Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finally in New Owners Hands.;

 * Time Flies*
With my husband's big help (who used to be a bank clerk) all the procedure has been done and finally my parents' 46 years old house safely and officially in the new owners hand today.   We have a saying "光陰矢の如し" which is the equivalent for "time and tide wait for no man".   I remember my parents' happy faces, especially the Japanese style garden with big pine tree which my late gardener uncle created for us as well as the brand new house.  
I'll visit their graveyard and report this to them tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your kind words when I posted about the contract; 
I 'll start to visit you tomorrow


  1. Congratulations on closing the sale, Miyako san!
    ほんと、肩の荷が下りられた感じだろうなと思います。購入されたのがよさそうな方で良かったですね^^ I imagine you get bittersweet feelings but it's wonderful your parents' house will create lot of memories for the new family! I love the photo of your parents. What a beautiful couple! Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  2. This story defines the word 'bittersweet' Miyako. I know your dear parents are happy to know that their lovely home has gone to new owners who will cherish it as much as they did. I know the sale seems like an ending... but memories of your parents and your happy childhood home will last forever.

  3. I agree with Sallie, memories will last forever:)