Sunday, April 23, 2017

さをりおり "SAORI-ori(weaving)" etc;

*First Time to see hand-weaving and a loom *
Saori-ori is a free style of hand-weaving which was founded in 1968 by "Jo Misao".
One of my city's department store is holding (until 25th) an exhibition and sale of "SAORI-ori". The "SA" of SAORI is the first syllable of the word of "sai・差異" and the "ori" means weaving.  The two Chinese characters "差異" have almost the same meaning of "difference". The concept is everything has its own dignity; free style without restriction.  I really was happy to have a chance to see this weaving style.

I hope you will enjoy beautiful works.

The lady kindly allowed me to take video of how the saori-loom is used.
The picture below is one of her works displayed at the entrance.
Title of this work is "cherry blossom at night from Ichinosaka-river"

*For flower link*
The first arrangement was displayed at the city office when we went there to inquire about the income tax for next year (my late parents' house having been sold). 
Second one from early this month at the nearby park. Name unidentified p:-)

*For the critter and the bird link *
Black-faced bunting I found on the roadside to the nearby park.  
Not so clear pictures, two of them flew away before I take better ones :-) 
But I was happy to find this rare birdie for me♪

I really AM so sorry that I haven't been able to visit any friend!!!
I've been tied up with several personal matters. I will start visiting friends soon♡♡♡ 

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  1. What a beautiful display. I didn't know the meaning of saori as in hand-weaving. Watching the video, I'm more amazed by all the finished works. It must take a lot of time and patience to complete each piece. Love "cherry blossom at night." It's gorgeous!
    Lovely flowers and cute birdie :-) Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!!

  2. So much beauty here, Miyako! Actually, the last few months I've been looking for an opportunity to learn weaving. Great to see there is so much difference in style. Like the concept that everything has its own dignity - so true! What a relief your late parents house is sold:):) The flower arrangement is stunning - thank you for sharing all these experiences with All Seasons! Have a lovely week!

  3. The hand woven clothing and bags are stunning, I especially like the shawls and throws.
    I hope that life gets less stressful for you soon, dear Miyako, thank you for joining us for MM this week.

  4. I'm fascinated by weaving -- how they get all those different patterns and texture. I bet this was a wonderful exhibit. Love the little bunting and the flowers. Happy Monday, dear friend......

  5. The weaving is a fascinating process and oh my goodness the results are just beautiful.

    Darling little black-faced bunting -- you are getting so good at finding birds. And the flower arrangement is stunning -- just perfect. The perfection and art of simplicity and grace.

  6. What stunning work she did, I love her piece on display


  7. Beautiful hand woven garments. You always have such interesting things to share. Thank you - have a lovely day.

  8. Amazing woven garments, they look gorgeous as do your beatiful flowers and the bunting is so cute!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday :)

  9. I love handmade items and you saw so many beautiful things! WOW! Love your sweet little bird too! Enjoy your week. Hugs, Diane

  10. Weaving on a loom is a pretty intense process. I have a friend who used to weave on a loom in her home. Thanks for linking up today and have a great weekend!

  11. Greetings and Salutations Miyako. Happy to see the weaving loom items, birds and flowers. Simply divine blog as usual. We have been doing our taxes here also. We made a trip to West Chicago to get help. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hello Miyako, the handmade woven items are beautiful. It was fun watching the video. The flowers are lovely. Congrats on your rare bird sighting, it is a beauty! Great photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  13. Good afternoon Miyako from a cloudy New York. I was amazed at the artistry and thank you for taking the video. I so admire people who have such creativity in them. I love the flowers and the birds....hugs..Michelle

  14. Beautiful images. I love the video of the loom. One of my earliest memories is my mother working her loom. I have no idea what ever happened to it.

  15. Hello dear Miyako, so lovely to see this post with the beautiful weaving. Thankyou for the video too... Such talent thewith the loom. Gorgeous cherry blossoms! Sweet birds too, I have a particular fondness for the pigeons or doves. Keep well and all the best. Hugsxx

  16. It was lovely to see the Saori weaving. I took a Saori workshop in 2010 with my mother. We had a wonderful afternoon doing our weaving. I have looms but I have not done any Saori weaving in a long time. I am inspired to try again! Lovely flowers and birds as always!

  17. The woven items are beautiful! What lovely blooms and birds. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!