Saturday, August 9, 2014

Nihon and Nippon;

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While I was preparing for the next post, I realized we have two ways of calling our nation in Japanese.  Oh My; if I didn't do blogging, I wouldn't have payed attention this differences p;)   We normally call our country "Nihon". But Japan '日本' is written "Nippon" in Roman Character for almost all the signs introducing Japan.

This is the front cover of the book of learning Japanese. Saying "Everyone's Japanese". Nihon-go means 'Japan and language' and in one word "Japanese" for English..

This is from picture page which introducing Women's Volleyball team. We can hear the shouts of rooting voice in harmony "Nippon cha-cha-cha" during the game.

Both pronunciations work when describing our country in Japanese. Hope you'd understand the different sounds♪  Here is my former post about Hepburn system writing for more information related this post.

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