Sunday, September 28, 2014

Unsolved Problem;

Problem with width of my blog page with Chrome; Decided to ignore:-) 
Maybe because of the different browser of new pc of 8.1 from 7, my page in Chrome's default got really shrunk.  For 7, I don't have this problem. Just wished to let you know(^^;); sorry for early posting.

*My blog page from Explorer  (Yahoo)*   Default 100%

*My blog page from Chrome  Default 100%
 Needed to change default to 150, and arrow shows extended function of "ZOOM" from Chrome.  It only changes size of inside the background.
And buttons on the sidebar are shaking a bit, probably too much enlarging p:)

Haha, just rumbling post. Have a wonderful weekend;


  1. I am using Google Chrome and your header looks beautiful to me, dear Miyako! I could not comment on your blog for a long time because of the popup window. But I can now, sending you a warm hug and much love. :)

  2. it seems okay to me on my laptop. :)

  3. I'm using Chrome and it looks fine. And I checked on my IPAd and it looks good there too. I hope the print you are working with is big enough for you to see.

    Computers do such weird things ... I think we've all been there, so don't worry about people not understanding. Ignoring it for a while is probably the best solution!

  4. I'm looking at this on my iPad in Safari and it looks fine. Wish I knew how to help!

  5. Dearest Miyako,
    To me in my Internet Explorer browser it looks like the center screenshot you show here.
    Don't have much broadband left so I cannot check on my new laptop how it shows...

  6. Dear Miyako,

    Have not changed to Chrome so I am not able to help you.
    Your blog looks fine on my computer and hope you get it sorted.
    Sending hugs and love and hope you are enjoying the weekend

  7. Miyako,

    I am using Chrome at the moment. My PC is 8.1 too. It is working well.
    Have a nice daY

  8. Hello Miyako, I wish I could help. MY computer uses & and I do not use chrome..But, it your post did look good to me.. Have a happy day!

  9. I'm on iPad mini using Safari now and it shows like your second example. Different browsers and devices make web page look differently. Maybe this is kind of issue that can't be resolved. But your page sure looks beautiful. I love all the pretty headers you put :-)
    Have a lovely evening, Miyako san!

  10. Isn't it tough? You fiddle and fiddle. It' looks pretty though.

  11. I know NOTHING about computers! Hope you stop having issues.