Monday, January 15, 2018

Winter-Flowering Peony and 2 kinds of Birds;

Winter-Flowering Peony at City Park* 
My friend and I went to see the peony which blooms during the cold season.  It was first for me to see the Winter-Flowering Peony.  Even though I had the knowledge about it, it sure was a fresh surprise to see spring flower (deep in mind) blooming during the cold season.

             You can see the shelter from the snow for flowers. We call it " yuki-gakoi:"  

Pelicans in the lake of the Park
A new baby was born there,  and I could see a bit older one as well.  They all looked a little cold and couldn't see one swimming in the lake.  Not like in my old post (← link page), which I explained about Catta-kun.

White -Eye on a snowy day
One of my cousin has an orange orchard (← link page). Like I DO every year, I stuck some oranges to the branches of the tree for birds in our small garden. I haven't had much hope as it hadn't worked yet. But checking through the window several times a day p:-)  After breakfast on 12th (cold snowy day), my husband found a little one enjoying orange♪  I always LOVE to see birds having meal with their sweet beaks.  SO happy for my first LUCK(*^.^*)

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I hope you all are doing fine under the cold or hot weather♪
I'll be able to start visiting you after hus. left for a gathering this evening!


  1. Happy for you, seeing the bird enjoyed your orange! Great inventing precautions for the flowers blooming right now! When we lived in the Southern part of California we often saw pelicans flying over our head, close to the coast. Many thanks for sharing these experiences with All Seasons, dear Miyako, and have a lovely week! Jesh~

  2. Feeding oranges to the birds in the garden is a new idea to me but perhaps I'll try it and see what happens. The peonies look fine in their little huts it would be a shame if they died from the cold.
    Thank you for sharing this glimpse into Orchid's world with the MM crowd today.

  3. I love to feed oranges to the birds! The peonies are amazing and I smiled at their little "huts". I love pelicans. They are one of my favorite birds. Beautiful post. Happy Monday!

  4. Love the Winter Peonies they are so brave and beautiful.
    Happy week

    much love...

  5. Hello,
    Thank you for showing us the beauty around you. I especially enjoyed watching the bird with your orange. Ellen in Ohio

  6. Hello Miyako! What a beautiful post, the birds and nature scenes are lovely. Enjoy your week.

  7. The little bird looks so sweet eating the orange. I wonder now if the birds eat the oranges that grow around here. I'm sure they must! Love those big showy flowers! Hugs!

  8. That is incredible that the flowers bloom in the winter! Have a great week.

  9. I didn't know peonies were so huge. I like how they protected them. So much friendlier than plastic.

  10. Hello Miyako,

    The winter flowering peonies are beautiful - I've never heard of them. I see they need some sort of protection. Your birds are lovely, too. I wish you a very pleasant week.

  11. Beautiful pictures.Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love the straw shelters made for the flowers. We have to make similar ones in India to guard the flowers during summer.

  13. Lovely to see colorful flowers in cold winter! They look very elegant under umbrellas and so cute under yuki-gakoi! I love the thatched roof of the building.
    pelicans do look bit cold. Love the photos of them one snuggling together :-) How wonderful your orange got discovered by White-Eye! Such cute video and photos! Looks like he was really enjoying it!
    Have a wonderful week, Miyako san! xo

  14. The baby pelican is precious! I will try the oranges here ... And it was so refreshing to see peonies in January!

  15. I loved to see the parasols and the shelters for the peonies. Like small private cottages - so cute, inventive & fun 💕 Your bird photos are always stunning. Wishing you a lovely week Miyako.

  16. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, those Oriental White Eyes are absolutely adorable; loved your video!
    Indeed the Pelicans look rather cold and miserable. Wonder how they happen to have a baby now in the cold season...?
    Never have seen winter blooming Peonies; those look stunning.
    Great protection for snow and wind they way they set up the straw shelter.
    Sending you hugs from a miserable cold Georgia with even some snow flurries this morning but it did not stick.

  17. Hello, I love the pretty peony flowers. Gorgeous images. The pelicans are one of my favorite birds, they are cool. The White Eye is a lovely bird, beautiful photos and video. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  18. As peonies are one of my favorite flowers, I adored seeing this place where they are blooming so beautifully even in winter! Gorgeous flowers and lovely shots of them. Also loved your pelican and the white eye bird. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. Beautiful flowers - such a lovely shade of pink.
    dropping by from WATW

  20. Hello Miyako!:) I was so impressed by the dainty parasols protecting the beautiful peonies, and the straw shelters. The pelicans and White eye were a treat to see. Lovely videos too! I have never heard of birds feeding from oranges. I must look more closely in our orange grove. Have a happy Sunday.:)

  21. And, I want to convey my thanks to you for sharing this post with all of us birders from I'd Rather B Birdin' this week!!!

  22. Beautiful peonies!
    Thanks for taking part in the FloralFriday Fotos meme.