Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Roses at the next City's Park etc. ;

On Monday this week, I've been to Ejio-park in next city to see the roses. As I've been busy, I knew it would be late for the full-bloom.  I hope you can enjoy the beauty of them a little ; and this is the page from last year.

This Terrier was taking a walk and the owner kindly approved me to take her shot :-)

On my way home in the un-plowed rice paddy, I found this skinny egret ♬♬♬
I smiled with the way pictures were taken (^.^)

        *Condensation trail or Contrail*   (posted; Etymology page)

        I've never seen (or haven't paid attention p:-) this Contrail before.
We call this  "飛行機雲,Airplane Cloud "; the finding of this new English made me a little happy. I thought it sounds more scientifically, even though made me feel a little funny as the word 'cloud' is not used (^^;)   Happy to see for the first time; and my husband proudly (:-p) told me that the ones with Four lines are from jumbo jet plane.

I'll take a week off for posting;  Hope the easy week waiting for me to visit you.
     I deeply appreciate your comments and the hosts for the links;
 About my late parents' open-house. I wish I can write a good news some day in the near future (^^;)    Again, Thank you SO much for your kind words♪

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rice Paddy. Tractor etc. ;

* Views from Rice Paddy and the Sound Floor of Late Parents' House*

On our way home from tidying work at my late parents' house, I saw some scenes of preparing for rice planting; plowing with tractor.
This tractor was resting beside the river bank. 
Not the same one in the picture below.
Lovely to see the grandfather with his grandson (maybe) together.

I found these Pot Marigold  next neighbor's garden and this Eurasian penduline tit from the second floor when tidying up my old late parents' house.
Perched on the TV antenna, 
SO happy to find this rare birdie for me as all our winter birds are gone :-)

My husband's band performance went well♪
Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend;

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Musical Performance at Temple (part 1)

*  Preparing  for the performance*
At the temple, where my late parents were Parishioner, the Birth Feast of  'Shinran Shonin 親鸞聖人'  will be held on 21st. One of my husband's band group (he involves 2 bands) was asked to perform some music for the occasion.

With permission from the chief priest of the temple, I can show you 'Main Hall 本堂hondo' where they will play. They rehearsed there in advance two days ago.  

      *A guest*  
During the rehearsal, a swallow got into the hall from the opened window 
and found the way out a few minutes later♪ (quiet mode, please p:-)

As we have an Electone, They are also rehearsing at my house.
Thank you SO much for the kind words for my parents' old house;
Our 'Open House' schedule will be this Saturday and Sunday; got earlier than expected.  My husband is trying to paint some parts inside the house to look a bit better and in a hurry. I'm carrying things for him as usual :-)     
I'll Try Hard and Hope to SEE YOU SOON♪

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Open House and Territorial Calls of Pheasant;

(posted; Etymology page)
What we hoped for hasn’t come true;
I posted here about my parents' empty house, which we are hoping to sell and getting ready for that.  In the middle of April, the General Contractor we asked to find the buyer contacted us and said that there were inquiry by one family under consideration (or, on the tapis ?).  Unfortunately, their final decision was 'giving up'.
Now, the company is planing to hold "Open House" at the end of this month for us.
This word is one of the Japanglish ←link (Japanese-English). In Japanese, the phrase mainly means to the houses (either new or old) housing company openly shows the prospective buyer.  Yes, we are hoping for the next chance :-)
Although inside the house is ready, the little garden was filled with overgrown weeds. We did our best to clearing up with the help of one of my husband's friend.
Sad to see wide Japanese style garden with pine trees & big stones changed like this with parking-space.
While we were weeding, this brownish butterfly greeted us ;-)
And pictures of the white flower taken on our way home;

*Territorial Calls of Pheasant*
It's been several days we've heard funny bird's sing in the morning, made us wonder what it is. This morning, from the bed room second floor I found an answer (^_^) 
It was a pheasant and I checked with pc, couldn't help posting this finding p:-)  

I could take only one blurry picture.  But let me show you where I found him.
Among the weeds and walked off into the tree immediately.
This is from You-tube and exactly the same sing;
This call is Pheasant's 'horo uchi naki' in Japanese.
Horo '母衣' is one of the tools of the samurai in Japan.
 We have a saying 'the pheasant would not be shot but for its cries' in the meaning of 'safety in silence'.  The loud cries made me re-realized the meaning.
The way pheasant opened the the wings looks like the tool.  picture from this page.
This is my picture of our National bird from this page :-)
It seems that my busy days never end, visiting relative at hospital etc :-)
My recent posts are so long...  So sorry for that and Hope you all are having wonderful week under comfortable weather.

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Young Calligraphers' Exhibition;

蒼墨書展   souboku-shoten”  
          * Entrance of the exhibition room *  

He is the young calligrapher in 'Genyu School' who wrote the sign in English.
"Genyu immature party's calligraphy Exhibition"

In the small picture, young calligraphers surrounding the master.
The two Kanji in the Header is from the Works of the lady colleague of my husband.
Her works in the two pictures below.

*Three ladies prepared these arrangements with pictures at my house*
You can see them in my former blog here.

Their works at the Exhibition;
I enlarged the part to show you the beautiful cursive writing of hers.

*Works I thought the contrast with Japanese and English artistic*

Seals for the works were also exhibited

 *Writing the Impression after enjoyed the works*

* Preparing Work at my house*

I've had busy Golden Week; having a couple of different guests, visiting this exhibition. I need to post soon as the some calligraphers may expecting to read this post.  I hope they will like my arrangiment of their works :-)
I wish you all will have A Happy coming Mother's Day; either with or not. 
For me, great opportunity to think back sweet memories with her.  

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Wish to visit you soon and so sorry for the long post again;