Monday, May 21, 2018

Roses from City Airport and birds;

Roses from the City Airport
In the middle of this month, I went to see Roses which were blooming Gorgeously at city airport.  You can see the wavy Eaves (hope the right word)  which is the trademark of the airport♪  Many people were enjoying the varieties of types and colors of them. (sorry for the space below, couldn't fix it)

"Some Zoomed Pictures"

"I really enjoyed the beauty and felt  Thankful for the staff"

Sparrows , Japanese Woodpecker and Duck
The first picture below was from fall of the last year in the rice paddy before the Rice Reaping. As I could take the bit well-taken second picture, I  thought I would use here. 

Wishing to start visiting you later.
Have a wonderful Spring or Autumn season and  New Week♪ 

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Calligraphy, Nature & Mother's Day;

Ube Genyu Calligraphy Exhibition
Close to the end of last month, we went to see Calligraphy Exhibition to the city Cultural Hall. I missed to take pictures while the head of the association explaining the works:-)  It is always intriguing to hear about the way how the calligraphers aimed their works to be and so on.

*My first Bird and Plant
When driving back the usual river side from shopping, so surprised to see the Grebe was diving in and coming up. Unfortunately, it was moving fast and not so close. But I was fascinated with my first sweet birdie♫♫♫
Really wished that it stayed the same place longer for me to take more photos.
While my husband was taking our first road to the friend's house, he said he could see flowers of  "Spikenard", we call the plant Udo in Japanese.  I remember I didn't like the dish as it tasted a bit bitter p;-)
pictures below are from pc's  picture page 

*Happy Mother's Day '2018'  
Because of the cake shop's decoration for this day, I don't have to talk my husband into to take me there p;-)   Sometimes he worries my having sweets much.

She was with us until year 2,000;
My favorite picture in the different frame(*^.^*)
I really AM  Thankful for my mother 

Wish you will have sweet mother's day;
Tomorrow, I'll attend the memorial service of 49th-day after my cousin's death who had orange orchard.  See You after I come back from the service.

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Monday, May 7, 2018

Just Greeting without linking, But Try Visiting You ♪

See you in your Blog
I had no time to arrange normal post last week with  little physical problem and busy schedule. But I will start visiting you from this morning (already 7th ;-) 
This year I could see many thrushes♪
              Wishing you will Have a Wonderful New Week;