Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Short Trip to Kansai-area (part2)

*"Sagano, 嵯峨野", "Arashiyama, 嵐山",  in Kyoto *  
 In Sagano;  my first experience to ride "trolley train,torokko-densha トロッコ電車"
Front and back of the train.  I found many foreigners during the trip :-)
   View of the Departure Station and inside of the train
View of the terminal station and during the ride

     In Arashiyama, 嵐山;  View of the 'Togetu-kyo 渡月橋'   kyo (橋) means 'bridge'

    Alongside the river, I found rickshaw store(?) 'jin-riki-sha;  人力車  man-power-car'. 
Coincidentally, there were Soba(そば)-restaurant next to it.   I wished to take the picture 
of the store with the rickshaw (to show my husband p:-) 

*Beautiful Night Illumination of the Kyoto Tower*
And view from the tower with Shinkansen next morning ;

    *On second day, we visited "Kyoto Museum of Art"*
I was amazed by the  beautiful building with great architecture.
We visited here to see "Louvre art exhibition"
As the taking pictures were prohibited (just entrance of the room), here is the link of the page you can see the works we saw at the museum. At the entrance there were picture of Johannes Vermeer.

                                                                                      To be continued to the final part3

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  1. Again a lot off nice pictures!

  2. Lovely pictures.
    If I'm not wrong. They take good care of their tress in Japan?
    Have anice day.


  3. Hello Miyako, I like the images of the train cars and all the people with their cell phones taking photos. Are they statues on the second mosaic bottom left, they look cute. I like the shape of the tree, very pretty scene. It would be neat to take a ride in the rickshaw. The tower is pretty at night. I hope you enjoyed the museum visit. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  4. Oi Miyako, belas imagens, como sempre!
    Lindo dia pra você, beijos.

  5. Lovely to get to see that wonderful exhibit. I like Art Museums and exhibits, but Bill not so much ;).. he would be happy if I would go alone or with a friend. The building and grounds are very beautiful and it was exciting for you to get to take a tram ride!

  6. Hi Miyako san. The torokko-densha is very pretty! I love the chairs inside. Gives nice retro-look!
    I've used jin-riki-sha once in the past (when I was on sightseeing on foot and couldn't walk any more!)I liked the comfy ride very much :-) Jin-riki-sha in front of soba-restaurant looks very fu-ryu!
    The building of Kyoto Museum of Art looks interesting. Kind of eastern & western combined?
    I enjoyed all the photos. Have a wonderful day, Miyako san!

  7. Love your various shots. Great trip indeed.

  8. What a wonderful trip, Miyako! You shared some interesting photos, and I especially love the lighted tower! And, how I would have loved to see the art exhibit but I know it happens often that photos are not permitted. Have a wonderful week!

  9. Hello Miyako, you are right, it is a lovely building. Your country is just gorgeous. I especially like the last photo, not sure what it's called but I believe it's quite handy to get around in! What a lovely day too.

  10. Actually, it's the seventh photo, of the carriage. So pretty!

  11. Delightful photos!
    I hope you'll link up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/08/say-yes-to-neigh.html

  12. Dearest Miyako,
    Again in this area The Netherlands and Japan do have so much in common as we have Trams in the big cities in the west.
    It is fun to ride and I'm surprised this was your first Tram ride. Yes, it is called trolley-car and in San Francisco even streetcar!
    Lovely Kansai area! Love the Kyoto Tower.
    Also incredible contrast between the rickshaw and the bullet train!
    Hugs to my friend,

  13. Great post. We have traded a lot but not to Asia yet. Have a blessed week.

  14. Great photos, especially the bridge!

  15. Fascinating, as usual...thank you, my friend! The bullet train is so long!
    I would love to ride on it!
    Wishing you a very good Obon time with your family.

  16. the train is neat. love the tree with the fence around it!

  17. Trolley cars awesome! Nice fencing, lots of show and tell photos.

    Great! I enjoyed!

  18. Dear Orchid...I'm glad you got to ride the trolley...I've been on a few rides and loved them. How pretty the photo of the tree with fence.

  19. Sounds like a wonderful outing. - The Trolley looked cool. What were all the little figures by it? - Awesome looking tree behind that fence.

  20. I enjoyed seeing your part of the world.Have a great weekend.

  21. woooow...everything looks fantastic :). I haven't visited Japan and would love to go here one day :).

  22. I have enjoyed your Osaka/Kyoto posts, they bring back memories of our trip to Japan. We went to the aquarium in Osaka (I think) and it was wonderful. We were based in Kobe and travelled to different places on the trains, I couldn't get over how clean the public transport was. We had a fabulous time in Japan.
    Thanks for bringing back good memories.

    Love from New Zealand,