Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For Three Memes and Little Note;  

*Entrance of Gorge*   For "Good Fences"
On our way home from apple picking (previous post), there is a place called "Chomonkyo, 長門峡".  '峡' means Gorge.  Autumn foliage is really beautiful for hiking. We just saw the entrance this time :-)

*Fire works in Autumn*   For  Skywatch Friday;
On 25th last month, we were offered free seats for fireworks by my husband's band member and enjoyed the night with them.                             
We can have seats with sponsorship money for this "Celebration fireworks" and have our messages "like for birthday, wedding anniversary" announced in between the fireworks. 

There were lots of stalls♪
These were the seats before and during the fireworks.
Oh, how hard to take fire works picture!
After taking some pictures, I decided to enjoy seeing the 7,000 dynamic fireworks scene p:-)

*I took these pictures before fireworks started for skywatch Friday as well*
         Luckily our seats were front row just behind this place♪

For the last, I've met this lovely girl around the stall when I was buying 'たいやき'. 
Quite a photogenic, isn't she♪
Linking this post to,  "Good Fences"; "Skywatch Friday";and "Saturday's critters"

Little Note> Thank you very much for stopping by.  From 10th to 17th, we are away from home to attend my husband's aunts' one year memorial service to Kanto area. And our relatives planned a little trip together after that. I'm looking forward to enjoy seeing Mt. Fuji for the first time.  I'm doing extra classes, shopping and outside cleaning p:-)  But I'll try visiting you until then!  And I'll be back after the little trip.  Usually we can't do this far away trip due to husband's handicap with his legs. This time his cousin drives with his van and hubby is really excited with this rare chance.
See you later in your blogs, friends♪

So sorry that Blogger is closing up for me since this morning. I can only access to my dashboard not my blog and yours either...
So sorry that I couldn't visit back to my friends who visited me.
My Dear friend Eileen kindly offered linking up this post for me to her meme.  


  1. i love the trees and terrain at that gorge. beautiful! neat to see the fireworks shows - your photos are great! cute little dog, too.

    safe and good travels to both of you!

  2. Have a wonderful trip to Mount Fuji, I hope you have an enjoyable time and it's good there's no stress with the driving.
    I enjoyed your photos, especially the fireworks and the little girl.
    And the autumn colours are very pretty on the trees.


  3. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely photos.
    Such a great opportunity to see Mt. Fuji and I wish you both a lovely time with family and during your trip.

  4. Lovely photos!

    Have a good trip to Mount Fuji!

  5. Lindas tuias fotos e passeio, fogos, tudo mais! Bom passeio lá nas tias! bjs, chica

  6. Hello Miyako, pretty Autumn trees and the fireworks are beautiful. I love the cute puppy dog.. Great photos and post.. Enjoy your trip, wishing you safe travels..

  7. I repraid..what a nice photo's again!

  8. Hi Miyako san! The photos of Chomonkyo look gorgeous! I love all the autumn colors!
    What a fun night you had to see fireworks and look around the stalls. I miss Taiyaki! It's great the seats have table, too, so you can eat, drink, and watch :-) Your photos of fireworks are beautiful. Once I tried to take fireworks photos, but all came out blurry. Very hard to capture them!

    Have a safe and fun trip, Miyako san. How exciting you are going to see Fuji-san for the first time! I look forward to some trip photos after you come back :-)

  9. I had a bit of catching up to do here! Congratulations on your 37th wedding anniversary!! The apple picking and the fireworks display sound like a lot of fun. Here everyone sits on the grass on blankets to watch fireworks, your seating looks a lot more comfortable. I hope you have a really nice time on your trip, and look forward to hearing from you on your return. Take care! Wendy x

  10. Happy Fall!
    Your firework shots are pretty and the sky pics are lovely too. :)

  11. beautiful pictures! have a great time on your trip!!

  12. Have a lovely time, and we'll look forward to even more photos. The gorge photos were lovely. You have really covered the memes! Hugs from Texas.

  13. I especially love the photos of the tree, green with colourful tips! And your fireworks photos are great too! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  14. I'm so happy you two get to take this trip! The family will be so glad you are able to attend the one-year service. And I know you will have a wonderful time on the trip after it. Mt Fuji! How exciting.

    Today's post is beautiful -- I've never been able to get good fireworks photos and yours are great. And the sky and the Autumn canyon colors are wonderful.

  15. Beautiful gorge entrance! And how wonderful they will announce a birthday or anniversary between the fireworks! That's an awesome idea! Wonderful photos, Miyako!

  16. Our little dog is so cute. I loved the fireworks display. Have a good week away.

  17. #3 I loved. Fire works awesome and the dog is adorable. I love dogs.

  18. i enjoyed all of the photos! you did well with the firework pictures! safe travels :)

  19. Have a wonderful trip. Imagine living where you do and seeing Mt. Fuji for the first time. I know you will bring us pictures...won't you? I look forward to seeing Mt. Fuji from your website.

  20. Such a nice post filled with lots of lovely photos.
    Enjoyed the fall foliage shots along with the fence very much. Lucky you to get to see such a wonderful fireworks show.
    Very cute little dog. I use to have an American Eskimo like that, they are fun dogs to have.

  21. The fall foliage in your photos is beautiful. I like the walkway along the water. That looks like a huge fireworks show. Your pictures turned out really well. Have a great time on your trip!

  22. beautiful fireworks and sunset images. I like your autumn scenery too. Do the trees all turn color or just some.

    the puppy is cute too

  23. Those are great fireworks pics.

    Lovely poochie, too!

  24. Beautiful shots, great fireworks shots.

  25. Wonderful fireworks photos!! Have fun on your trip :-)

  26. Auturmn beautiful hiking time.
    Your husband's band free seats with firewosks with them.
    Taiyaki fridpotet. Karaagiya. Ikayaki.
    Dynamic fire works Kiraidesune!
    Kawaii papidog desune...
    Have a wonderful time with Otosan tone
    Miyako san!
    I had cold with two days but will be alright soon...

  27. Wonderful photos. And the sweetest little dog too.

  28. How nice for your husband to get away! Enjoy your trip - and thanks for these lovely photos.

  29. Have a very nice time there .greetingrcu

  30. Great photography of your travels ~ Love the little doggie photo! Enjoy, Miyako . xoxoxo

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  31. I love the autumn colours and the dog is very cute. Great shots of the fireworks. Enjoy your weekend!

  32. Your fireworks photos are great! The little dog is adorable too, so Japanese. Have a great trip to Mt. Fuji! Hugs from PNW

  33. Ichiban. Nice photography. I was in Sendai-shi from 1953 to the middle of 1956. Enjoyed it before the city grew up around the Hirose River.