Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Job or Not;

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After a certain while (it is up to my husband's whimsical mind) he sharpens our knives. I'm amazed to find thorough pc that there is this kind of goods for that purpose. 
I remember surprised to know from my very old post that you use various types of knives in foreign countries as well.
Here is the pictures how he does.

Two types of grind stones with wooden stabilizer(maybe) he made.
From the top; for shashimi. filet fish. vegetable. fruit
The first one is for the water melon or melon.  
He bent the gagged edged one to cut easily for round shaped fruits :-)  
I wonder if  you sharpen your knives

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  1. Interesting gadget. Hubs always sharpens our knives. He has some sort of sharpener, but nothing like this. To answer your question regarding the gull in my post. He was standing on top of a tall light post.

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh sure we too have such a real whetstone for sharpening the knives. It workes well and you have to watch out carefully when using them again! My husband Pieter does this for me and he is very good at it.

  3. My husband is also very particular about sharpening the knives here, my dear friend. He does the same as your husband, doing them all at once, and with very careful strokes. I'm just happy if I can cut with them!

  4. We have the grind stone like yours in our kitchen :-) Also we have a small knife sharpener. I use this often.
    I've never used water melon/melon knife. Looks very interesting!

    Have a wonderful week, Miyako san xoxo

  5. Well, I live alone and cook very little, so all of these are new to me, Miyako!! An interesting post for the day!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

  6. I don't sharpen my knives but I should.

  7. Hi Orchid, we sharpen our knives, makes cutting easier, have a lovely week.

  8. Hi Orchid, we sharpen our knives, makes cutting easier, have a lovely week.

  9. Miyako ~ Neat post and photos for OWT ~ xoxo

    My husband loved to sharpen knives for cooking and he loved to good ~ I was very grateful ^_^

  10. Nice that your husband keeps your knives sharp. I take mine to a man at the Farmer's Market -- when I remember!

  11. Hello Orchid
    Your husband's knife sharpening invention looks very helpful. A sharp knife is easier and safer to use.

  12. All of my knives need sharpening. I've always wondered if those electric sharpeners would do the trick. Wish I could borrow your husband for this! :)

  13. Hello Miyako, your husband puts a lot of effort into keeping your knives sharp. Most important for food preparation.
    My husband recently bought a sharpener online and so my knives are once again nice and sharp. However, I have to be very careful and only think of the job at hand... I tend to cut myself accidentally sometimes :D)

  14. that's a lot of work. i'm the one who's trying to hone our knives at home.

  15. Well done to your husband!

  16. Dear Miyako,

    Great post and yes, my husband often sharpens the knives and he always lets me know when he has done this.
    They can be very sharp if you are not expecting it.
    Happy week dear friend and many thanks for the kind visit and the note you left.
    Happy week

  17. I love it that your husband sharpens your knives for you on a regular basis. I sharpen my own and have done so for over 60 years. Sharp knives are very important for good cooking.

  18. Yes, Bill sharpens our knives --just as your husband does, according to his own whim...not on schedule. Once somebody gave us an electric sharpener, but he never uses it. Only the same flint sharpener he has always used. (We had to buy another one for the Florida house of course.)

  19. Hi Miyako san!
    Your otosan was Tokubetuni sharpening the knives a oishi OSUSHI Shashimi desune...
    Japanese to Knives wa onagidewa arimasen-ne?
    Have a lovely week!

  20. My husband does the sharpening of knives too. He uses an oil stone sharpener.

  21. I can't use a grindstone well, so usually I use another one like your pic. The knives ground by your husband are shining and must cook tasty sashimi.
    Have a nice day!

  22. Interesting!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  23. he is handy to have around. we have a knife sharpening stone but in the summer a truck comes by ringing a bell and they will sharpen knives or garden tools.