Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Lives of Band husband involves & Professionals, and Birds;

Live at a Club
On 23rd last month, band group my husband involves played a Live Show at a Live Music Club. Sorry that I had been using the Japanese-English word of "Live House" for the place. Haha, I should have checked it so embarrassed to know what it really means (^^;)   
*Solo performances except the third performers with cousins*

*Draw Lots for Presents*
*Tequila* One the music the performed ♪

*Went to hear two different Lives *
I took videos of their wonderful play for my husband. He said he won't be able to get their skills. How I wish to let you enjoy their music but refrained from posting.
I  loved to hear "Tennessee Walts" and etc.
He can play several types of Saxophones.
And toward the last performance, he played around us

Birds found near my house
Brown-eared Bulbul with Autumn atmosphere. And a Varied Tit. I could happen to take shots of them with colors with Autumn atmosphere.  Made me a bit happy to see these pictures with pc screen ;-)

Can you see its face? And I thought where was left wing p-;)
I could take my first grooming scene (^_^)  

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  1. Miyako - how wonderful to see live music, especially with your husband in the group. My husband and I enjoy live music, especially when it means we can dance as well! Lovely bird shots … I can always count on you to have birds beautifully framed! Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday!

  2. Great video of the performance by your husband and the band! Looks like it was a fun event with music and drawings!
    It must be inspiring for your husband to listen to others play as well.
    Pretty birds and persimmon! I love the grooming video. I love watching my kitties groom themselves. There is something very attractive about animals/birds taking bath :-)

    Happy December, Miyako san! xo

  3. That's a lively rendition of Tequila, as it ought to be played. I listened to that song a lot in the 1960s. I still like shouting out Tequila! at the right spots. :-)

  4. What a tun post about music - and I love that they had lotto drawings!With cousins, his family must be a very musical one. May be you can one time secretly let us hear some of your hubby's music:) It's a pretty hard instrument to play (my daughter played it as a teen, also in an orchestra) ...and he plays several?? Oh my goodness, every musician I know is a perfectionist - would love to hear him play!
    Wow Miyako those wings are amazing, and yes I see the face:)
    Love the variety there is in your post, and we are lucky to have you among us at All Seasons! Have a great week!

  5. Awesome post! So glad you shared.

  6. Your birds are beautiful; the music is fun.

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Love the band your husband is playing in; very professional!
    And the birds in your area looks so exotic. Great grooming photo with the left wing up in a funny position.

  8. Miyako, how wonderful to see your husband playing in the band. They sound so good! Thank you for linking up today!

  9. Thank you for great jazz Miyako. It suited so well to my mood for we had yesterday great Independence Day celebrations. Wishing you a lovely Christmas time.

  10. Some very interesting birds and a lovely post

  11. Hello Miyako, it is wonderful hearing your husband's band and music. Beautiful captures of your birds. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  12. You always give us so much pleasure and such a great variety of birds no matter where you roam...for that I send along my thanks and appreciation for linking in with us at I'd Rather B Birdin. Have a beautiful week ahead & Happy Birding!