Sunday, April 4, 2021

Cherry Blossom of Riverside & Light-Up from City Park etc;

*Cherry Blossom of Riverside*

This elusive flowers more cherished than in Japan, being a Japanese I'm proud of Japan is the home to thousands of cherry blossom trees. The floral imagery permeates Japan is the Japanese paintings, film and poetry. Every April, families and friends across the country ceremoniously gather in large groups for *hanami flower viewing* and elaborate feasts with music under giant, feathery canopies of soft pink. Personally, I just enjoyed this wonderful seasonal flower close to my house and the frequent route for shopping like every year p;-)

Just a few minutes away from the riverside;

People were enjoying the view.
And the view from the road we get down.;

Our friend sent us these pictures with atmosphere of the dusk;
Illumination from the City Park;

Happy to be able to find Japanese Tit with the Blossoms; 

Thank you very much for stopping by ;
I always appreciate your sweet comments;

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  1. Hello Miyako, so sorry I forgot to get back to you.
    To link is easier than you think. Since you always have your first post for All Seasons, it is enough
    if you press control + C (*copy"),
    then control + V on your url ( "paste" your blog address).
    Then go to my blog, and press "paste" (control+V)in your comment to me, so others can visit you too:)
    Right now I let all the All Seasons people link this way, because Wordpress has a new way of editing, and it does not fit with the photo linky I used.
    Beautiful beautiful pink spring blossons here. I love it. Happy week, Jesh

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    That is one of the best things Japan has to offer; its many cherry blossoms.
    Looking like a fairytale with the lights.
    And a happy Japanese Tit.

  3. Miyako - no surprise to me that cherry blossoms are celebrated and honored in your country. They are spectacular - it makes my heart sing to see them! Your constant participation in Mosaic Monday is much appreciated - our lives are richer for seeing your photos and reading your stories!

  4. The cherry blossom trees are so beautiful! I love to see them, but my nose doesn't like them lol! :)

  5. Yes it worked, Myako (your link, I mean)! I knew you could do it, because of all the decorations you have on your blog post. The white, as well as the pink trees are gorgeous! Lovely are the birds in these blooming trees. Am surprised you know the term Resurrection day. Are some of your friends Christians? Many thanks for sharing All Seasons your gorgeous Easter post, and have a beautiful week, Jesh
    PS many thanks for your kind comments:)

  6. Wow! They are certainly something to celebrate with such beauty!

    Thank you for being a part of 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  7. Those blossoms are beautiful. You should be proud of them.

  8. The parkwith blooming cherries looks stunning - enjoy!

  9. Hello Miyako,
    The Cherry blossoms are a gorgeous sight to see, beautiful trees. I love the cute little birds, great captures. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend!