Sunday, November 2, 2014

Apple Picking;

My husband's friend invited us for apple picking last Wednesday. Wow, this is my very first time to experience it to visit apple orchard. My husband was happy that he didn't have to drive 4 hours (to and from). 
Surprised with big, old (maybe) trees.

A lady from the orchard was explaining how to pick and choose the good apples.
And look at the young tree in the left picture;

My husband peeling the apple and we all enjoyed the fresh taste♪

It was a wonderful refreshing sunny Autumn day for me♪

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  1. Hello Miyako, what fun to visit the apple orchard and pick some fresh apples. I am sure they are delicious.. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing your day.. Have a happy new week!

  2. that's awesome. truly a gift of autumn.

  3. Wow Miyako san, what a fun! The apple orchard looks beautiful with lots of old and young trees. And such nice sunny day...perfect for apple picking :-) Fresh apple just off the tree must taste super good! I've never been to apple picking but would love to. Speaking of apple, I've been drinking apple cider a lot lately. I get apple cider mix at the store and add hot water and milk. Very yummy :-)

    Have a wonderful new week, and happy November!

  4. Those apples look big and juicy. I haven't experienced picking apple from an orchard but sure I did from our small garden. Ours are much smaller though.Good to know you had fun.

  5. What a big nice place and big apples...

  6. Miyako, what a great day out. I remember picking cherries one year while we were on holiday, it's really nice to get the fruit straight off the tree.


  7. What a wonderful healthy and happy weekend activity for you to do - hope you are enjoying munching on all those apples! :)
    Wren x

  8. Dearest Miyako,
    What a lovely fall experience you both had!
    But for getting all the benefits of eating a very healthy apple, we should NOT peel them. Just cutting in half, removing the seeds and than slicing into wedges makes for a yummy and oh so healthy snack! An apple a day, keeps the doctor away...

  9. beautiful looking place, and the apples look big. Here in Finland apples are usually very small.

  10. how very wonderful! :) i remember apple picking as a child and so we made it into a tradition between me and my husband, who had never gone apple picking as a child.

  11. Nothing like fresh-picked fruit. My favorite Apple variety that is grown here is called "Fuji" so I knew that it must have come originally from Japan!

  12. Beautiful nature shots and the fresh apples are always delightful ~ how nice for your husband to peel one for all to enjoy ~ xoxoxo

    Happy Week to you!
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun! My daughter picked apples in Portland, OR one day and she really enjoyed it.

  14. I love fresh apples! What a great way to spend the day!

  15. Hello Miyako! What a happy way to spend some time. I have never picked apples from the tree ... I should... Michelle

  16. What a lovely day out. I bet those apples were delicious.

  17. It looks fun to pick delicious apples in such a grove. But I didn't know apple glow in the little bit warmer your place than Nagano or Aomori.
    Have a nice day!

  18. This looks like such a great experience. I can just imagine how crisp and sweet they were.

  19. Oh how fun… this was a yearly event for us every autumn when my kids were little. There are many apple orchards in the next town over from ours.

  20. ✿彡
    Muito bacana!
    Onde moro não há macieiras.
    O clima é propício para o cultivo do café.
    Imagino como deve ser bom colher e comer essas maçãs!...

    Bom fim de semana!
    Beijinhos do Brasil.
    ✿♫° ·.

  21. I love apple picking in the fall! It's always such a lovely time of year, fresh apples and crisp air, and usually bright blue skies. A great outing. Looks like you had fun!