Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Spring Taste;

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*Cooked Bamboo shoot; our favorite spring taste*
Sorry that my old friend may remember my old post about this dish. About a week ago, awaited annual gift of spring taste from my next-neighbor arrived. Wife of the family has parents who are semi-agricultural and lives mountain side.  Its season starts from April and we can enjoy them until May. My blog friend taught me that one of the highest fiber content vegetable. So it help us to keep cholesterol levels. I wonder if mine suits my friends' taste in western country.
Ones sold at the stores are a little bit expensive, 
we were blessed with the precious and delectable spring gift. 

This was my late brother's favorite dish too and  I remember his happy face when he came to have them or pick them. We have superstition that Life is prolonged for 75 days when we eat firstling of the season"       I wish to believe it p;)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Two Rare Flowers (for me);

I went to my city park looking for the blog topic, yes again :-) 
Actually, there were two flowers caught my attention

*Chinese fringe bush (Loropetalum chinese var. rubra) "紅花常磐万作”*
We call the tree "benibana-tokiwa-mansaku".  I was so amazed reading the name shown by the tree.  Our City Park is called "Tokiwa-Park"  So glad to know that this flower shares the same name with our park☆   (picture page link of the flower)
       (this tree is evergreen tree and "Tokiwa, 常磐" means evergreen as well,)
this one has the red flower different from the orange one (deciduous) I introduced here.

Amygdalus persica cv. Stellata; peach branch "菊桃, kikumomo"*  (picture page link)
When I spotted this tree, the pink flowers reminded me of peach (but not round shape) or cherry (bit late for full-bloom here). I could find the name with PC. 
So amazed to find its Japanese name "菊桃". The two Chinese Characters, means "chrysanthemum.peach".  The name sure fits to its flower's shape and color.

*Just adding the pictures of the entrance of the park*

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fence and Birds;

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This lovely fence I found has Western atmosphere.  I thought you might like to see 
we have this type.  I'd like to show you Japanese style someday :-)

*Silky Fowl & Egret*
When I went to pet-shop to look for feeder, I found these silky fowl.  It was my first time to see them. So amazed with their color contrast of black face and white feather and blue spot.   And luckily on my way back, I found an egret as well. I needed to use zoom but loved the reflection I could have.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Feeder?

After I've seen 'White Eye' in my tiny garden, I've wanted to have a feeder. Today, I visited a pet shop. To my disappointment, I couldn't find the similar type with blog friends'. Just birdhouse for putting inside the cage. Something to do with protection law in Japan. My husband put the pole under it for me. Well, it might be doubtful if it can work and I can take pictures of the visitors.   Cross my fingers and hope p;)

        I put a little dish with bird-food on the box and scattered foods under it as well.
I'll be patient p;)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Western calendar & Japanese calendar;

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Watching the birth-date of my husband's driver's license the other day; I thought about the Japanese calendar and Western calendar we use without paying much attention.

*Japanese calendar*
According to the Japanese traditional era name, this year is "Heisei 平成26”.  Starting in the year 645,  Era (here) is changed at the time of the Emperor's demise. (there were exceptions in the old days). I was born in the year 30 during Showa-era(昭和)(red circle in the form below)  From the western calendar, it is in the year 1955. 
      After the Meiji Restoration (1868), We have 4 eras (明治、大正、昭和、平成).
       So, we have Heisei (平成)-Emperor now
                                                昭和 era; 1926~ 1988     平成 era;1988~    (this year is 平成26)

  We see these 2 types of forms when we need to register or for the formalities
(Japanese calender above↑;  western calender (西暦) below↓)

*Both of them are used in a funny way*
I found that for the driver's license one's birth year is written in Japanese era. And the expiration date for all the products or medicines, written in Christian era.  After around my generation, we memorize both eras without any problems. For my parents' generation, I don't think they have western era in their mind much.  Funny enough,  I haven't even thought about my late parents' birth year with Christian era.
Era is considered as a beginning of new chapter and used like,  "good old Showa-songs" or "Heisei-depression".

Before I try to write this post, I asked my 11 year old student about her birth year. She is so intelligent knowing both calenders.  After I explained, She seemed delighted to learn what the Christian era and our era means. 
I hope both "Japanese calendar, Western calendar" and "Christian era, Japanese era" make sense to you.
 Chief cabinet secretary at the time and later Prime        minister  Mr. Obuchi announcing the new era "Heisei, 
  平成".    For us, this year is  平成 26 and also 2014.

I remember waiting the announcement wondering the name of the new age.

Thank you so much for reading this long post!  
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