Monday, September 26, 2016

Japanese Painting by Neighbor’s Acquaintance;

*Japanese Painting Exhibition by Baba Ryoji*
On Saturday, we been to this exhibition painted by the same painter we enjoyed last March (link). We were happy with the chance to see  his work again.
    The artist featured seasons in his works like last year, so the titled is; 
     'A Moment'  "一瞬hitotoki" in Japanese
This year, he expressed the season with the flowers. And also used pulverized mineral pigments called *ganryou ←link 顔料 picture page such as rock, earth. Used in Japanese painting *nihonga 日本画*.  This year, his works were not as huge as like the last year. But we were lucky to widen our views for the real Japanese painting♪
     I learned about "Our Beautiful World"  featuring 'paint' from  riitta k.  Posting a day earlier :-)



    * Anemone *

  * Chinese Bellflower and  Autumn Leave *

           *Alpine Rose*

       *Camellia *

*Inside the front door*
Inside the front door gorgeous orchid flowers were decorated. 
They were gifted to the painter. 
 The picture below with the different atmosphere is also painted by Mr. Baba. 
So sorry the reflection of the door on the work. His initial is on it.
*Approach and  the Front door*

Flowers, Fence and Critters
On our way to the exhibition, we found Equinox Flower '彼岸花'.Season for this flower again.  Seems like a gorgeous fence and also for the flower memes.

*For Critters and Friday's Hunt (my week's favorite), I found a butterfly called 'ノシメ-トンボnoshime-tonnbo' Sympetrum infuscatum' and cute dog*

Oh ,did you bite off the door of your house p:-)
Wishing you will have a wonderful rest of the week.

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  1. sweet (but naughty) dog. :) love the row of spider lilies or oxblood lilies or equinox flower, as you call it. beautiful orchids - just loaded with blooms! and wonderful artworks. so lovely!

  2. Hello Miyako, the painting and flowers are all beautiful. I especially love the row of Equinox flowers. The dog is cute, apparently not happy with his dog house. Pretty captures of the dragonflies. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. Mr. Baba's paintings are so delicate and gorgeous! Especially I love the cherry blossoms and roses, and I find them very Japanese too. Thank you Miyako for sharing. It was a delight to see these!

  4. Wonderful paintings, and I don't think I've ever seen such beautiful orchids. Have a good week, my friend. Hugs from Texas

  5. Those paintings are gorgeous! I love cherry blossoms...looks like they are shining in the night! And such beautiful orchids. They are in perfect shape! Higanbana are so beautiful, too!
    That is a cute woofie. I hope he didn't bite off the door, haha. Maybe it was the design it came with :-)
    Have a happy new week, Mitako san!

  6. Dearest Miyako, thank you for linking these beautiful photos with Today's Flowers. I wish you a very happy week :) Hugs from your friend Denise in Virginia, USA.

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, those very first paintings you show look more like a photo! Incredible art work done and you took lovely photos.
    The spider lilies are in quite an abundance in your area, proving that your soil and climate are optimal.
    Poor dog with its chain, and probably being restricted in its moves...
    Sending you hugs,

  8. Such a lovely series of flowers from paintings to fields! Great shots.

  9. Lovely art and photos. I enjoyed seeing the orchids and dragonflies!

  10. Miyako, I really enjoyed seeing the paintings by Mr. BaBa. Some of them were very poetic looking. Those flowers like a fence were my favorite so bright in color. The poor doggie looked sad. You have a good week.

  11. Lovely post! Those paintings are very beautiful!

  12. Hoi Miyako, I love the 2e and 3e photo. They are so nice with the moon on it. I love that blossom too. O and thank you for sharing the photos with the red flowers (gorgeous fence). So nice to see that area. Love the warm colors of your country. Greetings and I wish you a good day.

  13. All beautiful and creative ~ lovely photo for fences ~ Love the doggie ~ ^_^

    Wishing you a happy week ~ ^_^

  14. great set of photos and that poor dog, he needs a chew toy! how cute is he?!

  15. Hello Miyako!:) So much beauty here, in the wonderful paintings, the fresh orchids, and the row of red equinox flowers, which do make a lovely fence. Thank you for sharing the dragonfly and naughty doggy too, but being chained, he was probably a little bored with nothing much to do. Thank you for sharing everything.:)

  16. Nice art work. - Wonderful floral fence - such pretty flowers. Nice looking dog.

  17. Also I forgot the great shots of the dragonflies. I also want to say thanks for always visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. They really mean a lot to me.

  18. The paintings are exquisite - so beautiful. You're very lucky to attend his showings.

  19. The paintins are stunning as is the Orchids. Naughty dog! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Beautiful paintings! I have never seen so many flower stems on an orchid at the same time. Those are amazing! I love the dragonfly pictures. I hope the dog will get a bone to chew on!

  21. Hello Miyako, I just wanted to stop back and say thank you for linking up your pretty dragonflies and cute doggie. The paintings are all lovely. Beautiful post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  22. Miyako San!
    Inside Hitotoki Japanese painting Cherry. Blossoms inside from door gorgeous Orchid flowers. Flowers.Fence for the Flowers Memes No shims Tombo All higan bana are very beautiful desu. Dog wa sami shi desune?
    I'm very sorry for your Husband had a bad feet
    Have a nice weekend!

  23. Hi Miyako, thank you for sharing these wonderful paintings, flowers and scenes of nature with us at Mosaic Monday today.

  24. Miyako, the flowers, both those growing and those in the paintings are beautiful! I love the cherry blossoms. The handsome dog looks very happy (doghouse doors must agree with him ;))).

  25. The art is very beautiful and you've shared so many wonderful photos this week! It's hard to choose a favorite. Hugs!

  26. Miyako, have the feeling that the culture in Japan is about beauty. Have a few friends here from Japanese descent but they are probably too much Americanized:):)
    Like it that you mentioned the painter used minerals for his (?) paintings. That's a second thing I noticed. I am a fan of Noro the designer of knitting yarn made by natural processes. Love learning about different cultures, so thank you for sharing these cultural things with SEASONS! Wishing you a happy week!

  27. Wonderful photos! I like the dragonflies and te dog very much!

  28. Beautiful artwork! The dragonfly images are great. Thanks so much for joining me for Friday's Hunt. Have a great week ahead!

  29. Wonderful art work and nice shots of the flowers!
    Thanks for linking up with the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

  30. Good morning Miyako from New York... The painting are just amazing. I love all the dragonflies you have found this season as I did not see many here...Michelle