Saturday, June 6, 2015

Quick post about Calligraphy in my house;

                    *Two calligraphy came to my house*
           Retired my husband's ex-lady-colleagues' works came to his hobby room.

(pages I linked and pictures are from my former posts)
First work above was done by the lady in this post. And it's her work she exhibited in this post (second one in the post).  Kindly given to my husband. 

Second work above was done by these ladies in my house (this post). I was really happy they've written these characters by my request. I think it's rare calligraphy done with collaboration♪  So glad the work is mounted and on the wall of his room now (hope the right English)

Wound you please let me paste my former post which may give you the idea about the reason why I chose these characters. So I'm pasting this long part 'just in case'.

Zenzai, 善哉;
Sweet Red-Bean 'azuki 小豆' Soup, which we call ‘zenzai,善哉’ is one of my favorite winter sweets.   I made the one in the first picture a couple days ago; and the one in the second was the lunch post from 2,012 here.

"夫婦善哉, meoto-zenzai'    (meoto means married couple)
          This Japanese phrase came to describe "happy married couple".
The old Zenzai restaurant (opened 1,883) in Osaka serves two bowls of them for one person. This menu became SO popular and because of the menu is called 'meoto-zenzai', this phrase started to express the couple who are cooperating their marriage life each other through ups and downs. 
picture from restaurant's home page

Noble and movie were made with this menu title. And even the Enka song whose lyric I love was sung by one of the singer. It was released in 1,987; I was married 1,977 :-)  At that time I was helped by my husband's mental support after the infertility treatment for me didn't work.   Let me paste the video from You-tube introducing both the place and the song from last year.  Haha, I was happy to find this one.
(Sorry it's in Japanese and bit long, I'm happy if you could feel what Japanese Enka sounds like.  But this video is kind of for myself.  She is the original singer of this song.)

I couldn't find the lyrics in English, my poor translation only for the first passage;
          living like duckweeds,  you laugh  
          around our shoulders, alley autumn shower dancing
          even if we have nothing, my heart can be called a brocade
          I'll follow your foot steps, meoto-zennzai
          your back is my guidepost

I'm having soba guests tomorrow, wishing you're having a wonderful weekend!
Thank you very much for stopping by; I always appreciate your sweet visits;
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  1. Hello Miyako, both pieces of Calligraphy are lovely and look like artwork. They look perfect for your hubby's hobby room. Thanks for explaining the meaning of the phrase and the characters. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  2. Miyako, so much fun to watch a video in Japanese. I can't even imagine how you write so beautifully in English, as I could never master your language. The calligraphy is truly beautiful art.

  3. Love the storie about married couple see you in 1977 we monday 26 years ago ..times flyes but love the food idee ..nice weekend,Joan

  4. Oh good morning to you, I just adore this kind of artwork. Excellent talent. It sure adds to the lovely decor of any room! Your food presentation is delicious looking too! Really enjoy your weekend!

  5. i love the calligraphy! just beautiful works of art! wonderful!

  6. That calligraphy is beautiful! I liked the photos of the food for couples. Very interesting.

  7. Your calligraphy is wonderful.

    And as earlier common taters said, mastering English and Japanese is impressive. I never learned more than a few simple phrases in Japanese.

  8. The calligraphy works look very lovely in your husband's hobby room! I love "meoto-zenzai" very much. It's really a great and sweet words you selected :-) And your husband and you are such a wonderful couple. I can easily tell that from your posts. You are very much "meoto-zenzai" :-)
    I wish you a fun time with your soba guests, Miyako san. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Dearest Miyako,
    The calligraphy looks very pretty in your husband's hobby room!
    You are very close together and fill each other in on so many fronts.
    Sending you hugs and happy weekend.

  10. The calligraphy looks just like it was done for your husbands hobby room.
    I enjoyed the Japanese song, it made me nostalgic for Japan and I am so glad I've had the opportunity to visit in the past.


  11. Miyako the calligraphy is beautiful. Have a lovely week!

  12. The calligraphy is beautiful in itself (even if I did not know the meaning of the characters). But knowing how special it is for you makes it even more beautiful. The words and the song are lovely (I do remember the song from before). We have not of course had the same life as you have had, but we have been married for many years with the ups and downs life brings, so the song is very meaningful to me as well. Thank you for this heartfelt post.

    (And as always, I must add that your mastery of the English language leaves me in awe. You write beautifully.)