Sunday, August 11, 2019

Joint Exhibition of three kind of Art Works and Sun-Set ;

*Joint Exhibition by 3 Artists*
My husband's old acquaintances; "Pen Sketch and Shisa artists" who are a couple invited him to the exhibition with them. The big pictures decorated there were taken by Pen Sketch artist through his trip. My husband totally has made about 30 bamboo dragonflies; some given away to his friends and some still decorated at our home.

*About Shisa*
Here are about Information and Picture page about Shisa; which is a Guardian Lions in Okinawa. And represented as a couple. They are believed to provide protection, they often sit outside or on top of the roof of many buildings in the archipelago. 

*Pen Sketching where he visited*
In the left picture, he is with his work on the right. 
He showed me this picture, Maybe he is working on the other work.

*Bamboo dragonflies my husband made*
When he saw the work which I bought high school student made, he didn't seem to satisfy and whimsically started making them ;-)  Pictures placed under his dragonflies are mine of the same kind, taken for a long period of time for blog posts.

Three Artists; The couple agreed my posting their picture.

*Black Kite and the Event Hall with beautiful Sun-Set*
I happened to find this black kite was perching on top of the Electric Pole the other day. So happy that I could post this handsome gay in this post to link.

The Event Hall located just beside the sea called "Kirara" of next city. And famous for its gorgeous Sun-Set. First picture and the last one was taken at the same place.
The day we went there close to the evening to display the works. I was eagerly waiting for the Sunset. As you can see, a couple was walking on the dike (or bank).  I was SO happy for the unexpected luck ♫♫♫
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  1. The Event Hall of Kirara looks very modern, like Scandinavian design and that sunset was really worth for waiting! So beautiful. Your husband is so skilful with his dragonflies and the art you show is very elaborate. Sending you warm greetings from Finland.

  2. Miyako - I appreciate the talent of all of the artists (especially your husband). Amazing to see the pen sketch artist at work and his finished artwork. A brilliant sunset, and yes, how lucky to have the couple crossing at just the right time! Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday, and have a wonderful week.

  3. It seems the Japanese and the Chinese have many things in common - I am referring to the lions. In China they also have them in parks and on roofs:) Oh, I love the artist's mountainous island with all the buildings on it. Does the work he showed you refer to a specific island? It was time for your hubby to show his art of the dragon flies too!I like it that he shows on images how they appear in nature:) Wonderful work, Miyako, so many thanks for sharing these artist's wonderful work! May you have another week of many wonderful sunsets to enjoy!

  4. The dragonfly art sculptures are very beautiful! I know you are proud of your talented husband! Enjoy your week!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    That was a mouthful to show and tell...
    Love the artwork and very much your husband's dragon fly versions created.
    So he was not satisfied with the one you bought him and had to produce his own and better?! Great job I just say, kudos to him.
    The Black Kite indeed is a very handsome guy posing for you with his feathers ruffled by the wind.
    And the sunset photos are indeed like poetry they tell so much...

  6. I enjoyed the beautiful art in your blog post. Such talent! Thank you for sharing.

  7. It's so wonderful your husband and his acquaintances held exhibition together! All the artworks are beautiful. I love your husband's dragonflies. Love the short description written for each species. And the delicate pen sketch is very impressive.
    Gorgeous black kite and beautiful sunset. The last photo looks like from a scene in the movie :-)
    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xo

  8. Those dragon flies are lovely. I know you are proud of your husband. Wonderful that he and his friends did this exhibition together. Thanks for linking up, Miyako.

  9. Hello, Miyako! Your hubby is a creative artist. I love his dragonflies. The artwork is lovely. Beautiful sunset captures! The Black Kite is a handsome bird, wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend! PS, thank so much for your visit and comment.