Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gray Starling and Entrance of Bakery;

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These Gray Starling pictures are from my visit to our city park this late spring. 
It is almost the only place I can depend on seeing a few kind of birds. Even with my desperate efforts to have a good photographs, I cannot neither get close to them nor clear pictures of them. As you can see, there were more than several of them but they sure are wild ones and another chasing game;-)

    *This is the entrance of the very popular bakery* 
Although there aren't colorful flowers, I thought the designed planting corner is stylish. 
Might be called 'fence', I hope.

Finally, summer has come!!!  I hope this can be called a summer sky.

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  1. i like that planter edge and landscaping! very pretty! and those starlings are beautiful! different from what we get to see here! :)

  2. I love these pretty starlings.. Very different than the Starlings I see here. The entrance to the bakery is pretty. Did you buy something yummy and sweet? Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Hi Miyako! I like your starling photos - the first one is very cute with his serious face! Very pretty mosaic planter with the beautiful tree inside. I am guessing Mimosa or Bottle Brush tree, but I am not sure. The stone work on the wall is very nice, too. I hope you are having a nice day! Hugs xo Karen

  4. Hello Miyako!:) Shy birds are so difficult to photograph, but you did a good job, they are handsome, although different from ours.

    No wonder the planter caught your eye,... it is stylish, and I'll bet it also looks pretty in the evening with the lights shining on the foliage and flowers.
    Friendly Hugs!:)

  5. I do love the curvy wall leading into the bakery..

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    The entrance to your bakery is done very nicely with this curb planter box. Looks very attractive.
    Wonder if birds don't come to people's gardens...? Are there bird feeders being sold in your country; guess so. But your gray starlings look very nice! It is nevere easy to catch anything moving.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Looks like the curvy wall by the bakery even has some inlay. It's very pretty and I love the bush with the red flowers. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  8. the birds are pretty and yes that fence around the plants is great.

    wonderful images Miyako. TFS

  9. Beautiful summer sky with puffy white clouds. The planter wall is really nicely designed.
    Nice shots of the starlings in the park.

  10. The photos of Gray Starling are wonderul! They are so cute. I understand how hard it is to take good photos when they are not interested in being cooperative. I have numerous blurry photos of my boys :-)
    The entrance of the bakery looks very lovely! I agree, it looks very stylish! It must feel really nice to see blue sky after long days of rain :-) I wish you a wonderful summer, Miyako san!

  11. Oh my yes, they are a most charming bird. Lovely photos, and such a welcoming location, I'd sure stop at that bakery! Enjoy your day.

  12. oh i do like that planter with the colorful mosaic tiles!

  13. Just gorgeous ! I am delighted with the colorful mosaic fence.
    The birds walking through the green meadow are wonderful.

  14. Your starlings are very pretty, different from the ones we have here.

  15. the restaurant has that gaudi-esque feel to it, especially the curve lines and the tile work.

    i find bird photography very challenging. the subjects don't stay put long enough most of the times, but you did good here.

  16. Lovely bird captures and the sky is wonderful!

  17. Wow that's a beautiful sky!! Like a painting.

  18. Gray starling and entrance of bakery .The birds are very happy with good photographs the birds are beautiful gorgeous interesting!
    You had beautiful blue sky it was hot weath time....
    We having a still same as cold winter with raining most of days.
    Miyaho san! tumetai osobao Otosan to dodesuka? You having a nice time!

  19. The Grey Starlings look like a mixture of a number of different birds - it is another bird I have never seen!

    Sorry for the delay in replying, I have been in the UK for a month and I let blogging take a back seat for that time!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  20. What beautiful photos you have shown

  21. that's a beautiful summer sky.

  22. I have a hard time getting wild bird photos myself! The bakery area is lovely...I can understand why the birds like it. The Gray Starling is such a pretty bird!

  23. Bakery area is really unusual. Like it alot. Good job on capturing the starling images.
    JM, Illinoiis-U.S.A.

  24. Dear Miyako,

    Lovely shots of the birds - they are hard to get a photo of as they are on the move most of the time.
    Love the pretty garden and the clouds with the blue sky.
    Enjoy the weekend

  25. Dear Miyako, thank you so much for sharing your pretty starling with my Critter Party. Enjoy your weekend!

  26. These are wonderful bird photos.

  27. Glad to see you are enjoying summer, birds in the park and some great food from the bakery! My Japanese girls are here and our weather is a cool shock for them!
    Wren x

  28. Beautiful entrance way. And the starling is a new one for me...very pretty it is.

    Thanks for linking up this weekend at the Bird D'Pot!

  29. Beautiful bird-photos!
    My post: