Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ceramics exhibition of the greeting New Year;

 (posted; Japanese culture page)

Early last week, I've been to the "Ceramics exhibition of the greeting New Year" held at the long-established Department Store in my city.  The works of  Ceramic Artist Ms. Hirano this time were featured the color "Vermilion" or "Yellowish Red".  The color is used for the gate way or the bridge at the shrine and the temple in Japan as it's considered a sacred color. I posted about it here.
Originally, the word "brightness" came from the color of the "Sun" (Vermilion "朱色、shu-iro”, yellowish red). And believed  that the color vermilion prevent disaster from happening and have the power against alchemy. And this color is used for the ink of our seal as you can see in the link of my post. 

I wished to make her works bigger; she approved to be in my blog♪ 

  • Left side is for the New Year's Sake;  
  • Right side is Earthenware Mortar, they are spouted for pouring after seasoned. 

I've bought the two bowls for *Year-Crossing Soba-Noodles*, the ones you can see in the picture above. my husband was happy to see them♪

I AM really thankful to my friends for the kindness, friendship and heartwarming comments to me through the year; I wish you Blessing and Healthy Year 2015 ♡♡♡


  1. Hello Miyako, a wonderful post on the ceramic artist.. She has made many beautiful pieces. The bowls you purchased are pretty too, a nice gift for your hubby! Thanks for sharing... a little early but I am sending my wishes for you for a happy and healthy New Year! Enjoy your day!

  2. .:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._.:*~*:._

    Desejo um ano novo cheio de saúde, alegrias ,amor e PAZ! bjs, chica


  3. Yes Miyako, it was wonderful that I've found you, now I get a little bit informed about the life in Japan and it's culture :)
    And I like the bowls you bought and fell in love with those coffee cups from that series :))Or are they for tea? :))

  4. Miyako, thanks for giving us a bit of the art work of this lovely artist. I like the color. Have a wonderful 2015, my friend. Hugs from Texas.

  5. very nice designs and creations! she displays her works well.

    i hope you and your husband can celebrate the calender turn with many blessings waiting for you ahead. :)

  6. This is so interesting Miyako. I love ceramic work . I
    Her pieces are really useable art! And I'm so glad you bought the two beautiful bowls. Perfect for the soba you two make!

    Happy New Year ! It has been a joy to get to know you and to learn so much from your lovely blog! And I look forward to more in 2015.

  7. Those ceramic dishes are lovely! I'd buy some of those. Thanks for sharing.

  8. The ceramics are beautiful! The city I live in is named "Vermilion", and was named for the red clay found here. So, I have always thought the name and the color was very special! Have a wonderful New Year, Miyako.

  9. What a beautiful exhibition! Shu-iro looks very lovely on the ceramics and it gives very calming atmosphere. Love how she displayed cups on wood cubes.
    The bowls you got are beautiful! Enjoy toshikoshi-soba, Miyako san, and have a very happy New Year!!

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Love the vermilion color of bright, organge red.
    The exhibition looked really nice and those bowls you use for Soba-Noodles would work lovely for any salad too!
    I can see your husband smiling...
    Sending you also many thanks for this year's friendship and loyalty. May we all travel into 2015 with a year full of blessings and good health!
    Tight hugs to you,

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