Monday, June 18, 2018

One of my husband's hobbies and Nature;

Big Catch and Big Job or not (˘˘
A few days ago, my husband went fishing and caught two small-sized fish (メバル属:two kinds of Sebastidae family). How careless of me that we ate them after I cooked with soy-sauce without taking pictures. Recently he sharpened all the cooking knives.

I thought I'd show you "Cooked Fish".  Yesterday, I cooked with different fish "Righteye flounderI bought ;-)  We call this "魚の煮付け sakanano-nituke". Maybe "Simmered Fish in Sweetened Soy Sauce"  One of my husband's favorite dish.

His Pictures below is from this page 4 years ago.
                       Two types of grind stones and wooden stabilizer he made.

                            (From the top; for sashimi. filet fish. vegetable. fruit)

Another Scenes from the rice paddy  few days ago
 Herons are the regular friends for the farmers. But last week I found a cute duck chancing the tractor.  The skinny blue heron flew towards the tractor. Both paddies are located close-by.

Rebunese from Rebun in Hokkaido
   Cypripedium marcanthum var. rebunense 
This flower pictures are gifts from my friend who had a trip to Hokkaido early this month.   It's called "礼文アツモリソウ・ rebun-atumoriso"; designated as Specific Domestic Rare Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. And also this flower is one of the Orchid Family♪

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  1. The fish looks yummy. The only way I can get whole fish like yours is to travel about 75 minutes north to an Asian market. If it was nearer, we'd probably eat fish more....I like how the birds are not scared of the tractor. Awesome photos.

  2. Good morning Orchid, I always look forward to seeing our bird captures and flowers. your life is so very different from mine here in France but we both enjoy the same things exploring nature and good food!

  3. How nice to get to eat fresh fishes caught by your husband! Great photos of him working on the knives. He looks like a professional chef :-)
    What a cute duck in the rice paddy! Always enjoy seeing birds and tractors in a same space. のどかな風景ですよね^^ Pretty flowers from Hokkaido.

    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san xo

  4. Cleaning the fish I leave to my hubby too:):) From my part Indonesian background I grew up with sweet soy sauce, and like that better than the salty kind - so I really would have liked eating your fish! Wow, a wonderful reflection in the rice field. Beautiful white orchids - as always a beautiful and interesting post, Miyako, I appreciate you being here at All Seasons each week! Wishing you a beautiful week!

  5. The fish would be so tasty prepared like that. We put fresh Salmon on the grill tonight and served it with rice and a medley of stir fry veggies. So good and healthy too. Love your white orchids...they are stunning!

  6. I loved all your pictures, but I was a little concerned for the farmer on the tractor - even for a rice paddy, that seemed like deep water for the tractor. Did he get out OK? Orchids are amazing - perfect for YOU!

  7. Hello Miyako,

    Your fish dishes sound very delicious. We had fish tonight for dinner - red snapper. It was very good.
    I'm sorry to hear about the earthquake in your country and hope that you and your loved ones were not badly affected.

  8. Those fish look very exotic! I am currently on a campaign to get my family to eat more fish - I love the stuff, but it's rather slow going....not helped by having two veggies either!

  9. Hi Miyako,

    Your husband's knife selection looks very professional - and a bit frightening as well :) They reminded me of a detective novel that happened in Japan and in culinary spheres. I forgot the name of that ugly & very poisonous fish - ball fish? - that only those chefs can prepare for dinner who have a certificate! Sorry for my 'crime time' thoughts :) the white Hokkaido orchid is a treasure!

    Best wishes & hugs.

  10. Reply to rittaK;

    Dearest ritta K;  Oh, I'm surprised that you have the knowledge about "puffer fish or blow fish" which we call "fugu ふぐ. The fish gets puff-up when something cause it angry. And Yes, its internal organs has poison and needs certificate to filet.
    I really admire and feel thankful for your interests about Japan♪
    Thank you so much for your comments.

  11. It doesn't get better eating than that! And I think your Hubby is very good at preparing the catch :) Lovely flowers, too!

  12. Dear Miyako,

    Puffer Fish or Fugu it was! I'll add here the link to my blog post to this book by a Finnish writer Heikki Valkama. He calls the book a gastro detective novel - an indeed the Japanese food culture and culture in general was fascinating reading! Mr. Valkama has spent his childhood and school years in Japan - so he knows what he is writing about.

    Books are a wonderful way to learn about her cultures! There is google translation available with its funny translations:

    Thank you for your reply Miyako, wihingyou a lovely Midsummer week.

  13. We enjoy eating fish and fishing, but most of ours comes from the store. We usually cook it simply on the BBQ with a sprinkling of lemon juice and spices. - Margy

  14. Miyako, that fish looks so tasty. I would enjoy it! Thank you for linking up!

  15. Hello Miyako, the fish does look tasty! I have never tried the sweet soy sauce. It is nice your hubby cleaned and prepared the fish. I love all your birds, wonderful photos. The orchids are lovely. Beautiful post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. . Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  16. How fascinating seeing the fish in soy sauce...and the sashimi process! That was fun to see. Loved your beautiful flowers!

  17. For sharing this post with us birders, I thank you.

  18. The birds are probably happy that the tractor has done their work for them, turning over the soil so it is easier to find their dinner! We would love your fish dinners -- they sound wonderful. We're within walking distance to a fish market here in Oregon and I am very glad.

  19. We enjoy fish and eat it frequently, but I must confess that we buy it already filleted for us from the store. The problem I have with whole fish is dealing with the bones. I am not very proficient and always wind up with a bunch of them in my mouth!