Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trip to Kanto Area (part2) ;

               *This post is the part 2 of three series of our trip*
Our trip was Izu Peninsula in Kanto area. For this post, I'll introduce you 浄蓮の滝 "jyoren-fall" and 黄金崎 "kogane-cape" at 天城峠 "amagi-gap".

*浄蓮の滝 "jyoren-fall"*

*黄金崎 "kogane-cape"*

*Luxurious Hotel we stayed*
So impressed that the flower arrangement at the lobby was already renewed, 
when we leave the hotel next morning.
*The room we stayed the night had private spa besides the big one at the top floor*
*Gorgeous dinner time experienced first time for me*
As this trip was meant to be for the memory of my husband's late aunt, his cousins prepared us high-class hotel.
几帳 'kicho' (dividing screen), which was used to hide the dinner before serving.
And the menu helped us a lot to know what we were enjoying eating.

        About 几帳 'kicho' and the pictures of them;
                      (Hotel and 'Kicho' part is posted;  Japanese culture page) 
Kicho (picture page link) is a type of partition of two T-shaped columns lowered silk 薄絹 used in the mansions of the nobility after the Heian era( 8 B.C.).
We call a person who is scrupulous and methodical '几帳面. kicho-men'. This word is originated from the excellent job of the chamfered corners or surfice(面・men) of the cutting edges of kicho's columns. And the meaning of the word shifted to the symbol of the precise job and then started expressing person's characters as well. (hope you get my explanation)

*pictures of our gorgeous dinner* 
And the moon on that night from the hotel for "Skywatch Friday"

Let me close this long post with the picture of Mt.Fuji we saw in the morning before heading the next place. I did enjoy the first viewing of Fuji during this trip♪  (Also for "Skywatch Friday")

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

紅葉谷公園 "Maple Leaf park";

Before posting about my trip to 'Kanto area part 2', let me post about the "Maple Leaf Park" I stopped by on 20th.  The park is close to my husband's brother's house in Iwakuni-city. On that day, we went to 大島 'ooshima' to pick up fresh oranges to my cousin orchard (link to my post about it) and I asked my husband to make a detour before going to their house.

   Happy to be able to have chance to enjoy fall foliage

I hope you all will have a wonderful coming weekend;
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip to Kanto Area (part1) ;

(Mt. Fuji of the header is from free picture page)

Hello blog friends; I'm back from trip to Kanto-area. My husband's cousins and we had nice trip together. And they brought their late mother's picture, I'm sure she must have enjoyed the trip with us.

*This post is from Hakone-area*
*From viewing point of Mt. Fuji on our  way to Hakone Checking Station*

My husband took this picture of the head of Fuji-san,; had to add this one ;-)

*Hakone Checking Station, "箱根関所跡"*
During the Edo period, people travel from Edo to other places had to be checked at the stations, and Hakone was one of them. Hakone Checking Station was reconstructed in 2007.

We went up the stairs to see the view from Ashinoko-lake.

The photos above were some of the displays showing lives there at that time.
And the most important role of this station was to investigate the women heading west from Edo. The shogunate forced federal lords into making their wives dwell in Edo as a hostage.  Female travelers were checked strictly to prevent from escaping.

*Oowaku-dani "Oowaku-vallay"  大涌谷*
     *Breath of Volcano*

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

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 I was trying to visit you yesterday and tried to catch up again this morning before I'm away with PC from early next Monday (Japan time). But Blogger is closing up for me since this morning. I can only access to my dashboard not my blog and yours either...
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For Three Memes and Little Note;  

*Entrance of Gorge*   For "Good Fences"
On our way home from apple picking (previous post), there is a place called "Chomonkyo, 長門峡".  '峡' means Gorge.  Autumn foliage is really beautiful for hiking. We just saw the entrance this time :-)

*Fire works in Autumn*   For  Skywatch Friday;
On 25th last month, we were offered free seats for fireworks by my husband's band member and enjoyed the night with them.                             
We can have seats with sponsorship money for this "Celebration fireworks" and have our messages "like for birthday, wedding anniversary" announced in between the fireworks. 

There were lots of stalls♪
These were the seats before and during the fireworks.
Oh, how hard to take fire works picture!
After taking some pictures, I decided to enjoy seeing the 7,000 dynamic fireworks scene p:-)

*I took these pictures before fireworks started for skywatch Friday as well*
         Luckily our seats were front row just behind this place♪

For the last, I've met this lovely girl around the stall when I was buying 'たいやき'. 
Quite a photogenic, isn't she♪
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Little Note> Thank you very much for stopping by.  From 10th to 17th, we are away from home to attend my husband's aunts' one year memorial service to Kanto area. And our relatives planned a little trip together after that. I'm looking forward to enjoy seeing Mt. Fuji for the first time.  I'm doing extra classes, shopping and outside cleaning p:-)  But I'll try visiting you until then!  And I'll be back after the little trip.  Usually we can't do this far away trip due to husband's handicap with his legs. This time his cousin drives with his van and hubby is really excited with this rare chance.
See you later in your blogs, friends♪

So sorry that Blogger is closing up for me since this morning. I can only access to my dashboard not my blog and yours either...
So sorry that I couldn't visit back to my friends who visited me.
My Dear friend Eileen kindly offered linking up this post for me to her meme.