Thursday, October 15, 2015

Present from Cousin and Views on the way ’To and From’;

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This Tue. I visited my aunt and cousins to thank them for their get-well visits to the hospital last month. One of my cousins had been to the trip to Kansai and Kanto area after I've seen her at the hospital. This 'Kyo Yuzen Dyeing' Handkerchief with embroidery 'I've never had' is  the beautiful gift for me from her.  And the lady is wearing 'Twelve-Layer Robe' (Wikipedia page. picture page) which is an extremely elegant and highly complex kimono that was only worn by court-ladies in the old days
        So Happy to have this Precious Gift and Thankful for her thoughts ♪ 


On our way to visit them I've seen rice-straws on 'Ine-kake 稲掛け' to dry them, which scene is really rare as farmers use combine nowadays. Oh, I got really nostalgic :-)

The picture above with combine was I took last week in my area;  Currently, straws are not used much and the picture below I found here is another way drying straws. They are called 'toshaku としゃく’ which I also have seen when young.

On our way back home around 6 in the evening, my husband whimsically made a detour to fishery harbor.  Found my regular Blue Heron and also enjoyed the peaceful scene of harbor before setting sun. The little shrine may be for the safty of fishery.

I won't make any more excuses again for my unfaithful manner.  
Starting to visit you,  friends!!!


  1. Hello Miyako!:) All very interesting images.Sadly old traditions are dieing out,and it was great seeing something I have never seen before.Good shot of the Heron and I think your handkerchief is really beautiful,... a kind and thoughtful gift.
    I hope to see you soon.Keep well and take care.

  2. Love the handkerchief- love the colours .. .

  3. Good morning Miyako, what beautiful outdoor views! Gorgeous captures, and the handkerchief is lovely too. Enjoy your day.

  4. Hello Miyako, what a pretty gift, a beautiful handkerchief. I enjoyed seeing the images of the drying straws. The farmers are finding quicker and easier methods to harvest their crops. Beautiful heron images. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day and weekend!

  5. Belas fotografias.
    Gostei do blog.
    Um abraço.

  6. What a beautiful handkerchief your cousin got for you. The embroidery work looks fantastic! I would not be able to use it...too beautiful :-)
    I love the scenery with rice straws. There are many rice fields in my hometown. From the link you put out, I found ina-kake form that I used to see around my house. I hope farmers had Housaku this year :-) And such lovely scenery at the harbor! Have a wonderful day, Miyako san xoxo

  7. What a pretty handkerchief.
    Oh the Rice Fields and the way they were drying them is just so interesting and fascinating.
    Nice shots of the Heron.
    Cool to see the Fish Hatchery as well. - I enjoyed your fence shots and all the wonderful photos here as well. Have a great weekend.

  8. the thatched type fencing is really neat. love the gift for you!

  9. Hello dear Miyako, Interesting to see the different ways to dry straws and the heron is beautiful. Take care!

  10. Miyako, what a beautiful gift you have been given. I too like the old way of drying rice. It looks much prettier doesn't it? To bad the big combines take over but I guess it is tiring to do all the work by hand. Have a great weekend. xx

  11. The handkerchief with the beautiful robe depicted on it is wonderful; what a nice gift and I'm glad you were able to go to see your Aunt and cousin to thank them for it and for their visit while you were ill. It looks like it was a lovely drive from your home to theirs.

    Lovely to see the old way of doing things in the country! And how fascinating and different it is from any harvest scenes we see over here. I really enjoyed this and will show it to Bill (who is kind of an old farm boy at heart -- no longer though of course).

  12. Miyako San!
    Takusan Kiraina hucaty! You had nice time with annt and cousins Kanto rice-straws ga Ine kake your really nostalaic drying straws toshahu Omoimasu,
    The peacaful scene of harbor before setting sun, Kawaii desunes!
    You have Ogenkine okurashi kudasai masie Otosan tone!

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    WOW, that handkerchief you got gifted with is so special. Even the way it is being presented in that box is a piece of art. All those kimono layers done in that one corner of the hanky... And on that site, the 12-layer kimonos must almost make those women unable to move at all. What a weight of fabric is being used!
    Your husband is so kind for driving along the harbor for capturing special heron photos.
    Even if it meant he had to drive in the dark because of it... Thank you!
    Wishing you well and have a quiet weekend. Hugs from Georgia/USA.

  14. Hello Miyako, I love your Heron photos and the post. I am stopping back to say thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend.

  15. The rice drying is fascinating. I had never seen that before.
    And such lovely gifts you received.

  16. I had no idea about drying rice. Fascinating to see it in the countryside. And such lovely views. Finally, the handkerchief is exquisite. So much attention to a beautiful design.

  17. What a wonderful journey you shared with us. I'm glad you took us along. Stopping by the harbor at that hour of the day when the lighting is perfect for photography, you captured the heron!!! Fabulous.

  18. How sweet for your aunt and cousins to visit you in the hospital, and give you the exquisite handkerchief, so very lovely in detail, dearest Miyako. The old ways of drying rice straw are so picturesque, I'm glad they took the time to do that. The harbor scenes are interesting too, and you great blue heron. Your artwork is lovely too! Hugs from the PNW, Hannah

  19. Your gift is lovely! Very nice to see your friend the Blue Heron, I'm sure he hopes for you full recovery too.

  20. Thats a wonderfull story about that lady's kimono and the silk scarf is beautiful too. Thank you! I hope your friend gets better soon!

  21. How nice of your cousin to give you such a precious gift. It's so beautiful. I like the way they hang dry the rice.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  22. This post is beautiful! Thank you for sharing so much.

  23. Beautiful harbour shots! Love the beautiful hankerchief! Have a beautiful week!