Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Paper-craft and Calligraphy Exhibition etc;

(pictures of this post's header above are mine from one of the works)
At the Gallery in my city, there was an exhibition called "幽玄の世界,  world of subtle and profound".  Simply put "world of delicate beauty", I hope.  It was on 7th and luckily I could see the  lady calligrapher who wrote this big work and others.
I hope you'll be able to enjoy artistic collaboration here with two kinds of beautiful Japanese art without much explanation.     And with many pictures as always (^^;)

           I wished to show you a little overall look of the gallery with the 2 pictures below; 

There are two touching poems for this old parents' work;

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For GoodFences;  Passed by while strolling Tuwano in my previous post.   
(I'll post part2 later)
For Saturday's critters; I found this 'praying mantis' on the Giant Butterbur in our 
little back yard. It seemed having lunch of Fuki (蕗・Japanese name)

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As I told the lady calligrapher that I'll post the exhibition soon, sorry for posting before visiting you as many as I wish...   Wishing your cozy Autumn season is the wonderful one,  See You Soon;


  1. very nice -special the white objets.

  2. Hello Miyako, lovely Calligraphy displays. It is a world of delicate beauty. The figurines are so pretty, a lovely exhibit. I love the bamboo fencing and the garden. Great sighting of the praying mantis. Wonderful collection of images. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. such beautiful works and marvelous displays! delicate beauty, indeed! and love the gateway and yellow blooms, too!

  4. Wow, the calligraphy work is stunning! And all the exhibits - world of delicate beauty sounds perfect name for them! I really love the wodden tables and stands. Very natural and elegant looking. I also love the way they displayed items with flowers!
    The gate photos of gate and praying mantis are stunning, too!

    P.S. みやこさんも結婚指輪をなくされたとは・・・!仲間ですね、ははは^^

    Have a wonderful week xoxo

  5. Hello dear Miyako, Wonderful work. I love the paper flowers. Big hugs from Finland. :-)

  6. I think "simple and profound" is a perfect description. Nothing cluttered, but each piece has a deep (profound) meaning. The longer one looks, the more the meaning becomes apparent. I really really love this. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Well, the photo with the lady in front of the huge calligraphy is showing us the true dimension!
    LOVE the paper craft too, and especially in your header.
    Works of art, so meticulously done.
    What a lovely sight that praying mantis; great photo.
    Hugs from Georgia,

  8. What a wonderful art display, dearest Miyako! I love the natural polished wood stumps and planks for the display tables, they make a great setting for the delightful paper figures and flowers, telling so many enchanting stories. The immense imaginative calligraphy display is fascinating. I really like the bamboo fence, and especially the arches covered with flowers. Hugs from the PNW!

  9. what a lovely exhibition. I would love to revisit Japan - there are so many beautiful things to be discovered.

  10. Gorgeous! Japan is on my bucket list! I have been to the airport, but I want to go beyond. Would love to go in the fall sometime.


  11. Oh, wow! Those artists are so clever with paper, amazing. That praying mantis is very well hidden. Lovely photos.

  12. Miyako SAn!
    Old parents works the bamboo fencing with the garden beautiful flowers showing works of art great photo I love so much Miyako San!
    Have a wonderful days with Otosan to ne!

  13. The art work is so exquisite and beautiful. You passed by a nice looking building with a good fence and I liked your praying mantis shot too. They are fun bugs.

  14. Such elegant and lovely art!

  15. Hello Miyako!:) Delicate and beautiful creations in every craft you share. The bamboo fence and little garden is so pretty, and you took a wonderful photo of the Mantis.
    Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  16. Hello Moyako, I am happy to see you linking up and sharing your post today. The Pryaing Mantis is cool. Thank you! Have a happy weekend!

  17. Stunning artwork and calligraphy! Love the flowers and preying mantis too! Wonderful post, Miyako!

  18. Lovely shots, Miyako.

    Your praying mantis is well-camouflaged!

  19. What a lovely exhibition! I have tried that kind of calligraphy once. It was quite hard to focus and keep that brush straight. I really admire they skills. Thank you for sharing this!

  20. Hello Miyako,

    The figurines are posed so gracefully. What wonderful artistry. Thank you for sharing this exhibition.