Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birthday Flower and Greeting;

Birthday Flowers* 
This week, we had one of my cousin's birthday party with delicious lunch and refreshing chitchat♪  I asked the arranged flower for her at the Flower-Shop where we used to go for special occasion. To my surprise,  I found the GORGEOUS big flower similar to Cotton Rosemallow at her own house-side.  
The old lady-owner told me its Japanese name and added; as it was gifted by her daughter, really preciousfor her.   In English, "Swamp Rose Mallow" 
She called the flower "america-fuyouアメリカ芙蓉;  American Cotton Rosemallow
Through PC,  I learned the flower is Native to North America. Always fascinates me finding these interesting naming differences between the 2 languages♪

These are the arranged flower and Anthurium my husband wished to buy.
Oh, I should have taken picture without the bag...

      *I need to take posting break until early last week of this month*
One of my old classmate friend invited me to a short domestic travel from 21st.  
And plus other miscellaneous tasks before the trip :-)  I WILL do my best to catch 
up with as many friends as I can till then♡♡♡  
So sorry not having visited you (especially link host);  starting from tomorrow morning.  
Night Night for today. 


  1. Wow, what gorgeous flowers. And they are huge! From the name, I'm guessing they may grow in swamp area in North America :-) The arranged flower is very pretty. I bet your cousin loved it!
    I hope you will have a fun trip with your friend! Looking forward to some posts from the trip :-) Have a wondrful weekend, Miyako san xoxo

  2. beautiful flower! and so big

  3. We call them Rose of Sharon here...
    have a good break.

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely photos from Rose Mallows indeed.
    And the flowers you bought look absolutely stunning.
    Have a safe trip and see you when you're back.

  5. Miyako San!
    Rose's flower a beautiful Kiraidesuyo!
    You having with your friend nice going with the trip ..Have a safe trip looking for you when you be back home.
    Thinking about You!

  6. The flowers are beautiful Miyako! Both the arrangement you bought and the plant growing on the balcony.

    i know you will have a wonderful time on your trip around your country (and i hope you will share some pictures when you return ;>)!!)

  7. Beautiful white flowers. I love them. Have a good time and I hope you comes back to the blogging world soon. XXX from your Europian friend.