Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cosmos and Birds at Nature Observation Park;

( I have a next year's Calendar gift in the next post.)
       Last Sunday, we went to the Kirara-Hama Nature Observation Park.
*Cosmos we found while “To and From" to the park *
This year I hadn't taken pictures or rather checked Cosmos flower. Really happy that I could post these pictures with varieties of colors. And thankful to my husband for stopping the places with care for me.

This bee was flying from flowers to flowers, felt lucky for this picture :-)

(for I Heart Macro and Monday Mellow Yellow

*At Kirara-Hama Nature Observation Park *
This crab welcomed me when I was walking toward the observation center♪
Luckily,  I could have some explanations from the kind lady-staff. 
Through telescope, we could see the movement around the Cormorant's throat. She taught me that it's the "Heat dissipation" .  Happy to learn about it.
So sorry for my taking horizontal video again!  I forgot that the vertical video needs fixing with software and still can't figure it out :-)

When I strolled outside the observation, I could see this Grey Heron was trying to eat a fish.  Although a bit far away, pictures came out well. And the lady-staff taught me that the fish was a snakehead or Channa argus.  I was really impressed by his concentrated Eyes (for Friday's Hunt). 

The ducks I could see were (probably) Eurasian Wigeon.

On our way back, I found the house with brick fence for Theresa's Good Fence.
Solar system is sitting on the Roof.  

I've posted several times from the park.  This time, we stopped here after my husband's errand on our way back. So sorry for the usual long post. 

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  1. Cosmos flowers are so pretty and delicate, like garden fairies. I love the topiary / bonsai style pine tree in front of the house. So Japanese.

  2. Oh, beautiful! Cosmos is one of my favourite flowers:)
    You have presented the pictures so nicely!
    I love your enthusiasm for nature, Miyako...I feel the same.
    You really notice things.

  3. great catch by the heron and you! love the cosmos, too. they look so airy. :)

  4. So nice flowers, it seems like summer. In Germany the autumn is arrived!

  5. Wow, cosmos flowers are sooo pretty! I've never seen cosmos in so many colors. Love the close up of bee on yellow cosmos!
    Looks like the observation park got a cute greeter :-) I didn't know about heat dissipation by cormorants. That's an interesting movement of the throat. And I love photos of grey heron having lunch!

    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  6. Soooo love your cosmos pictures. Wish I could just once see such a fieldfyl of them somewhere.

  7. Hello Miyako!:) How wonderful to see fields with the beautiful and colourful Cosmos flowers, and how nice of your husband to stop the car so that you could take these lovely photos to share. The bee, and the Grey Heron with the Snakehead fish are great images.
    Enjoy the rest of the week dear lady, and thank you for the info about the cooling method used by the Cormorants, ...I didn't know!

  8. Hello Miyako,
    I enjoyed your Post, even the little Video - it's lovely to see your nature. It's friendly of your husband stopping by.

    Greetings from Bavaria

  9. What a beautiful post with some stunning images of flowers and birds.
    I love the heron and the bee on the flower. Have a lovely week.

  10. Hello Miyako. You must have been very happy to see so many beautiful flowers and birds that day. I am glad your nice husband was willing to stop for you to take these wonderful photos and thanks for sharing them with us. Cosmos are such beautiful flowers. Mine have been doing very well this year. Have a great week Miyako. Christa

  11. Hai Miyako. I like your house and stone fence. The flowers are nice too. Is it fall in Japan. Or Always Summer?

  12. Hello Miyako, the Cosmos flowers are just beautiful. Gorgeous photos. I also love the Cormorant and the Heron. Great captures and post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  13. Your photos are really gorgeous! Love the flowers and birds

  14. Some of the prettiest fall flowers i know!
    Beautiful bird photos!

  15. Beautiful flowers. It is nice to see solar power throughout the world. I have lots of neighbors who have added it to their roofs.

  16. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, your Cosmo flower photos shine!
    So much to show in one post...
    Wow, to encounter a walking crab is quite unique too!
    Lovely Cormorant photo too as well as ducks and Grey Heron.
    Sending you hugs,

  17. Hello Miyako, I love the cormorant, heron and the ducks. The crab is neat. The flowers are gorgeous. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  18. I really enjoyed seeing this heron attempting to eat this large fish. Quite a mouthful ! Lovely shots

  19. The flowers are so refreshing and Spring like!!! Pretty pastel colors.

    Thanks so much for coming back to add your birding link this week!!! Have a glorious day!!

  20. Bonjour Miyako,
    Love the cosmos flowers, so bright and colourful. Your nature shots are beautifully clear and detailed, I so enjoy seeing it all through your lens.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  21. Wonderful post! I love cosmos ... one of my favorite flowers. They seem to dance in the breeze! What a great nature park! Enjoyed seeing the crab and the wonderful birds. Beautiful house and fence. Happy Monday! Have a lovely week.


  22. cosmos, especially orange ones, are my favourite annual to have in the garden. Love seeing your heron photos, a favourite bird of mine to photograph.

  23. Very enjoyable post. All the Cosmos were just so pretty. Wonderful bird shots, I enjoyed seeing the one eating the fish. - Great brick fence in front of that cool looking home.

  24. Love all the beautiful details of this park, the flowers and the birds. Nice to have your husband accommodating your blogging needs:):)
    Many thanks for sharing your visit at this park with SEASONS! I do not mind a long post at all - have a beautiful week!

  25. Cosmos flowers are so pretty and delicate. I love the way they dance in the breeze. The photos of the heron eating a fish are really wonderful shots! What a beautiful park to visit. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  26. I love cosmos...especially the pink ones. We had them in our yard (years ago, when we had one)...they were easy to grow, at least in this climate. Loved your great pictures of the heron having lunch .... But my favorite part of this post was learning about the cormorant and heat dissipation. Because I've seen them do that but did not know why they were doing it! Thanks to you (and the park lady) for teaching me something new. Your video was fine for me...I just turned my IPad ;))).

  27. Dear Miyako, a marvelous series of photos. Very interesting photos of the birds and the explanation about the cormorant's throat movements. And I love your flowers and all their pretty colors. Thank you so much for linking with Today's Flowers, and I wish you a very happy week :) From your friend in Virginia, Denise :)

  28. Great shots, Miyako San, and the cosmos are delightful.
    Thank you for joining the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  29. I'm thankful my husband takes me to gardens and patiently waits for me to photograph nature, too! Your photos are beautiful. I featured the bee for today's Flower Friday!

  30. The flowers are stunningly beautiful and love the heron and fish.