Monday, August 24, 2015

Modern Glass Exhibition;

This Glass Work Exhibition takes place every 3 year at next city since 2001.  The city my husband has grown up developed highly depending on pottery like I posted herePicture taking were not allowed for almost all the works.   I went there early last month.

Above; work awarded grand prize "溜まる場所,   place to accumulate 保木誌衣吏"
Below; work allowed to take direct picture "It’s not easy to be tough 言上真舟"
And this work made me think about "Cinderella"♡♡♡
These other works were taken from one place allowed to stand for taking pictures.

*Beautiful Works we could buy at the entrance* 

*A few Children's works* 
They are from the project for the purpose of letting kids experience of technique. About ten of them were exhibited.
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Re-occurrence of my face problem after attending our match-maker's funeral with make-up nagging me.  Feeling SO bad not having visited even to the link hosts...  
Wishing SEE YOU SOON;  
ps, typhoon caused blackout.
By cell phone
We finally got electricity back♪ Typhoon caused our garage roof (wave plates) blown off (^^;)   Start visiting you from tomorrow; 26th Japan time.


  1. Hello Miyako, what a lovely glass exhibition. So many pretty and amazing pices of artwork. It is wonderful the children were able to exhibit their own work too. I do hope you feel better soon, take care! Enjoy your day and have a happy new week ahead!

  2. Good morning Miyako! The glass is beautiful, some great talent there! I'm glad you were able to take some pictures! Nice that children are learning the art as well! I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hi, the glass sculpture in your photos. Interesting how people can make such wonderful works of art from glass. Lovely. Back in Texas now, so hugs to you from Texas!

  4. Miyako ... take care of yourself. this looks like a wonderful exhibit of glass works. I love glass, but I have cats -- cats and glass don't mix! :) Happy Monday!

  5. Good morning Miyako, what lovely artwork this is. A most lovely group of fine pieces. Very enjoyable to see. Enjoy your day!

  6. Good Monday, Orchid! I like to look at beautiful glass works and stained glass. I would have loved to visit this museum.

  7. Hoping you are feeling better soon. What a stunning collection of glass.

  8. The glass exhibits are very nice and I thought of Cinderella's glass slippers too.
    Be well, and thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday Miyako.

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    So sorry you got the problem in your face back. I did refrain from any makeup for over 6 weeks, you can't take any risk.
    Bad that the typhoon did cause you damage to the garage, no matter which part, it takes time and money to repair and the danger for leakage meanwhile.
    Don't worry about not having visited, I'm way behind myself. My PC died... lots of problems. So I try to visit some blogs but it's not easy.
    Sending you hugs and I enjoyed these lovely glass items, looks like the Italian Murano pieces, so artful.