Monday, February 2, 2015

City park 2/1. ( part 1) ;

Yesterday, my husband needed to do some errands close the city park.  I asked him to drop me off wondering if there might be migrating birds in the lake there. Happy to see the sea-gulls and coots with the commonly seen ones (ducks. sparrows etc). 
As it was Sunday, there were some people visiting as well, despite the bit cold weather. 
*Wishing you might be able to enjoy the atmosphere*
The sign said 'the island of swan'.
As my old friends may know, they were all gone (killed) because of the bird flu.

Especially, these two cast eyes for me and greeted me p:-)

 *In the Year 1967, 10 Pelicans were sent to my city's park's lake from Calcutta, India*

Pelicans were having feeding time from the lady staff.  First two pictures were from the post last year ,  in the post I explained about the "Pelican Island" and "Cutta-kun".

*And found the sparrows and wagtails*

Thank you very much for riding the tour in our city park.

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Thank you SO much for your sweet vists aand comments;


  1. Dear Myyako San!
    Old friends gone killed of the bired flu two cast eyes are kawaii desu!
    Pelican lsland and cutta-kun I love beautiful hana desune.
    Okaradani kiotukete kudasai mase!
    Otosan to ne!

  2. Hello Miyako, what a fun visit to the city park. There are a lot of birds there, it is nice to see all the gulls, ducks, pelicans and the cute wagtail. Wonderful images! Thanks for sharing your visit.. Have a happy day and new week ahead!

  3. Oi Miyako, lindas as fotos do parque! Eu nunca vi pelicanos, apenas por fotos e TV!
    Beijos, linda semana.

  4. It's nice to see an organized feeding of the birds at the park. I had heard of bird flu, but didn't know where it was or how bad it affected any specific bird. I hope the swans will make a come back- they are so lovely to watch. Thanks for sharing your visit to the park!

  5. i do remember you telling us about the bird flu epidemic. i like all the water fowl and the sparrows, too!

  6. Such a pretty park. And I like that bus too.

  7. Miyako, such a lovely spot, even if it was a bit chilly. So sad for the swans to be gone, they are so beautiful. But the bird pictures you posted are great. Thanks for sharing. Hugs from Texas!

  8. You have one of the loveliest blogs out there, my dear friend. I am so sorry about the swans, but what beautiful pictures!

  9. Hi Miyako san. Your photos are all so beautiful! What lovely birds. I especially love the ones where pelicans are getting meal. They look so cute opening their mouth big :-) And I always love seeing sparrows. In my hometown, I saw them, lot of them, every day!

    Have a wonderful week, Miyako san. And happy Setsubun!

  10. I loved the tour! It is such a beautiful park. The flower planter is lovely and you are getting so very good with your bird photos.

  11. I did really enjoy myself with all your lovely photos, thank you. It's too bad about the bird flu and so sad it took so many!

  12. Great bird shots! I love the one of all the pelicans with their mouths open.

  13. Hello Myako, these are all wonderful pictures :)
    But I really fell in love with the sparrows picture, they are so cute :))
    Have a fine day

  14. Lovely collection of birds in your area. I hope the pelicans are thriving there. Enjoyed the tour very much. :)

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    You did for sure not go there in vain; lovely photos you were able to produce for your readers!
    Thanks and hugs to you,

  16. So sad with the bird flu.

    But nice to see so many birds in the photos:)

  17. What a lovely way to spend some quality, enjoyable time while your husband runs errands.

    Your bird photos are so special.

  18. What a beautiful place! So sad about the swans though.

  19. Thanks for sharing your lovely park with us!

  20. Hello Miyako,
    We both like to wander around taking photos while waiting for our husbands I've found!! A great way to wait ;D)
    Your photos are so beautiful, and it was a shame how the bird flu took its toll in that way.
    The park is such a lovely place to spend time. I love the landscaping too.
    A lot of birds visit don't they.
    Thank you for sharing it all with us :D)

  21. It's so much fun visiting your park through your pictures. It was as entertaining as going there myself.

  22. Hello Miyako.... Lovely tour of the parks. I am so sorry about the swans, but happy that there are still birds and the lucky ones who get fed..... Michelle