Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year♡♡♡

    Year-end and new-year sure is the time family member to enjoy together♡♡♡  
I DO hope everyone is having a happy new year with your family. We are two of us:-)   In Buddhist beliefs, humans are born with 108 worldly desires which are removed when the bell at the shine is struck 108 times. TV program let us hear the bell from the shrine when the clock hit the Jan.1st to pray the peaceful New Year. 
We had an unexpected extra busy New Year's Eve:-)
 Short greeting post from Japan to everyone♪♪♪
Thank you SO much for your kindness last year!!! My new year resolution is to take care of our health considering our age p:-)  And wishing to start faithful blogging New Year after waking up! I really wish your year 2015 will be Happy and Prosperous one, my friends.


  1. Hello Miyako,
    May everyday of this New Year glow with happiness and cheer for you and your family. I wish you and your hubby a Happy & Healthy New Year 2015..

  2. blessings to you both. thank you, always, for your sweet friendship and lovely comments and posts!

  3. Miyako san, 明けましておめでとうございます! 除夜の鐘、懐かしいです。日本にいた頃を思い出します^^

    Thank you always for your friendship! Enjoy a peaceful Oshogatsu, Miyako san! I wish you and all your loved ones a very happy and healthy New Year xoxo

  4. Miyako, thanks you for your wonderful greeting for the New Year. Hugs from Texas, and best wishes for 2015!

  5. Miyako, I wish you a Happy New Year !

  6. Dear Miyako,

    What a lovely post. I wish you much love, peace and joy for 2015...and always! Hugs. :)

  7. Dearest Miyako,
    Thank you for your friendship over 2014 and wishing you and your husband all the very best for a Happy 2015!

  8. I wish you a Happy New Year 2015!

  9. My sister and I just had a conversation about this very thing- taking better care of ourselves in the new year. Life is so fragile. Blessings to you and yours!

  10. Happy New year to you too! Maybe 2015 bring you happiness and prosperity.

  11. Hi Miyako San!
    Happy New Year to you with all of your family. Otosan to Ogenki okurashi kudasai mase!
    We having a hot weather another few days.
    May be only in the 8-00 pm morning for few times my golfing.

  12. Happy New Year Miyako. Wishing you and your husband good health and prosperity in 2015.

    from New Zealand,

  13. Dear Miyako, I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! And all that, what you already read in my blogpost ;)

  14. Wishing you and yours a wonderful year ahead!

  15. Thank you for your kind wishes Miyako. I wish that your New Year is overflowing with every good thing in life :D)