Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(P.S.) Why Calligraphy at the Dentist;

I think many of you who kindly read my previous post might have doubt why the Calligraphy at the Dentist.  Silly of me not to have made it clear!   
          "Here is the two reasons for the event"
"First Calligraphy of the Year " 書き初め. kakizome ←link to the picture page 
is the big New Year's event in Japan ; especially schools and the communities. 

They (the Dentist) hoped that seeing the works on the ceiling help ease the stress of a bit painful treatment for the patients. 

Have a wonderful week and hoping to be more faithful to you all this year ♡♡♡


  1. What a great idea. I do hate staring at a blank ceiling while my teeth are being worked on.

  2. I forgot about kakizome! Dentist's ceiling is a fun place to put up calligraphy works and I bet it helps to distract patients from the pain! My dentist's office exhibits pictures colored by kids on the wall. I might suggest putting them on the ceiling :-)

  3. it is beautiful and definitely will be a wonderful thing to watch while at the dentist

  4. I am surprised that there were actually people who did not figure that out Miyako! My dentist has posters of cute puppies and kittens on the ceiling above the exam chairs. I would rather see the calligraphy, even though I would not be able to read it. It is so beautiful.