Thursday, October 29, 2015

Halloween Greetings;

In the middle of this month, I went to my favorite cake shop to by cakes for our Soba guests. These were (are) the decoration there and one of the cakes I bought.   I wasn't intend to post this, well sorry for early posting and before visiting you...

This Year, my next door neighbor who has 2 children and chairman of the children's Association of our area planed 'trick or treating'.  And I was asked to say a little Halloween Greeting to them in English.  My first time to see kids with costume (maybe).  Haha, I was really happy and this is one of the reason I wish to post about Halloween. I'm not taking pictures of them to show their faces. I thought it's great Japanese kids learn this western culture which wasn't so widespread until recently.
I've hold my father's memorial service this month and a bit relived things about dealing with 'family altar and grave yard' is going smoothly. And we are attending another memorial service for my husband's side. His 5 cousins are visiting and looking forward to enjoying Soba :-)  After that they planned a little trip together for 2 days, we are going along with them. 
Wishing you'll have a wonderful Halloween weekend and Coming new week.


  1. Hello Miyako, I did not know that celebrating Halloween had made it to Japan. I am sure the children everywhere like to trick-or-treat. I love all the decorations in the cake shop, they look so colorful. Happy Thursday, enjoy your weekend ahead!

  2. What a books so big and father lovely pictures...

  3. the cake shop always decorates so nicely. glad you got to enjoy children in halloween costumes!

  4. Good morning Miyako! Your blog header photo first off is marvelous, as are all your other Halloween, autumn festive photos! So wonderful and joyful, that I have to go through and see them again. I really enjoy this festive time of year and decorating, and trying new things. Life is so wonderful and filled with fun ideas isn't it! Enjoy your day.

  5. Hello Miyako!:) Such a festive feel about your post with lots of beautifully decorated things in the cake shop, so I'm glad you posted early to share with us.Warm Regards.

  6. Wow, your favorite cake shop always does such a wonderful decoration! Those pumpkins and ghosts hanging from the ceiling are very cute. And the cake looks so yummy :-)
    How wonderful you are asked to speak in English for kids. There must be many kids in pretty costumes.
    I'm surprised how big Halloween has become in Japan. I didn't see any Halloween stuff when I was small. I think I learned about it, maybe in college! But I agree, it's great that Japanese kids learn about western culture. Happy Halloween!

  7. you having favorite cake and soba wow! lavely to talked of Halloween to said in English Japanese kids are good idea to learn starts the westen cullure.
    I just noticed how a sunset always maneges to look beautiful no matter the weather? Thank you very much with all ways trying new things US.
    Enjoy your day Happy Halloween!

  8. Dearest Miyako,
    Sure you kind of relived certain days... Not an easy thing to do. Here in the USA and also in The Netherlands, it is All Saints Day and in Church, ALL deceased persons from last year's All Saints Day till now will be remembered. That includes my Mom. Today also would be the birthday of Pieter's middle brother who died of cancer in 2006. So needless to say that both of us are not really with the Halloween thing. We got some treats for kids, if some will come to our door.
    In The Netherlands we used to have a very fond, similar celebration, for St. Martin where kids go from door to door with a lantern (most were paper when I was a kid, but beautiful, with a candle inside) for treats. We had to sing a little song. We also received oranges, apples and nuts aside from candy.
    I love the cultural part, as long as it does not become too commercial!
    Hope you have a lovely gathering for Soba Noodle meal and than a special bonding time during the trip together. Very well planned; soothing for the soul and it will make departed loved ones want to smile down from heaven.
    Sending you hugs,

  9. Dearest Miyako san,
    Congrats on your wedding anniversary! Hope you enjoyed a very special day together...
    with love,

  10. Happy Halloween! Our daily paper had an article just today about how Japan was now celebrating this Holiday. I thought of you. My kids (when they were small) and grandkids (same) always really enjoyed the holiday and trick-or-treating.

  11. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of your father, dearest Miyako. The Halloween decorations are really fun, it's interesting that it is just coming to Japan. I went over to see my grandkids' costumes, and there didn't seem to be as many houses decorated or as many kids on the street as last year, but it was raining, though it stopped pretty early in the evening. Having guests for Soba sounds lovely. Hugs from the PNW.

  12. Dear Miyako, what a busy time you had..but how interesting that you included a little Hallowe'en fun..I am sure everybody would be impressed with your English speech : )
    Commiserations for the passing of your is so hard, and a lot to organise.
    Bless you, I will try to be a better blog visitor!
    I think that Hallowe'en bunting (or garland?) In the cake shop is very pretty!