Friday, October 3, 2014

Three kinds of Critters;

Today, for Eileen's "Saturday's critters"  I'd like to show two new critters for me and one familiar one for my friends.

*Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa)   "kuma-bachi 熊蜂 (bear bee)" *
I found this bee when I visited my husband's side's grave yard on Higan-day. The flower was offered to the next grave and the bee was enjoying the nectar. I explained why I need to take pictures and asked permission to the ancestors of the family. My husband said kind of common when young but this one was first finding to me


*Pantala flavescens (Globe Skimmer)ウスバキトンボ*
A couple days ago, my husband brought home this skimmer saying this one was lying in front of back door looking a bit weak. I just took a photo and let her/him free. Staying on one of the tree in my yard for a while and flew away. Sorry frequent appearing in my blog.

*Damaster blaptoides (Japanese ground beetle)  pic. page *
I found this beetle in my yard when I was trying to bloom. I thought "yacky, cockroach!".  On second thought, I called my husband and let him see it to check and he knew it was one kind of beetle (to my surprise).  I rushed to get camera to take photos of new beetle to me. I wonder if you are familiar with this kind of beetle.

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ps.  My early posting again p:-)  Busy tonight and I'll be out from morning till evening tomorrow. So, linking this post and previous post to memes (critter, flower) will be a bit late.  

7 pm Oct. 3rd


  1. Poor dragonfly...hope he will be okay. That Japanese Beetle is so interesting. Terrific shots of the blooms and bee. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice shots of the insects! The beetle looks a bit scary but it is a wonderful photo.

  3. Nice job with your pictures, Miyako. The bee is on what looks like a crepe myrtle, but it looks almost like pink beautiful. I see Gail called your bug a Japanese Beetle. That would seem like a good guess.

  4. we get the carpenter bees here - they like to eat into the wood of our shed supports. the beetle is really cool looking!

  5. The bee and flower photos are lovely! I hope the dragonfly is O.K., and the beetle is cool!

  6. Lovely photos. I used to be very scared of kuma-bachi. It's just so huge! We called them kuman-bachi :-)
    I hope the tombo is OK. Since it could fly away, maybe it was getting better :-) I don't think I've seen this kind of beetle. It's got very long legs!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Miyako san!

  7. Miyako, your critters are delicate and lovely ! Great shots !
    Have a nice weekend :)

  8. Greetings, Oh my that beetle is something isn't it! Lovely captures of both creatures and flowers! Thank you!

  9. I think you are getting quite handy with your new camera dear friend.

    Your images are beautiful...even the bug.

  10. I never tire of your skimmers; I've never ever been able to get a good picture of one (or of a dragonfly)... they are too quick for me. You are really good at making photos of these small critters ... I have heard of the carpenter bee before but I don't recognize the beetle at all. He's a pretty one really. (Glad it wasn't a cockroach ... we have to guard against those in Florida, yuk is right!)

  11. Dearest Miyako,
    You both are becoming quite an experienced couple for bringing all kind of exotic looking insects under your lens!
    Lovely photos and I bet you husband is enjoying this too; sorry that he cannot read your blog posts...

  12. I hope the dragonfly is ok :((
    Bugs, I really cant like them... But the little bee looks a little friendly!

  13. Hi Miyako San!
    Your husband had nice to meat bear bee and Globe skimmer and Yacky cockroach
    your suprise so much projectss and your blog happiness with happy with Otosan!
    You having a lovely good time with Otosan!
    I has nice day for few days but my golfing a not good when I need to wining with best way soon?

  14. Hello Miyako, I love your critters today.. The bee on the flowers is gorgeous.. And the skimmer is a lovely find.. I hope it was OK.. And the beetle is neat looking, a new insect to me.. Awesome photos! Thank you for linking up, have a happy weekend!

  15. Fantastic selection of shots for this meme today. Have a great weekend.

  16. Great shots! Wouldn't want to meet the last one. He's scary looking.

  17. You are so respectful to the departed...another blogger is fighting ghost tours being given in the cemetery where her ancestors are buried and she is very upset. Respect for the dead is important. You took some lovely photos of the carpenter bee, and the dragonfly and beetle. I've seen that kind of beetle before, or something similar. Lovely post, as always! Have a beautiful weekend, Miyako!

  18. Miyako ~ wonderful series of photos of nature's insect critters!

    Happy Weekend ~ xoxox
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Interesting critters all of them. I wish you a wonderful weekend!

  20. These are wonderful insects and beautiful shots.

  21. The Carpenter bee is very interesting, I don't think I've seen one. The dragonfly is cute, I hope it is OK. I have some like the beetle, possibly a Black Ground Beetle. They eat grubs, woms, and maggots, so help clean up the garden.

  22. Wonderful close up looks at these small creatures.

  23. the bear bee is so cute but the beetle is scary! :)