Sunday, March 26, 2017

Attended "Haiku Gathering・句会 etc;

                  *My First Experience of Haiku Gathering 
Early this year at the Dentist, I've met and talked with the Haiku-poem teacher while we were waiting for the treatment.  I finally could attend the once a month gathering.  
Traditional haiku-Poem consist of 17 "on" (, "sound" in Japanese) or "syllables", in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 on respectively.  Not always but importantly, Haiku traditionally contains A kigo (a word or phrase that symbolizes or implies the season of the poem ).  And it is drawn from A Saijiki (歳時記 "year time chronicle")  

I'll put my own translation under the poem; I DO wish I have enough English ability to deserve for the Haiku. I will just translate word by word. Might be impossible among different languages.   First one is one of the teachers poem.
  *春寒の 窓閉めてより 長電話*   *shunkanno madoshimeteyori nagadennwa* 
           (with spring coldness, after closing the window, make a long phone chat)

Let me put the one I made :-)
In the middle of this month, I found a male pale thrush walking nearby small park. I was happy for my first capture of male which I can add with my female collection of pictures. (female picture is from last year).   
At the gathering, teacher made some alterations; this one is after altered.
 *シロハラの つがい揃いて 我の前*  *shiroharano tugaisoroite warenomae * 
            (pale thrush, now with pair,  in front of me)
*Early Blooming Cherry Tree 
       This cherry tree is called 'okamezakura'オカメザクラPrunus incamp cv. Okame).  
Flowers are characteristically facing downward.
   Just one tree along the Koto river side; as always taken on our way back from shopping :-)
I think I finally will be able to have easier week;  Have a wonderful coming new week  

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Around 60 years old Festival "アラ還フェスティバル”;

* Arakan Festival *
My husband's band participated another music festival.  The title is made by shortning two words of "Around and Kanreki 還暦".  In the first music there are some solo parts of him. The tile of the music is "La Macarena" also called "mabo of bullfighter".

*Other Participants *

When we arrived at the parking lot, we found this Black Kite perching on a power pole. One of our guests said that he /she looked a little scary. Although looking fearless or intrepid, attractive and lovely for me p:-)

*Orchid flower by the window*
I bought this orchid nearly 2 years ago, with my surprise we could see the flowers this year♪ I was happy seeing the Pictures taken with Different Shades (^.^
After my late parents' old house was sold,  we are having tight schedule. My husband wished to check about the tax thing we will have to deal with; went to municipal office a couple of times. And our mobile phones broke down.  Struggle for 2 days with it to fix for my use. Have a wonderful coming new week.  Visiting You Soon.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finally in New Owners Hands.;

 * Time Flies*
With my husband's big help (who used to be a bank clerk) all the procedure has been done and finally my parents' 46 years old house safely and officially in the new owners hand today.   We have a saying "光陰矢の如し" which is the equivalent for "time and tide wait for no man".   I remember my parents' happy faces, especially the Japanese style garden with big pine tree which my late gardener uncle created for us as well as the brand new house.  
I'll visit their graveyard and report this to them tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your kind words when I posted about the contract; 
I 'll start to visit you tomorrow