Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hint of the Dragonfly's Eye;

*At the Accessories Exhibition
When my husband exhibited his bamboo dragonflies, he was commended by his works' eyes. It was funny hearing him answering like "Oh, they costed million yen." jokingly;-).  Actually, he got a hint when we went Accessories Exhibition together with my friend. There were many jewelries which look like made by expensive stones. He started talking to the lady who made these gorgeous jewelries. And found that her works didn't as expensive as they look. She explained him that they were made by "SWKI".  Calling several places, he could find a little shop called "Parts Club" where he could buy them. Luckily he could use them for his Dragon's Eyes♬

My husband talking with Jewelry Craftsman(lady)
Title of the right side work below is "Dream of the Cinderella"

There are 2 works here. My husband 's latest work for his acquaintances.
First one has 7 dragonflies in it. I put 3 zoomed pictures of them as he wished to emphasize their eyes p;-)  

Flower from my aunt garden (can't ID the name p-:)

"Common skimmer" and "Pseudothemis zonata" found recently.
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  1. Miyako - I continue to be amazed by your husband's talent in making these dragonflies. The eyes are important given that they are so big on a dragonfly, and they are unique. I can understand why he would want you to highlight the eyes for your readers. Thanks for sharing this with everyone at Mosaic Monday!

  2. Those are beautiful accessories. It’s really nice that your husband got to know the place where he could purchase parts for his dragonflies with reasonable pricing. Those eyes are beautiful for worth million yen :-)
    Beautiful photos of flowers and dragonflies!
    Have a lovely new week, Miyako san xo

  3. My compliments to your husband's dragonflies with the eyes! It gives a special and expensive touch to it:) Wish him success with his exhibit! The Cinderella the lady did is gorgeous, and the moon is so cute! Your images of the white roses and the dragonflies are stunning:) Many thanks for sharing them with All Seasons! Enjoy your week Miyako - Jesh

  4. The dragonflies (real and artistic) are wonderful. - Margy

  5. Such wonderful works of art, both in the store and out in nature! I love your photos because they are similar to the ones I take :)

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    What a blessing that has been for your husband to have met this lady jewelry maker at the exhibition. He selected great crystals for those dragon fly eyes and I love them the way they turned out!
    Lovely photos of the Common skimmer and your aunt's exotic looking flowers.

  7. Your photos of the skimmers are stunning, as are your husband's dragonflies.

  8. The dragonflies are beautiful. Your husband is very talented.

  9. Hello Miyako, you husband is talented. The dragonflies are just amazing. Pretty captures of the skimmers. Love the beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  10. The dragonflies are gorgeous and with those twinkly jewels, even more precious! Happy weekend sweet lady!

  11. Great post on 'My Corner of the World' this week! Thanks for linking up!

    My Corner of the World

  12. Your husbands dragonflies are stunning with their 'jewelry' eyes!!! Fantastic photos of these fantastic pieces of art. The flower would be Lisianthus, also called as Eustoma. Wishing you a great week my friend!

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