Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fence and Flowers;

*For Tex's "Good Fences"*
On my way back from the temple I visited to see "Higan-bana", I saw very idyllic scene which I can't see in my city. Trees are fencing the large rice paddy field, I asked my husband to stop the car and luckily he found the space to park:-) 
I may not pay attention to the beauty of these scene without blogging and Tex's meme (^_^)

*For Trishie's "Floral Friday" and DeniseinVA's "TODAY'S FLOWERS"*
Especially for the theme of the "Floral Friday" which is "garden flowers", these flowers are from my dear friend's garden taken in the middle of last month.
Crape-myrtle, we call this flower "百日紅、サルスベリ"
These two Japanese names have different context even if we call both characters "saru-suberi".  First character means "redish for 100 days" and second one means "monkey slip" due to the tree sap.  Dictionary said not exactly so p-:)
White ones were a bit late;

Chinese trumpet vine;
sorry, don't know the name;

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Happy October, friends.  I'll be a bit busy next two days, so sorry for early posting.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

Film Camera;

For Rubbish Tuesday, I'd like to post some old film cameras owned by my late father and my husband. They were too complicated for me to use :-) 
And hope this post fits the idea of this meme.
 *my father's two old film cameras*
       MAMIYA with Olympus lens and accordion type 
                                                                                    (sorry if it's the wrong word)
       Minolta; newer one for him
I know you've seen these pictures but my favorites :-)

*my husband's old PENTAX camera*

Some of my friends may reminisce using these types of camera. 
For me, too costly to use film camera. I really AM thankful for digital one we can erase unneeded pictures freely later. As camera is an inevitable item for me now 

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unsolved Problem;

Problem with width of my blog page with Chrome; Decided to ignore:-) 
Maybe because of the different browser of new pc of 8.1 from 7, my page in Chrome's default got really shrunk.  For 7, I don't have this problem. Just wished to let you know(^^;); sorry for early posting.

*My blog page from Explorer  (Yahoo)*   Default 100%

*My blog page from Chrome  Default 100%
 Needed to change default to 150, and arrow shows extended function of "ZOOM" from Chrome.  It only changes size of inside the background.
And buttons on the sidebar are shaking a bit, probably too much enlarging p:)

Haha, just rumbling post. Have a wonderful weekend;

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sea of Rock;

*oo-iwa-go (大岩郷)*
While we were heading for the temple with Higan-bana (previous post), my husband had noticed the road sign of "oo-iwa-go (大岩郷)" and remembered visiting there a couple of decades ago.  As I've never visited there, he kindly made a deter for me to see the rocks. If I translate each character of "大岩郷" literally, they mean,"large-rock-countryside".  There are 2 theories how this "Sea of Rock" created. One of them is diastrophism.  Nature never stop surprise us with its amazing creation.
In 1945, this place was  recognized as a national natural treasure.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Red Spider Lily (Higan-bana) at a Temple;

                    So sorry for unmatched header, it’s been changed for the newest post;

*Higann-bana (Equinox flower or red spider lily) post again*  
For the word 'higan' please refer to my previous post. Through PC, I found a temple where this seasonal flowers are blooming just an hour and a half drive away from home; never been there before.  My pictures got too bright but I hope you can enjoy them :-)

Viewing the entrance from a bit of above;

The lady is not me, there were some people with cameras taking photos.
I thought these lots of weeping cherry trees would be beautiful with blossoms.

 Well, looking forward to visiting next spring if I can.

I thought I was right choosing weekday to go,
so there were not so many people to enjoy the view.

*Kūkai (空海) or Kōbō-Daishi and  Goddess of Kannon*
Upper Left→ Kōbō-Daishi who was a Japanese monk, poet, and artist, founder of the Shingon etc;
Upper Right Statue of the Goddess of Kannon with thirty three little others. I was surprised to know from the sign that these Kannon especially have power for avoiding to get senile. I prayed for it for both of us.

*Pictures of fences*
The temple located a bit up the hill and we drove the path with wood fence;
I hope these Higan flowers can be seen kind of fencing the rice paddy;

This lovely girl (her name is Mei) greeted me at the parking lot

*Extra two Flowers*

The Anthurium on the right is birthday present from my cousins along with other goodies last week when we had lunch.
I found the roses on the left with lower than a dollar for each when I was buying flowers for the graves on Equinox Day. And they are with my new Dynabook 8.1(toshiba) which gave me hard time p:)

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