Monday, February 5, 2018

Exhibition called "Elegance from Kyo (京)”, Flower & Bird;  

Exhibition called "Elegance from Kyo (京)
This exhibition was from last year at the department store in my city.  Introducing (we could buy) us Japanese "hanging scroll, tea-ware, letter box "fubako 文箱".  I was tempted to buy a letter box but bit expensive.  Sorry that the light made the pictures a bit brownish.

Flowers from Botanical Garden
I only posted orchid flowers from city park here. Let me show you some others including with rare (I think :-) ones.  As you may notice, first collage is 2 kinds of orchid.    Second one I only take pic of name tag of left "Speciosum".   
Others I'll write names in order. 
        "Tacker integrase Li Folia"
"Geoppertia burle marxii"
"Angraecum eburnum"

Brambling from in front of my house
This season since late last year, Bramblings are staying the tree in front of my house.  I took many pictures of them ;-)  Unfortunately, they come out from inside of the tree almost bit early morning or late evening. I chose the brighter ones I could take.

My husband was practicing saxophone, sorry for the noise.

Today, we (in our area) experienced second time of snow fall (not piled up).  Cold for outside work.  But I'm "Thankful" for being able to see beautiful snow(*^.^*)
Have a wonderful Sunday or New Week.

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  1. Hello Orchid, what a lovely post, your captures are so inspiring and beautiful.

  2. Oh beautiful show, Miyako. In my teens someone gave me a hanging scroll, and that got me interested in Japanese art.
    Am envious you have so many birds in your trees! I live in the forest with many trees, but I seldom see a bird, except for hawks, vultures, and eagles flying over. (Am kind of joking, I know why the small birds are not here, it is too dangerous for them, because of other animals).

    Many thanks for sharing this interesting post and beautiful items with All Seasons! Have a lovely week!

  3. I am always struck by the beauty of orchids. I remember how my mother's face would light up when Daddy would present her with one on her birthday! Thank you for allowing me this memory! wishing you well!

  4. Gorgeous orchids, Orchid! The are all so different and beautiful in their own way. The Bramblings are posing nicely for you in the tree, how photogenic they are and what great mosaics you created with those photos.
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing your daily life with us at MM today.

  5. You always show us so many incredible things! I would love to see the orchids and all of the beautiful things on display. Enjoy your week sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  6. Very elegant exhibition. I can understand you were tempted to buy an item. But yeah, they must be expensive! Flowers from botanical garden are beautiful. Some of them are unfamiliar with me and look very unique. I love your photo arrangement using bubbles :-) And cute birdies!
    Happy February, Miyako san, and have a wonderful new week!

  7. I love Japanese tea-ware. I love handmade. Wonderful exhibit. The orchids and bromeliads are spectacular. Love seeing your native birds ... the Bramblings with their red breasts. Happy Monday!

  8. How lovely the tea ware. I have an old scroll with a mountain scenery on it, a gift I cherish

    Thanks for your Monday Mosiac share today

    much love...

  9. I enjoyed the video of the birds - they are so precious when there are so many of them together!

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  11. Beautiful scrolls and bowls, Miyako - lovely things for one's home. The orchids are so amazing in their variety. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Lovely photos! All fun to see. Thank you.

  13. Miyako, Thanks for sharing tea set, flowers and birds. Sylvia D.

  14. The black lacquered boxes are so skilfully decorated and the tea ware is simple & elegant. I have never seen white ginger plant, only reds. But is really beautiful. Wishing you a nice week Miyako.

  15. Hello Dear Miyako, you've shown us such beautiful scrolls. I also love the tea sets, the pottery glaze is wonderful.
    Those orchids and bromeliads are superb too and your photography does them justice.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend. Cheers to you, Sue xx

  16. Hello Miyako, the tea set and scrolls are so pretty. I love the gorgeous orchids, what a lovely sight. The Bramblings are beautiful birds, I would be happy to have them outside my door. Wonderful photos and video.
    Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  17. The Bramblings are very pretty birds! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  18. For linking in at I'd Rather B Birding, all of us birders are very appreciative...thanks!

    Beautiful birds & flowers

  19. Beautiful art exhibition and flower show! There are always so many beautiful things on display that you can share and I love that! The rooster painting was my favorite! Sweet birds as well. What an awesome post, Miyako. Have a great week!

  20. Good afternoon Orchid. Lovely to share with your art exhibition, flowers and birds as we are cold and snowy here..Michelle

  21. Hello Miyako!:) Lovely exhibition with a good choice of beautiful things to buy. I love the dainty tea set, wooden bird on perch, and rooster scroll. The Orchids are all beautiful, but I'm enamoured by the exotic 6th flower picture with two large white leaves and purple flowers, and the Bramblings look so pretty in the trees,... especially the way you have enhanced the pictures with flowers. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful photos.