Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures Gifted by my husband's Friend (part 1)

Last month, I was with my husband helping him his band group's stage performance. Lady keyboard player who knew about my blog, kindly offered me plants pictures from her garden and sent them through sns called 'LINE'. Although they are not my pictures, I'm happy to be able to introduce them.

    *For Flower and Nature Links*
Aibika 花オクラ  "hana-okura. flower-okra"
This is the improved variety of okra to be edible.
These pictures below is from pc.  Normal okra we eat and my husband likes them.
I've never heard of this aibika and surprised to see them used for salad.

Foundation Stock or Original Species(?) of narcissus. She said not for sure.

Taiwan cactus

Mexican Fire Plant   "猩猩草 shoujyou-sou"

          *For Critter Links*
Golden-ringed dragonfly on the Garden Burnet

Three-layered crabs

   *For GoodFence and SkywatchFriday*
I took this picture last month. Summer clouds. 
And the two tiny spots in the rice paddy are the egrets :-)

This picture from archive is taken at the Shimonoseki Yamaguch-pref. 
connecting bridge of main land and kyushu.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Chainsaw Sculpture;

*Chainsaw Sculpture at the Roadside Station*  
                         (I put the Explanation about Roadside Station at the bottom) 
When we went to Apple Picking (←my post) last Nov., we stopped by roadside station (道の駅;michino-eki) on our way back and found lots of wood works there.
*Decorated at the Entrance*

This work by Takao Hayashi who is the Chainsaw Artist won the first prize for the International Contest held at State of Wisconsin in 2013. He is from our pref. so this work was decorated proudly there♪

Welcoming Sculptures with regional Special Product design "Apple and Beef".
Not sure if all of them were sculpted by the Artist in the first picture,
But I remember enjoyed seeing this first art for me♡♡♡

'Roadside station' (picture page) is the rest house located in the open roads equipped with parking lots, restrooms, restaurants and souvenir shops selling local products.
I drafted last year planning to make this post 'part 2' after writing 'apple picking' but kept in the dashboard p:-)

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

At the Bakery;

  *Cicadas;  熊蟬(kuma-zemi, bear-cicada) and 油蝉(abura-zemi,oil-cicada) *
Early this month at the bakery, my husband surprised me finding lots of cicadas perching on the tree♪ He said most of them were  Cryptotympana facialis and only one large brown cicada (Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata) 

          Left-side of the three is only one large brown cicada we found;
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Thursday, August 27, 2015

One of Mother's Memory;

(posted; Japanese culture page)  *Japanese Tuitate ”衝立, partition” used to be at my late parent's house*                               Link page of my former post and picture page 

This partition decorated inside of the front door of my late parents' empty house 
finally found new place to go this spring.   
I remember my mother was so excited and looked happy finding this tuitate and decorating inside of the front door more than 40 years ago when they bought the house and moved from tiny company housing.  I myself was not so fond of this one when she chose as I thought the shape was not so lovely and a little big :-)  
My husband had heard that his acquaintance who is the owner of the Japanese style pub was planning to remodel his pub. And I felt SO happy this partition which my parents really loved when having their (our) new house finally found the new place.  

*Reused as an ornament the Wall Decor of the front door of "Japanese style pub"* 

 And below is from the picture page;
   Left one has Japanese atmosphere and Right one has stained glass♪

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Modern Glass Exhibition;

This Glass Work Exhibition takes place every 3 year at next city since 2001.  The city my husband has grown up developed highly depending on pottery like I posted herePicture taking were not allowed for almost all the works.   I went there early last month.

Above; work awarded grand prize "溜まる場所,   place to accumulate 保木誌衣吏"
Below; work allowed to take direct picture "It’s not easy to be tough 言上真舟"
And this work made me think about "Cinderella"♡♡♡
These other works were taken from one place allowed to stand for taking pictures.

*Beautiful Works we could buy at the entrance* 

*A few Children's works* 
They are from the project for the purpose of letting kids experience of technique. About ten of them were exhibited.
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