Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Easter Everyone, and Randoseru in Japan;

Happy Easter
Pictures are from my favorite Cake-Shop decoration.
Spring is the season for new start to every school. The Bags (backpack) are called 'Randoseru' for elementary school children.  Having one when entering is one of the exciting things♡♡♡
                 *Rabbits and Strawberries 

Half a century ago, we only had red one for girls and black one for boys(^.^)
        We call this "Randoseru" which is originated "Ransel" in Dutch.
    Wishing You  will have a Happy Spring


  1. I always love the decoration at this cake shop. Those small Randoseru-shaped boxes are so cute! There were only two colors for Randoseru when I was a school child, too. It's nice to see many more options now :-)
    Have a happy weekend, Miyako san!

  2. I can see why children would enjoy these ... I want one (or more)!! Happy Easter to you!