Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween Decoration from Cake Shop;

Happy coming Halloween everyone;  
     Pictures from my favorite cake shop for Halloween this year
*Entrance of  the shop*

*Inside the shop*

Cake I had for myself; my husband doesn't eat cakes much p:-)

My neighbor's 18 kids will come for trick or treating next week. 
Started since last year.  Proudly accepted as an helping English teacher at home p:-)
Have a wonderful weekend and Halloween,
Visiting you soon (^.^)  

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PS; I have a next year's calendar gift on Oct. 8th post. 
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  1. Miyako San!
    happy Halloween, Puumpukin Your Husband like of cake It was nice to see 18 kids coming see you next week,
    I'm sinking about you for littlel after time.
    This year we had rain for letter long time and never golf for either.

  2. Happy Halloween Miyako! Your photos are so joyful. I don't personally celebrate Halloween, it is not yet so big fiesta in Finland.

  3. Happy Halloween Miyako! Cute decorations! Happy weekend!

  4. really cute decorations. they do it up right! glad the kids will come to trick or treat!

  5. Happy Halloween Miyako!:) Such fun images. Enjoy your weekend!:))

  6. Good morning and happy Saturday to you Miyako. What a fun shop with the cutest of Halloween decorations! What a fun place to visit, especially for the young ones!

  7. Wow, as always, this cake shop's decoration is super! Those black things (maybe supposed to be bats?) flying in the pumpkin man are creepy but fun! Your cake looks sooo delicious. If I lived nearby, I'd be a very frequent customer :-)
    It's so nice kids are coming to visit you for trick or treat. とっても楽しみですね♪子供達もハロウィンの仮装するので張り切ってるだろうな^_^
    Have a fun and safe Halloween, Miyako san!

  8. So many delightful Halloween decorations ~ love photography ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a wonderful week ~ ^_^

  9. I remember how surprised I was last year when you showed us that Halloween was celebrated in Japan. That cake shop is a wonderful place! I hope you had a good holiday and I know the children enjoyed visiting your home.