Thursday, April 24, 2014

Weekend Linking♪

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*Good Fences*
   Here is the pine tree with LONG branch along the fence at my cousin's house. 
    When I went to my cousin's house. I was happy that she approved me posting.

*Saturday Critters & id-rather-b-birdin *
When I visited my city park, this sweet young lady was cleaning the cage of "Common Squirrel Monkey". The lovely one must be really friendly with her

I was lucky  that I spotted this wagtail (maybe) in the park.

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Night Night from Japan. 

Wisteria and Sky♪

Thursday, April 24, 2014

            This wisteria trellis was beautiful in the city park from the last visit. 
        Purple is considered as a noble color in Japan. It sure has the elegance.

*An uphill viewing the sky*

*Full Moon (sorry from the last month)*

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ten days difference of Spring;

             This month, I happened to visit our city park on 10th & 21st
     I wish to show you the little different angle of this year's spring in the park.

*From April 10th's visit*
We still could see some cheery blossoms.

Our city developed with a coal-mine industry, tower behind is a memorial hall.
Field mustard was still blooming there. 

*From April 21st's visit*
Blossoms of the cherry trees were all gone.

I loved all these arrangement of pansies and sweet heart-shape.  

There were another flowers blossoming beautifully.  See you around weekend.
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Monday, April 21, 2014

3D Puzzles;

I've known and seen jigsaw puzzle but not 3D Puzzle. For his birthday last month, my husband was presented 3D Puzzles from my cousin. Here are 2 places for the puzzle my cousin chose for him to make. One is "Osaka-Castle" and the other is "Sagrada Família" in Spain. Although my cousin didn't know, I've been to "Sagrada Família".  


*Sagrada Família*

I've been here in my late 40's. These are from my pictures of travel. 
Proudly decorated with his favorite tv animation characters in his hobby room :-)
His big handmade "Tetujin" is here.

He is trying hard to to put the part together. He made "Sagrada Família" first and it seemed that was the right decision as making the castle turned out to be easier for him.

I'm going to visit my cousin this morning, I wished to show her this post.  
So sorry for my quick post; wishing you happy coming new week 
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter♪

As we live in the country of Buddhism, not many Japanese people know about Easter. Behind the story about celebrating the resurrection of the Lord. And the connection with the eggs and new lives. Maybe children know egg hunt through games :-)
I was expecting to see Easter Decoration at my favorite cake shop. Although it is bit early, Bunnies were also used in the assorted sweets for coming Mother's day & Children's(boy's) Festival (link to my post) as well.  
From the Chinese legend, carp is thought to be a symbol of success. In Japan, we fly Carp Streamers to wish children's (especially boys') future success.

I DO hope you are spending or will spend 
a wonderful Easter Day♡♡♡

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

New postbox on our Fence & Birds

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*The box in the picture below is not bird's nest but "postbox" p;)*    
My husband had been thinking about the trouble of the paper-man and the post-man had. They needed to get into the small fence to put papers and mails.
He made new postbox on the fence to avoid their trouble. It was made by just wood scrap & waste material he had (haha, not so fancy one). It is supported from the back. The ones we looked for at the DIY-store were all small-sized for the English journal I'm subscribing. It has a wider size so that it won't get wet with rain.

Here is our very tiny, simple fence with Red Robin (we call it 'akamegashi' ).
This picture was taken last year, my husband was trimming the tree.

*These pictures were taken at our city park from the last visit*
Loved the way these ducks looking at me :-)
As we don't have a child and grands, it's been decades since I went to see the small animal's section last time. Only limited kinds, but I was glad to see the flamingos for the first time. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture (taken through the cage).

Thank you very much for stopping by; I'll try visiting you from tomorrow. (Japan time)