Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Festival at Agricultural High School and Ducks;

One of my husband's friends works at the  Agricultural High School in our city and informed us about the Festival on 20th last month.

*Flowers we could buy *   
Chrysanthemums and Cyclamens
Bit zoomed pictures of them, I bought two of them for ourselves♪

Japanese Garden students made
The sign board below shows the process how it's done.
(you might see better if you enlarge the picture) 

*Enjoyed the music by the Brass Band Club
After lunch prepared by the student, we enjoyed listening the music.
We noticed there are no boy students in the club which is kind of pity we thought :-)
*Found the Tree Cotton*   
There were Tree Cotton at the exit. I was really excited to see them at the school. I don't remember when I saw them last. I first knew about them in the movie called "Gone With the Wind".  Half a century ago, this movie gave me a huge impact and since then the last scene of the first chapter made me decide to live with strong will even if I have 'disturbance of growth' by lack of hormone. 

Thanks to Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara. She said, "I'll never be hungry again'"and 'Tomorrow is another day".   I thought, "Never discouraged and I'll keep my chin up" :-)

*Ducks for a couple of links
Last week on my way from shopping in the river of our usual detour, found many ducks together. All though they look some different kinds, they seem to be really friendly each other ♫♫♫
They seemed to be talking to each other♪

When I got closer to the river bank, they flew away all at once.  The scene was quite dramatic and exciting. Made me really sad with these not qualified pictures.
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Happy rest of the week, everyone. 
And Hoping for wonderful Holiday Season waiting for all of us♪ 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sweet Illumination inside the Bamboo etc;

*竹灯籠(take-doro; Bamboo Lantern)  *
In the middle of Nov., there was a project to decorate illuminated bamboo in front of the railroad station in my city. Direct translation of 'take-doro' in English is 'bamboo lantern'.  The lantern brings up the images which made of paper and stone.  Ones with bamboo had a touch of fantasy for me. I hope these pictures will give you the great feeling of Autumn for "SEASONS"
These are making lantern from pc page. They are using machine (for Friday's Hunt).

*Tea Ceremony Set and Arranged Flowers*
These are the gifted pictures from lady key board player of my husband's band group. 
It will be really great to taste ceremonial green tea at her house someday. 

*Surprised with the tame Pigeon*
The other day while I was waiting for my husband in our car, I got so excited to see a middle aged man was walking with his dog and a PIGEON on his shoulder♫♫♫  
He was so kind a man that showed me how his baby pigeon come back to his shoulder(^.^)  Let me show you with a short video♪

My husband got a cold and had lost his voice for a while. As I have a bad hearing ability, our communication got funny p;-)  It seems that he kindly gave me his cold; starting to have sore throat, but no fever.  I'll try See You Soon later.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Calligraphy Performance etc;

        *Went to see the practice of Calligraphy Performance*
My husband was informed about "Calligraphy Performance" on 27th but we promised another even to see in advance. So I’d like to show you how they practiced on 23rd.
            This picture shows how the work was done; and also with video
Size of the work... 5m×8m   (24 tatami mats)

As the New Year is coming close, the teacher with Kimono with Hakama said that they chose words which make us imagine bright future.  Words for "Season"♪
              *鳳 (hou) ・・・ fenghuang; 
Chinese phoenix;   mythical bird of good omen and longevity that is consumed by fire to be re-born again from the flames.
*Never give up      *挑戦 (chosen)Challenge      *輝く道 Shining Path
 *希望の光 Light of hope        *一歩踏み出す   Take the first step

                  Preparation Work and Reviewing

*Yellow Flower from the roadside *
     Pictures were taken early Sept.  Sorry I couldn't identify its name.  

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I'll See You Soon, hoping from next week;

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