they were and pictures came out well :-)  It was drizzling at times on that day.
 In English "flange" is used; Japanese name "ウチワヤンマ" is the combination of the two words of  "fan aeschnidae".  Interesting to find the different ways of finding the part of the tail in two languages

They were on the tip of the tree branches. He said he knew where to search p:-)  
As you might notice, picture above is the one on the left.

Another one was high up on the tree.
Sorry for the blurry pictures he took to prove about the distance.
And I hope you can see the fence behind the tree.

As he has net in the car, he took one home. 
Of course, I released her (it's a female he said) after the quick photographing.

*Egret and flowers*

When I found this Fern Palm, I thought the contrast with pine tree is quite unique. And I'm surprised to learn that the yellowish flower only blooms about every 10 years.  
Also finding the derivation of the Japanese name (ソテツ・蘇鉄, sotetu), I thought it really interesting.  And reminds me of a Japanese idiom. (in the Etymology page)

We are having unbearable hot and muggy weather, hope you all are doing fine;
See You Soon, and have a wonderful coming new week.

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