Monday, February 23, 2015

Festival at Next City and etc;

Last Sunday, one of the bands my husband involves 'he involves two' which has the smaller members attended next city's Festival.The area is called '高千穂, takachiho';

Several kinds of performs;
The instrument at the lowest left is called "Taisho koto; 
Japanese harp with two to five strings".  Picture page; It has very elegant sounds.

*Then, my husband's band group played a couple of music from popular songs*
My first try of updating video directly through my video file.  It was so funny that the original one has clear picture. But seeing in my blog, it turned out really terrible...
Well, we wish you will be able to enjoy the music :-)

*There were lots of art work as well*
    Introducing just a few of them.
For the work on the right side above, I felt really heartwarming;
Long work on the left below, we can see the 12 animal zodiac signs;

*Display for coming 'Girls Day' from my favorite cake shop*  

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Hope you started a wonderful new week;
Thank you SO much for your sweet visit, WISHING to visit you soon. 


  1. Miyako, thanks for the music video, so we get to hear hubby play! I love the girl's day items. So cute! Hugs from Texas.

  2. Such adorable shots.

  3. Hello Miyako, lovely post. I enjoyed seeing the young ones perfoming..and the music video of your hubby's band.. And the display from cake shop is cute! Thanks for sharing, have a happy week!

  4. that cake shop is SO darn cute!!! the artworks are wonderful - i especially like the crane and turtle one!

    i enjoyed the music on the video! wonderful!

  5. Greetings, a most lovely post, and your husband is a lucky man. Looks like lots of fun. I will have to try and make some cupcakes designed like that, they are so cute.

  6. How wonderful that your husband plays in two bands! Love the photos of the children and the sweets look very tasty!

  7. Everything looks perfectly wonderful. It's just a pity that I couldn't open the video. :(

    It's job greatly done for your husband. Congratulations on the performance.

  8. OH,I love very much they "dolls" special the mini's...

  9. Miyako ~ all very creative photos ~ love the cakes ~ so creative and colorful ~ lovely post!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  10. Wow, looks like such a fun festival with various performances and music! It is so great to see your husband play. He looks fantastic! (From the photo. Can't see video with my iPad...I will try on my PC later!)
    The Girl's Day displays are very pretty. I forgot it's almost Hinamatsuri time in Japan!

    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san!

  11. Your husband's band is great! Thanks for sharing the video.

  12. your hubbys band sounds really good. TFS the video.

    those are some beautiful works of art.

  13. Dearest Miyako,
    Wow, that is special to enjoy hearing your husbands little band play for us and I also love the till now unknown instrument of Taisho koto! I did listen to an entire orchestra of them on Youtube and liked its unique sound!
    Thanks for introducing us to new things.
    Hugs and enjoy the rest of your week.

  14. So much colour in this post; I'm sure it will lift up the spirits of all those who come this way. :)

    It's so nice to see things from your part of the world.

    The music is lovely. :)

    Happy Lunar New Year to you.

  15. This was such a fun post, and we especially enjoyed hearing your talented husband with his other band-mates. They are very good. Thanks for sharing it; we enjoyed seeing the whole festival!!!