Wednesday, August 12, 2015

About Obon from my old post and busy days;

    In Japan, we are having family gathering, Obon-Season♪
Quick post wishing to introduce about Obon and how we spend these days 'from 13th to 15th', when our ancestor's soul come back to see us.  Here is  "the links" about Obon from my old posts. I've decorated family alter and will visit grave yard both my husband and my side tomorrow.   One of the most important days for Japanese.   
My husband's brother (who is also in this obon post) called us today and visiting us. Their two daughters are already married and have children. Considering they'll be busy with them, we appreciate their thoughts and visiting grave. My husband looked happy he can serve his Soba for them after a long interval.  I'm having busy days helping my husband his concert appearance with his band group etc. I'll try hard to visit you friends ♡♡♡
picture is from this page, we decorate fruits as well.

I accidentally hit Google+ button of my own previous post...:-)


  1. Hello Miyako, I have researched more on the customs of Obon event. I am sure you will be remembering the happy times with your family and dear father and other relatives. It seems it will be like having happy times and sad times mixed together. My thoughts are with you, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  2. Miyako, the concept of a family altar is very unusual for me. But I certainly respect your special event of rememberance. It's something we could all take time to do as well. Have a wonderful week, my friend. Hugs from Texas (well actually Maine at the moment.)

  3. It's very lovely your husband's brother is coming to visit grave. I hope you all will enjoy soba together :-)
    As a child, I was always fascinated by Hoozuki. They looked very pretty and yummy as well :-) It gets really busy around this time of the year. Please take good care of yourself. Have a lovely Obon!

  4. Hello your Husband with all Obon season quich post anceston's soul come back to see us.Your daughters was very busy this years and your husbands are as vsually his concert with his band graup and his soba as always same
    I was very happy for you Miyako San! It was nice to as same days. Love you Miyako-San
    Have a nice day!

  5. I have loved this tradition ever since I learned about it from you. It is such a lovely way to remember and honor family. I'm glad your brother-in-law and family can join you for this special time.

  6. I learn still from you thats is nice likt that ...

  7. Olá Miyako, por aqui não temos esta tradição, mas acho imensamente válida e muito bonita!
    Beijos, excelente fim de semana.

  8. Miyako dear friend, I admire Japanese way of remembering the ancestors. It is more dedicated than just visiting graves.