Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garden of the Local Lord;

    *Visited "Mouri Residence" and its Garden*
After the Meiji Restoration (around 1867; the period of modernization in which aspects of Western systems and culture were adopted to Japan), former local lord called Mouri "毛利" constructed the beautiful garden which completed in 1916.  I posted only the walkway here for Tex's meme as it was too late to get into that day.
Last week, I visited this place taking the chance seeing my aunts and uncle living in the same city.  It wasn't a good day for phto-taking, raining slightly on and off :-)    It is a sweet memory I saw my late uncle who was a gardener working here when young. 
(The stone lanterns in the frame of the header are from the garden)

             This first picture was taken from inside the garden viewing the residence;

Walkway from the parking lot to the first entrance

There is a big pond on the way and luckily my husband found Blue Heron. 
(Yes, the birds I can find are limited  :-) 

              This Butterfly kept flying and didn't stay put for me (^^;)

    The first two pictures below is the gate of the garden both from outside and inside.

This is the restroom with comfortable atmosphere.
There is a museum inside; taking pictures are not allowed there.
Here is the enlarged picture showing the family crests of Mouri on partition.

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Happy I won't be busy except weeding and visiting my cousin meeting her newborn granddaughter♪  Just worrying about the typhoon which seems coming directly.  
Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
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 Love to you all, xoxo Miyako*


  1. One great place I love the special trees..have one nic day,Joan

  2. Hello dear Miyako, Both the gardens and the buildings are gorgeous. What a marvelous place to visit. Many hugs from Finland. :-)

  3. Dearest Orchid, what a beautiful garden, gates, and buildings! The roofs are so elegant with the tiles and fancy accents. There is so much attention to detail and to making everything so special and lovely. Even the trees seem closely clipped and groomed, to such pretty forms. It must be a special place for you because of your uncle, too. Hugs from the PNW, Hannah

  4. Hello Miyako, your images from the garden are lovely. The entrance, gates and fence are beautiful. I love the trees, heron and the butterfly. I hope you will remain safe from the typhoon! Have a happy day and week ahead!

  5. What a beautiful garden. And, the blue heron... so glad you got to see it. Have a great week.

  6. very beautiful! The form of the trees is so beautiful!

  7. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  8. Hi Miyako san. What a beautiful garden, and how special your late uncle worked there as a gardener. The place does look very well taken care of. And looks like birds and butterflies are enjoying the beautiful nature there :-) Inside the house looks beautiful, too. I love the long corridor!
    I hope typhoon won't hit your area hard. Please be careful, and have fun visitng your cousin!

  9. Sending good thoughts and hope for the typhoon to stay away from land! Take care, be safe my friend!

    I am glad you got to go back to inside this beautiful garden. It looks perfectly beautiful.

  10. Miyako, such a beautiful spot and the gardens and the blue herons are wonderful. Have a great week, my friend. Hugs from Texas.

  11. É tudo tão lindo!!!
    Jardins tão artísticos!!!
    Bom início de semana!
    ¸⋰˚✿ه° ·.

  12. What a pleasure it would be to stroll through that garden.

  13. oh, my! just a GORGEOUS place!!

  14. Hi Orchid, I am your latest follower!
    BEAUTIFIL photos of a beautiful place. I wish I could go there : )

  15. Oh, Orchid...I always enjoy your beautiful photos of the beautiful country.
    The heron are so pretty and you really got great shots of them/
    Those trees are just awesome.

  16. What a lovely cyber tour of your garden. I enjoyed it so much!
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  17. Absolutely beautiful, Miyako! I love the gardens and the architecture is so stunning too. Wonderful post. Glad you got to go there and visit.

  18. Miyako San!
    Beautiful Garden mouri Sorry to hear from your aunts and uncle which was you can't taking with photos..Blue Heron Birds I never see before in my life.
    Beautiful your uncle special house.
    Have take care of all your family.

  19. Love the beautiful garden, the scuptued trees, the lovely Heron and great fences,

  20. This looks like a wonderful place to spend an afternoon.

  21. Such a gorgeous place. The architecture and the sculpted trees are really beautiful. I hope the typhoon does not affect you.

  22. Hi over there in Japan. Those are some interesting photos!

  23. Simply stunning place. The buildings are quite beautiful and those trees are just amazing. I always enjoy seeing your photos.

  24. Wow that is a real tour I must say.

    Thanks for the tour in photography.


  25. Wonderful shots of that gorgeous building and lovely trees!