Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fake Cake Exhibition (part 2) ;

   Happy Valentine's Day, everyone ♡♡
Please just enjoy the pictures of  'part 2' of the "Fake Cake Works" made from material called 'Modeling Paste' (Thick Acrylic Gel blended with Marble Dust).

*Lovely Sweets, Dresses and Tiaras*

*Even a 'Car' and 'Racing Motorboat' *

*Daruma; 達磨、ダルマ*
            My old friend may remember about my Daruma post.
Bodhidharma who was a Buddhist monk lived during the 5th/6th century CE said to have done 9 years of zazenThis doll shows how he'd done his training and its unique rounded shape allows you “Fall down seven times, get up eight” which represents persistence and never give up your dreams.
About filling Daruma-san's eyes
We fills in one eye upon setting the goal, then the other after fulfilling it later. One explanation how this custom started says that in order to motivate Daruma-san to grant your wish, you promise to give him full sight once the goal is accomplished.
I hope you will have a wonderful weekend.
Thank you very much for your sweet visit, I'll see you soon;


  1. Just like part 1 very nice photo's!

  2. my goodness! the dresses and the shoes are incredible!

  3. I like the story about Daruma dolls. Thanks for sharing!

  4. these are just amazing creations.

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    These look quite different and maybe not so cake-like as in your previous post with Atlas and the World. That was so far my favorite.
    Sending you love and blessings,

  6. Hello Miyako, I am just amazed at these cakes. The dresses and shoes are so pretty. The car and boat is neat too. It is a nice custom and reminder to never give up your dreams..Have a happy weekend!

  7. I just admire all the fake cakes! The tiaras are gorgeous! And, love them!! This is such a fun exhibition. I enjoyed your photos very much!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Miyako san! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  8. Simply breathtaking designs. I like the tradition behind the Daruma doll, very wise advice.

  9. These are some beautiful designs. I love all of them.
    Happy Valentine's Day my friend

  10. I can't get over those beautiful decorations on the gowns - incredible!
    A lovely post and a really beautiful Valentines Day Header too :D)

  11. ⋰˚هჱ⊱


    Muita paz, muita saúde e muita harmonia nesse fim de semana!!!!
    Beijinhos do Brasil

  12. The "cakes" again are just amazing. And I love the legend or story of Daruma. I know some people who fit the story perfectly; people who have been down and up over and over again. Sometimes that is life.

  13. The Daruma dolls and the fake cakes.
    car and racing motor boat.
    Miyako san! Otosan to ne have a good time days!
    I has very good time with my golfing today.