Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip to Kanto Area (part1) ;

(Mt. Fuji of the header is from free picture page)

Hello blog friends; I'm back from trip to Kanto-area. My husband's cousins and we had nice trip together. And they brought their late mother's picture, I'm sure she must have enjoyed the trip with us.

*This post is from Hakone-area*
*From viewing point of Mt. Fuji on our  way to Hakone Checking Station*

My husband took this picture of the head of Fuji-san,; had to add this one ;-)

*Hakone Checking Station, "箱根関所跡"*
During the Edo period, people travel from Edo to other places had to be checked at the stations, and Hakone was one of them. Hakone Checking Station was reconstructed in 2007.

We went up the stairs to see the view from Ashinoko-lake.

The photos above were some of the displays showing lives there at that time.
And the most important role of this station was to investigate the women heading west from Edo. The shogunate forced federal lords into making their wives dwell in Edo as a hostage.  Female travelers were checked strictly to prevent from escaping.

*Oowaku-dani "Oowaku-vallay"  大涌谷*
     *Breath of Volcano*

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Thank you very much for stopping by after the long break, friends   
I came back late last night, I'll try catch up with your blog as soon as possible☆☆☆  


  1. Oh my how wonderful, catching up with family, and such a lovely place. So much to see and experience, especially the volcano as it's something so rare for me. Beautiful photos and fun times, thank you.

  2. wow, the 'checking' of women would not be pleasant, but the area is just beautiful! looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Welcome back, Miyako san!
    Wow, the Fuji-san photos are beautiful! Views up from the stairs at Hakone checking station are beautiful, too. Looks like you had very nice weather :-)
    Oowaku-dani looks such an exciting place! I'd love to try one of the black eggs.

    I look forward to more from your trip. Please rest well :-)

  4. Miyako, it is so lovely to see your post! Your photos are breathtaking! What a gorgeous place! Make sure to take some time to rest, and I look forward to more photos when you can.

  5. Miyako, this is a gorgeous place to visit ! I am delighted with marvelous views !

  6. An interesting place to visit with wonderful views!

  7. Miyako this is just wonderful! I'm so glad you got to see Mt Fuji with your family. It is wonderful!!! Thank you for the marvelous views. And the history (some of it sad -- just like the US and every country has sad chapters -- but it is important to remember it all.) I loved this post.

    Don't worry about catching up too quickly -- it always takes me weeks when I've been away from the computer for a while. Everyone knows that!!!

  8. Fantastic photos of the beautiful vistas you saw and very intriguing post of history ~ We humans have so much to learn ~ and hoping we don't repeat history ~ Thanks, Miyako ~ xoxoxo

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Yea! Miyako is back with us. And such wonderful pictures to share. Glad you had a wonderful trip. Hugs from Texas

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Thank you BOTH for bringing us such great photos back from your special trip. This reminds me of the area in Central Java where we used to work. The same volcanic gasses. I often joked when we drove past and seeing all the gasses escape like a cloud: 'The devil is cooking again today...'
    Our planet is very mysterious from the inside!
    Good for you that you were free to climb and view as you please, compared to the Edo period!
    Those stairs made for quite a workout!

  11. i like hte term breath of the volcano. nice travel documentation.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  12. wow that is some beautiful scenery Miyako. glad you are back safely.

  13. Beautiful images! But then again, Japan is beautiful and so postcard-perfect. I fell in love with your country when I visited some years ago and vowed to come back again.

    Inside Cambodia

  14. Such beautiful mountains! Nice pictures.

  15. Looks like a wonderful trip! Magnificent shots of Mt. Fuji.

  16. Nice to have you back!

    Fuji is magnificent!

  17. Beautiful post.Looks like you had very nice trip! Great views of Fuji!

  18. I see you had a nice trip ...

  19. I was so sad when my husband and I had to postpone our trip to Japan this year but seeing pictures from your blog makes it better. Such beautiful places! I hope to see it in person one day! So glad to hear that you were a great trip. And so sweet that their late mother's picture was brought along, too. I'm sure she enjoyed the trip as well. xx

  20. How wonderful it must have been to see Mount Fuji! It looked so beautiful--like a dream rising up in the sky. I would love to try a black egg someday and add on 7 years of life!

  21. Hello Miyako... Thank you for sharing your trip. It is always nice to visit family. This area is very pretty with the amazing mountains. Interesting history too that you shared. Michelle from Nature Notes..

  22. Wonderful view! When I look at Mt.Fuji, I am touched. Black eggs are novel for me, but it must be tasty.
    Have a nice day!

  23. When I was in the Navy, we stopped in Japan and I bought I ticket for a tour to Mt. Fuji, but at last minute the tour got canceled! I was very sad. I hope I get to go there one day, it's so pretty. And I want to have one of those eggs too:) Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

  24. What a wonderful place to visit and to capture so marvellous views and photographs.

  25. Very nice trip photos

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  26. What gorgeous scenery, Miyako! It's interesting to see the restored historic site also,

  27. Fabulous post. You traveled to some interesting places. I enjoyed seeing this area and the Mtn. Gorgeous scenery. - Not sure I'd want to eat a black egg though.

  28. I love the shots of Mt. Fuji. So beautiful!

  29. A beautiful post, dear Miyako. I love the view of Mt Fuji and the smoking hillside is fascinating. What a lovely visit you had.

  30. Love the majestic view of Mt Fuji.

  31. I didn't know about the check points nor the reason why. I didn't realize that these majestic views also have a smell and that if we ate a black egg a person could live longer. I learned a lot today thanks to your post. Thanks for sharing your information and the beautiful photographs. Looks like you enjoyed the trip very much.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  32. Hello from Germany :)
    Just found your blog via good fences and I love it. Now I can visit Japan without spending money :) I'm your new reader.
    Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

    ツ Knipsa

  33. The views of Mt. Fugi are awesome! Just beautiful! I also really loved that wonderful museum, seeing the figures depicting life during the shogun time in Edo. The volcano shots were so interesting too. What did the black egg taste like? I would imagine it would taste pretty awful. But, neat that you can partake of them in a desire to prolong your life. Really interesting post!

  34. The Mt Fuji wa beautiful your lovely trips.
    fuji san was tokumi mucashino Edo no hitotachi ni yorokonde orarimaci tane.
    Ashinoko-Lake wa beautiful to omoimasu,
    A worman no edo time Hair staile was..I don't think good idea of ourself ...
    Have a nice weather with Otosan tone!
    I has bad allergens reactions in sunmare time.