Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Chestnut Tiger Butterfly etc. from next city's Ryuou-Mt.

( I have a next year's Calendar gift in the previous post.)
*Chestnut Tiger Butterfly;  "asagimadara,アサギマダラ*
Today, my husband took me to the Ryuou-Mt. to see Chestnut Tiger Butterfly.
This particular butterfly come to Japan around May and travels through Japanese archipelago to live the temperature about 23.  At the hillside of the mountain, the flower they love "Bonesethiyodoribana,ヒヨドリバナ "  is cultivated and blooming now. To their benefit, this flower's honeydew has poison. But the praying mantis is the natural predator for them. The staff who happened to be there explained to my husband while I was busy taking pictures p:) 
I found the marking character at home. I was SO surprised, maybe I must report this.
The staff told my husband how to ID the gender. Another LUCK
 There's continued version about marking in the next post. 

* Two another butterflies I found *
             Cyrestis thyodamas and male. female of  Indian Fritillary
These butterflies are my "week's favorite" for Friday's Hunt.
Flowers and Fences on the Mt.

They looked comfortable among the flowers.

  *The Moon on 10th.*

I attended my grandmother's 50th memorial anniversary.  (the last anniversary)
Wishing you will have a wonderful rest of the week. 


  1. Your butterfly photos are stunning Miyako! And such varieties I'll never gonna see in real life. Nice to know how to tell the gender, isn't it !:)) enjoy your day - thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Miyako!:) What stunning images of all the beautiful butterflies, and lovely views of the hillside flowers which they are attracted to. Thank you for sharing these beauties.

  3. Wow, your photos are stunning, Miyako san! Beautiful butterflies and flowers. It's terrible someone would put marking like that, but I'm glad the butterfly looks happy enjoying the flowers. Interesting to know how to identify gender. Cyrestis thyodamas is a very unique looking butterfly! It kind of looks like a very delicate glass art :-)
    And cute kitties! They must be enjoying a nice autumn day :-)

    Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  4. just beautiful...your photos are amazing...

  5. Wow, excellent captures of these butterflies (saw it on WATW) - can't wait to see this at the next ALL SEASONS:):) Have a great weekend Myako.

  6. Miyako...I so seldom see butterflies any more. Maybe a Monarch or a tigerlily and that is about it. They seem to be rare these days. You took some impressive photographs of butterflies. See you next week.

  7. Wonderful shots of the butterfly!

  8. I've seen very few butterflies this year. I don't get outside enough anymore. Yours are lovely.

  9. So beautiful! Tweeted! Alana

  10. Fantastic Miyako! Beautiful butterflies and flowers and a pretty little cat. Lovely photos and I thank you so much for sharing with Today's Flowers. I wish you a very happy weekend :)

  11. Those butterflies were stunning. I've never seen anything like them before so it was so neat you got pictures of them to share.
    Pretty flowers and nice fences and of course very cute cats.

  12. Such beautiful photography!! Gorgeous butterfly shots, and I like your moon shot also!!

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely post so full of beauty.
    Indeed, almost barbaric looking to see those markings on their frail wings...
    You mention that to the butterflies' benefit the flower's honeydew has poison... Wondering if that is correct? Probably the flower's honeydew contains nectar or honey for the butterflies to feed on... Poison would kill them.
    So many different varieties you captured!
    The fluffy kittens look happy between the flowers too.
    Great moon shot as well.
    Sending you hugs and blessings,

  14. Wonderful butterflies. Great photography. The marked butterfly is interesting. May be part of some research.

  15. Hello Moyako, gorgeous butterflies and photos. The flowers are pretty. Cute kitties. Thank you for linking up and sharing you post! Happy Saturday, have a great weekend!

  16. These first butterflies are really lovely and nothing I have ever seen before. Thank you for sharing! Your photos are just great!

  17. Wow! Your butterflies are just fantastic! That first one is gorgeous. I really like the flowers and moon capture.

  18. Butterflies are beautiful creatures, so graceful as they move among the flowers. Your photos are lovely.
    We had a school group (41 students) from Japan (Hyogo Prefecture) give us a presentation today in school. The students enjoyed it very much, and so did I.

  19. Hello Miyako from New York. These are beautiful butterflies and your photos show the coloring in great detail. I have boneset planted in my garden too. Michelle

  20. Beautiful butterfly captures, Orchid, what gorgeous mosaics you've created with them I'm so happy you shared them with us for Mosaic Monday this week.

  21. Oh wow! I love that you can tell which one is a boy, or girl. They are so pretty.

  22. You nailed the photos! Well Done!

  23. Delightful shots and the butterflies are magnificent, MIyako San!
    Thank you for joining Floral Friday Fotos, I look forward to your next contribution.