Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trip to Kanto Area (part2) ;

               *This post is the part 2 of three series of our trip*
Our trip was Izu Peninsula in Kanto area. For this post, I'll introduce you 浄蓮の滝 "jyoren-fall" and 黄金崎 "kogane-cape" at 天城峠 "amagi-gap".

*浄蓮の滝 "jyoren-fall"*

*黄金崎 "kogane-cape"*

*Luxurious Hotel we stayed*
So impressed that the flower arrangement at the lobby was already renewed, 
when we leave the hotel next morning.
*The room we stayed the night had private spa besides the big one at the top floor*
*Gorgeous dinner time experienced first time for me*
As this trip was meant to be for the memory of my husband's late aunt, his cousins prepared us high-class hotel.
几帳 'kicho' (dividing screen), which was used to hide the dinner before serving.
And the menu helped us a lot to know what we were enjoying eating.

        About 几帳 'kicho' and the pictures of them;
                      (Hotel and 'Kicho' part is posted;  Japanese culture page) 
Kicho (picture page link) is a type of partition of two T-shaped columns lowered silk 薄絹 used in the mansions of the nobility after the Heian era( 8 B.C.).
We call a person who is scrupulous and methodical '几帳面. kicho-men'. This word is originated from the excellent job of the chamfered corners or surfice(面・men) of the cutting edges of kicho's columns. And the meaning of the word shifted to the symbol of the precise job and then started expressing person's characters as well. (hope you get my explanation)

*pictures of our gorgeous dinner* 
And the moon on that night from the hotel for "Skywatch Friday"

Let me close this long post with the picture of Mt.Fuji we saw in the morning before heading the next place. I did enjoy the first viewing of Fuji during this trip♪  (Also for "Skywatch Friday")

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Thank you SO much for stopping by and reading this long post
And wishing you all to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day;

I really appreciate you ALL for the sweet comments I've had. And felt terrible for not having had time to visit you. We brought back about 150 of oranges and was busy bringing to relatives, friends, neighbors. And had a bit of weary feeling after busy days but getting better:-)  Wish to have time seeing dashboard...  Catching up to you soon♪


  1. Que linda cascata, hotel e todas as fotos bem mostradas! beijos,chica e lindo dia!

  2. Hello Miyako, oh wow what a beautiful place to visit.. I love the waterfalls and the lovely hotel. I would not want to leave there.. And the view of Mt Fuji is gorgeous.. Lovely post and images.. Have a happy day!

  3. Hello Miyako, thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. I love the ones from the cape and the waterfall. And the food ;)
    Looks like you had a real good time over there!

    Greetings from Germany
    ツ Knipsa

  4. this was a wonderful visit for you with gorgeous scenery and great fences.

  5. I can feel your heart sing in such beautiful surroundings. I loved the grand finale to your lovely vacation, Mt. Fuji. Thank you for sharing. It all takes my breath away.

  6. I can't get over how beautiful your country is- love the falls- I am always mesmerized by falls..the sound of water gushing and roaring and it. Have a great day, Miyako!

  7. i'm glad things are beginning to slow down a little for you! i loved these photos! the falls and rocks are beautiful. the seascapes are gorgeous!!! the hotel, flower arrangements, restaurant is wonderful. how nice of family to make those arrangements. and i think it would be very good to be kicho-men. :)

  8. Miyako, these photos are just lovely!!! Wow!!! :)

  9. all your pictures here are absolutely breathtaking! wow!

  10. Thank you for letting us enjoy a portion of this great tour. Very nice.

  11. Hi there,
    All the photos and report are excellent. I particularly enjoyed the view of Mount Fuji and the waterfalls. So soothing!
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  12. Hi Miyako san. I enjoyed all the gorgeous photos from your trip! The hotel looks really nice. The flower arrangements are beautiful and dinner looks so yummy! And private roten-buro! That's the best!
    Thank you for explaining the origin of kicho-men. I did not know that!

    I hope you get a good rest after the trip :-) Have a wonderful day!

  13. What a beautiful waterfall! I also love the photo of Mt. Fuji. Looks like a wonderful trip.

  14. beautiful waterfall Miyako. the hotel does look beautiful. glad you had a lovely time.

  15. Dearest Miyako,
    WOW, you both enjoyed a most royal stay and with a romantic moon and private spa! The hotel no doubt was high class and fresh flower arrangements made us always so happy upon seeing them in hotel lobbies, like in Singapore or Jakarta. One could easily presume to have gone to heaven. How fitting for having this arranged by your husband's cousins in memory of his aunt!
    But one thing I have to write here... I found it most cruel of you for showing such delicious Japanese food! You really made me almost taste it.
    Thanks for sharing all these emotions, including viewing Mt. Fuji for the first time ever for you. It looks a lot like the mountain we viewed in the south of Chile...
    Know too well how one feels after such a trip!
    Hugs from Georgia/USA,

  16. Very nice pictures and story so I learn more about Japan...Greetings,Joan

  17. What a wonderful trip you took. The waterfall was stunning. I loved all the photos of the beautiful areas you visited.
    The meal looks quite tasty.

  18. Beautiful pictures, what a gorgeous place. Love the last picture of the mountain.
    Have a lovely weekend

  19. Dear Miyako,

    It was wonderful to catch up with you again and to see all your lovely photos of your trip.
    You stayed in a lovely place and the food looks wonderful.
    I love the photo of Mt Fuji with snow on the top.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend dear friend
    Sending love and hugs

  20. What an incredible trip! Wow! The falls are gorgeous! I found the rock formations near the base to be very interesting. The view of Mt. Fugi is BEAUTIFUL! And that hotel...oh my! I would adore getting to stay there. The accommodations and the food looked so top notch! Perfect!

  21. I love the waterfall and the cliffs by the sea. Big hugs to you.

  22. Oh this is such a beautiful post. A wonderful way to honor the life of your husband's aunt. And what beautiful scenery.