Monday, October 16, 2017

Gold-Leaf Folding Screen

Gold-leaf folding screen
Calligraphy group "Genyu 玄遊" had a party celebrating the publication of 500th monthly magazine. Gold-Leaf Folding Screen is usually decorated at the formal ceremonial occasions.
My husband band was invited to perform some music for the occasion at the hotel.  (picture page)

Left; Screen is folded                                           Right; Screen is opened

Lady members of the Calligraphy group danced with the popular music called Koi-Dance

which is the theme song of the drama "Running away is a shame, but useful".

(music by my husband's band group)
before party opened while rehearsing

*Chestnut Tiger Butterfly;  "asagimadara,アサギマダラ*
It's time we can see Chestnut Tiger Butterfly at the hillside of the Ryuou-mout. 
This particular butterfly come to Japan around May and travels Japanese archipelago to live the temperature about 23.  The flower they love "Boneset; hiyodoribana,ヒヨドリバナ "  is cultivated and blooming now.  Unfortunately, unlike last year I could see only few of them.

*Cyrestis thyodamas and Fritillary*

*These birds were from early this year which I haven't posted*

Pigeon and Dusky Thrush.  Picture is not well-taken, but I was happy to find Japanese Green Woodpecker at that time♪

I DO hope you all are enjoying comfortable season.  
Autumn Rain is falling;  After taking a bit rest, I WILL start visiting you☆☆☆

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Monday, October 9, 2017

New TV and another Fall Scenes ;

New TV with YouTube 
Our 15 years old TV broke. We'd been thinking about buying new TV-rack (or sideboard not sure which word is correct -;)  Looking for the one which fits the size and also have space for the things we need to put in it.  Giving up the idea my husband started to remodel the one we have, making new shelves. The work took him more than couple of days and I was busy fetching things for him. We were happy that recent TVs are YouTube-compliant.
         My husband enjoys Jazz and I can sing along with Karen ♪

Late blooming Lotus Flower with Ear of Rice
It sure was amazing to find these two Lotus flowers blooming this late.  They looked proudly appealing how lively they were 

  Solar drying, maybe for private use, they are said to taste better than the ones threshed 
by machine.  Nowadays, we don't see these scenes much around my area.

Birds seen from the tree in front of my house
The other day, many birds gathered together to eat the fruits of this tree. I am so sorry that I couldn't identify the birds.  Maybe one of them are Pale Thrush.

Harvest Moon (4th) and Japanese Confectionery
I explained about Japanese Tukimi (moon viewing) and the story about 'rabbit in the moon making rice-cake pounding a mortar with pestle' here.   When my husband had performance on 6th, I went along with him. The lady keyboard player kindly gave me the picture of the Japanese Confectionery  made from the story.

I DO hope you all have started and will have bright week. 
And pray for the moon easier days ahead for me...

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Cluster Amaryllis alongside the rice paddy & Cosmos etc;

Cluster Amaryllis and Rice Reaping (in the paddy)
Two days after I took Cluster Amaryllis of previous post, I had luck taking some pictures of good scenes. While making detour after shopping, found them blooming beautifully alongside the rice paddy♪ 

*A sweet family was busy for Rice Reaping*
While driving, we found a family working together with children. I asked the grandmother if it's OK taking pictures, she kindly accepted my request♪
*Another paddy already finished reaping*

Cosmos (pink  and yellow)
How lucky I was on that day, finding two different colors of Cosmoses (its Chinese Character "秋桜" means "autumn cherry blossom"). And a Swallowtail was flying around busily, I was also busy chasing it almost frantically p:)

Let me add Oriental Green Finch from Feb. this year;
Love the contrast of the eyes, one on the left looks a little sweet without the black spot under the eye -:)  Surprising, how good they are to perch even on the tip of the branch.
We had another electronics problem... ; 4 days ago, our 15 year old 26 inch LCD TV broke.  We looked for new sideboard for our new (34 inch) but my husband decided to remodel not to buy new one. (busy fetching things for him). He is still working on it.  At the same time, gardener came to prone our tiny garden "once a year we ask him).  
So sorry that Haven't been able to visit everyone since I posted previous one.  
         Try HARD form tomorrow;  See You Soon everyone!

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