Monday, May 22, 2017

Cooked Bamboo shoot (slim type) and Rice Paddy etc;

* "Hachiku"  Slim Type  Bamboo  Shoot  
Early this spring, we could already enjoy normal type of bamboo shoot, "awaited annual spring taste", from our next-neighbor.  This year we were also given different 'Slim Type' bamboo shoot, which is called "淡竹. hachiku" in Japanese.  Link pages "Phyllostachys nigra", "picture page".   It takes a bit long time to cook this high fiber containing vegetable; but sometimes makes me wonder how you 'who hasn't tasted before'  feel this delectable dish for us ♪  

*Getting ready for  Rice Panting  
These scenes were taken on 22nd, just started to get ready for rice planting before rainy season comes.  I could see more numbers of my regular herons in the paddy.   

*Gifted flower pictures from husband's friend*
Lady keyboard player who is in the same band group my husband involved kindly sent me these flower pictures taken from her garden through sns called 'line'.  Especially, the beautiful Red Azalea caught my eyes.  I really appreciate her thoughtfulness (^.^)

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Flower Exhibition and Swans from city park etc;

*Flower  Exhibition at City Cultural Hall  
My friend's father who has been contributed to one of the Ikebana (flower arrangement) schools for a long time was awarded Hoshou-hai prize by our government. This exhibition was in commemoration of his award.  I wish you will enjoy beautiful arrangements exhibited by Ikenobo-school ♪

The work in the first two pictures is his arrangement.

*Went to see Mute  Swans  to our  City Park*
Early spring of 2011, about 400 of our swans we had in the lake of our city park were killed due to the bird influenza;  made all the citizens so sad.  First of this May, we had Mute Swans' couple and their 6 babies from Misaka-storage reservoir from Shimonoseki-City in our prefecture.  I AM really happy to be able to see swans again as they bring back sweet memories of younger days (^.^

*Another critters I found in the park on the same day*
Grey heron on top of the net for pelican area.

Indian Fritillary in front of the Coal Memorial tower in the park

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I DO hope I will be able to start visiting you! I'm expecting busy weekend but I'll try SEE YOU SOON.   I had several PC troubles and so on.  Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week.

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Pressed Flower Exhibition etc;

*First time to appreciate pressed flower
I happened to to know the Exhibition at the department through TV held by the World Press Flower Association.  The works sure are amazingly delicate and beautiful. Pity that there were lots of more works I'd like to introduce ;-)
Many tiny dyed flowers.

*Japanese Wisteria (etc) from city park  *

This young couple were walking their dogs at the park.

*Heron from river-side tree *
This Heron was in the river when I found him on our way home from city office. Seeing me, flew away to this big tree and made funny poses p;-) 
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