Sunday, March 29, 2015

Precaution for the New Car;

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  *Prayer of the safety for the New Car at the Shinto-shrine*
Today, we went to the local shrine called 'Okazaki Hachimangu, 岡﨑八幡宮'   to have the ritual to pray for not to have any accident with my husband's new car. And also had a protective amulet (hope the right words).  Here is the page I posted about the same shrine with a big Camphor Tree and rare shell which named after German doctor called Dr. Sieboldtii.

  We waited for the priest's former appointment of  'お宮参り, omiyamairi' was over.

Omiyamairi literally means "a visit to a shrine." It's a Shinto ritual similar to the Christian baptism ceremony. It is for wishing the baby's healthy growth when the baby is about one month old. I wished to introduce our tradition and happy that they approved my offer.

*Hope no serious accident for the future like our old one*
I couldn't be bold enough to take pictures while having service inside the shrine. After the service, prayers directly to the car by the same priest of the same link page
  • Our new car is not fancy one (popular car). Considering my husband'd age, might be the last one :-)  Our old one was 10 years old.

These are one-third in bloom cherry trees close to our house; taken on our way home. Hope to post full blooms soon♪  Beautiful sunny day for the shrine visit.

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  1. i like the idea of blessing of the new auto. (and i love honda!) :)

  2. Hello Miyako, it is a great idea to have your new car blessed.. I wish you safe time for you and your hubby in the new car. The shrine and the blossoms are pretty. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. That is a very interesting ritual Miyako. I understand the significance of the blessing. I think in any relugion there is something like that.

    I'm sending my good wishes to your new car and your hysband's safe driving.

    Blossoms are so pretty.

  4. How interesting! I didn't know you can get prayer for your car at the shrine! I do hope you and your husband will stay safe with the new car. I keep 交通安全 omamori that my dad gave me in my wallet all the time :-)
    The cherry blossoms are beautiful! Looks stunning in front of blue sky. Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  5. what a great post,Orchid...and I love your hubbys new car.
    Our car is 12 yrs old and still runs so good....

  6. I totally like the blessing of your car! I did the same for my daughter when she first started driving and both you a special car guardian angel. Lovely photos, the blossoms and that lovely old tree, very beautiful!

  7. Your cherry blossom photos are fantastic!

  8. vey nice idea to bless a car for safe kilometres.

    beautiful blossoms!

  9. Hi Miyako san!
    lovely to hear from good newcar Honda I had on two i still keeping stay safe Omamori in my car's it was long time of
    the shrine.
    A Cherry beautiful blossoms
    Otosama to happy time!

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Let's hope those blessings for your new car will really work out well. When last year our neighborhood got struck by a terrible tornado, our home was not touched at all, neither our garden. No broken limb off any tree. Husband Pieter said, yes, we did have our home blessed in November of 1990 and it worked!
    Love the cute Honda and also it's color. Our Infiniti FX35 is alos having it's 10th birthday in August...

  11. What a lovely place. The blossoms are simply gorgeous.

  12. I missed this post earlier! A blessing for a new car is an excellent idea. We keep our cars a long time also. Your new car looks familiar. Quite a few of them here in our RV Park and back home in Oregon our daughter drives one!

    And of course the blessing for the baby is a beautiful custom.

  13. That is a really great idea to bless your new car. i will be considering doing that with my wife's new car. I really enjoy practicing other cultures and traditions so this will be very welcome in our home. i hope the new car brings you all the joy and happiness and it runs smoothly. Thank you for sharing this.

    Domingo @ Viva Ford

  14. I found that if you visit the car dealership closer to their closing times, you have less headaches and more flexibility to close a deal. These guys have been on their feet all day and want to get home to their families too. Walk in an hour before closing and make an offer, chances are you will close a deal and be home faster too.

    Diana Hayes @ Baldwin Subaru