Monday, January 8, 2018

New Year's Visit to a Shrine and New Bird;

*New Year’s Visit to a Shrine (hatumoude)*
Visiting shrine to wish for the peaceful and healthy year is another very important first of the year event. New omamori (charms or amulets) are bought,  and the old ones are returned to the shrine so they can be burned. I bought some for Shinto Shrine (which my late father made for me when I married) placed in the kitchen. Long queue to the Main Shrine.
According to the Chinese Zodiac sign, this year is the year of Dog. I was born in the sheep year. If you are interested in what year you were born, you can check yours and your character from this page.
Our family Shinto Shrine decorated for the New Year with charm amulet for the year.
This is the gorgeous New Year arrangement arranged by the mother of my husband's friend (pic sent through sns).

*New Bird I found on our way back from  visiting shrine*
Common Kestrel ;      My husband found perching on the wire very far place while he kindly making detour.  So excited for my first bird♪

Wishing you started wonderful new year♪
So sorry that I haven't commented any of my friends year end and new year.
I'll start visiting you soon. My New Year resolution is try hard commenting.

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  1. Happy New Year from Normandy! Your visit to the Shrines was fascinating to see and so interesting, your family shrine that your father made is lovely.
    Looking forward to another amazing year full of Mosaic Mondays.

  2. Happy new year to you. I love the shots of the Kestrel

  3. Seems like a very relaxing place. Love it and thank you for sharing with "Through My Lens"

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Thanks for the link, I was born in the year of the Tiger

    Wishes For A Bright And Prosperous New Year to You

    much love...

  5. It's great to read about your traditions! Wishing you a prosperous & happy 2018 Miyako!

  6. I was born in the Year of the Rat! I'm looking forward to Year of the Dog or as Sadie says, My Year!
    Happy 2018!

  7. Fascinating visit to the shrine. Love the beautiful arrangement made for you.

  8. Hello Myako, congrats with your first bird capture of the year - a lovely one! That flower arrangement is beautiful! I don't know what happened to my comments, but this may be a second one for All Seasons:) Am just making sure, you know I visited you! Have a lovely week!

  9. Thank you for including the link to the Chinese Zodiac. The description of the sheep certainly seems to fit you - so interested in nature and passionate about your beliefs. I look forward to your posts this year!

  10. Looks like I was born in the year of the ox. I'm pretty stubborn if that's what it means. - Margy

  11. Happy New Year! I found your visit to the shrine very interesting. The kestrel photo you took on your way home is beautiful.

  12. Happy New Year Miyako. I looked up my sign and I am not sure about it.. It said. "Monkey (saru)
    Born 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956, 1944, 1932, 1920, 1908. People born in the year of the Monkey are the erratic geniuses of the Zodiac cycle. They are clever and skillful in grand-scale operations and are smart when making financial deals. They are inventive, original and are able to solve the most difficult problems with ease.

  13. This comment was kindly sent to me by 'lotusleaf' Not sure what happened but accidentally deleted. I put it back.

    The shrines and Buddhist temples of Japan are so well maintained with beautiful gardens.The flower arrangement by your relative is lovely.

  14. Happy new year! Thank you for linking up with Communal Global at our Wednesday Around the World linky. It's nice to see slice of life from different places. :)

  15. Happy new year! I remember waiting in a long line when visiting shrine for new year. The picture of dogs at shrine is very cute. The charm you got is very cute, too! I love the photos of common kerstel. Your husband is always so thoughtful to make detour for you :-)
    Have a wonderful week, Miyako san! xo

  16. Dearest Miyako,
    Happy New Year to you both and thank your husband for adding to your blog post by being such a good bird spotter!
    Love the detailed traditions of Japan and the ritual of burning the old omamori.
    That flower arrangement is so elegant and looking balanced as a symbolic good 2018 with a positive line going up and also blossoms. Perfect combi.
    Sending you hugs,

  17. Lovely images! Wishing you a happy new year! Have a great weekend!

  18. Hello Miyako and thank you for the link. I was born in the year of the Monkey. I would like to visit your shrines. They are beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for linking up today and I hope to see you back again next week.

  19. It looks like a fun place to visit, especially with your newly-found bird!

  20. Hi Miyako -- thank you for the beautiful flower arrangements (your blog posts always seem like a gift, they are so lovely). Congratulations on spotting the kestrel hawk -- it is always so exciting to find a new bird!!!

    It cannot be easy to post and blog in your second language. You are so fluent in English that sometimes I think we over here forget that you it is not your Native Language. (This is to say, do not feel guilty about not always commenting -- we understand! It is hard enough for me to keep up.)

  21. Hello Miyako!:) Many good wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2018. Your traditions are always interesting to read about. Beautiful photos of the shrines, and how lovely that thanks to your father, you have your own personal Shinto Shrine. The mother of your husband's friend made a beautiful floral display. Congrats on your first Kestrel sighting, I know how exciting it is to discover a new bird. Thanks to your husband, I think, for first spotting it,...his eyes,...your ears!!! Ha ha!:=) What a good team you make!

  22. I want to thank you for showing us at I'd Rather B Birdin' your weekend photos!! Your paticipation is always greatly appreciated.

  23. Hello, the Shrine is beautiful. It is interesting reading about the charm tradition. I was born in the year of the monkey. I love your Kestrel photos, great captures. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  24. Happy New Year, Miyako San. I hope 2018 is full of health, happiness and prosperity for you and your family.
    Thanks for taking part in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.