Monday, August 25, 2014

Noodle for Summer;

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         This is the simple summer noodle lunch I made; 
This noodle is called "so-men, 素麺". Somen is one of the popular lunch menu especially during hot summer. We have a phrase '喉越しがいい; nodogoshi-ga-ii', which means "pass down our throat comfortably" or 'palatable' for one word. It usually served cold with a light flavored dipping sauce or tsuyu. Like Soba noodle for summer version. With lots of other topic, I missed the chance of posting this drafted one and may be a bit late for summer. As we consider autum is getting close after Obon.      
Somen and cooked chicken

Soba has longer history but Somen is also one kind of noodle date back to 11th century. It is dried like the picture above and boiled in hot water, then drained, and rinsed in cold water. I used lots of ice to chill p:)
Here are the two links about Somen:    Sōmen ; Somen Noodles
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  1. Miyako, always so interesting! That's a lot of noodles in those pictures. It must be very popular.

  2. Mmm Somen. Yum! I Somen makes really good lunch in summer. Your dish looks so delicious. The pictures of Somen being dried are amazing! They look like a curtain :-)
    I had pizza for dinner today. But now I crave some noodle!
    Have a wonderful new week, Miyako san :-)

  3. Hello Miyako, the so-men noodles and the side dishes look delicious.. I would love to try the noodles and dipping sauce. The photos of the dried noodles is interesting.. Great post, thanks for sharing.. Have a happy new week!

  4. the noodle drying is pretty impressive!

    i really like the arrangement in your header photo! beautiful...

  5. Dear Miyako,

    The noodle meal would be delicious.
    Also like the photo of the noodles drying on the rack.
    We enjoy Japanese food over here often.
    Happy new week

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    Lovely post about this very ancient and interesting summer noodle Sōmen. The drying is such an art.
    Love your header and noticed some 'Nanten'. We grow it in our garden and I did receive some from the Zen monk, my host, when I left Japan. It did bring us good luck!

  7. Dear Miyako,
    These noodles are beautiful, from the way they are made, to the packaging, to how pretty they are on the plate. I have eaten them with seasoned rice vinegar and soy sauce with cold chicken and shredded vegetables. Soooo good! Hugs xo Karen

  8. Hi Miyako San!
    Somwn was summer noodle desu ne.
    I think very good idea for ours body
    has never too fat ha ha
    Okagesamade beautiful otenki desu!
    I has enjoy with my golfing days!
    I love to eat somen Noodles any time.
    You has a good day with Otosan!

  9. I love summers for these cold noodle dishes. :)

  10. What interesting photos especially the drying of the noodles.

  11. Wow those are long noodles! Looks like a nice light summer meal.

  12. Fascinating post about the noodles and great photos for OWT ~ thanks, Miyako ~ Happy Week to you ~ xoxox

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  13. 。.✿✿°°
    A foto do cabeçalho do blog está um sonho!...
    Muito interessante ver como era feita a secagem do macarrão.
    Esse prato é tudo de bom!!!!
    Boa semana!

  14. Oh, those long noodles do look delicious! What a great meal for the summer!! Thanks for sharing with us Miyako!! I hope you have a lovely week!!

  15. Those noodles look delicious!

  16. thank you always educating us about japanese culture. not only are these fascinating factoids, but the photos are equally good as well.

  17. the man among the noodles is quite surprising.