Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fences at Airport;

bEarly this month, my friend and I stopped by the airport in our city. 
Next to the building, there is a little corner with green. And some roses were still blooming among the wire fences. Unfortunately, my new camera got out of buttery, these pictures were taken by cell phone (^^;)  But I enjoyed the relaxing stroll.

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BTY ; A bit strong typhoon is approaching. I'll show you the chart of its course. TV said exceptionally big one for July, commonly we have in Aug. and Sept.  Right now, caused some damages for the crops, mudslide and injuries around Okinawa or Amami area.

Update about typhoon
Although we live in the yellow circle, my area (little arrow) is not having heavy rain nor wind. As you can see typhoon took a right-angled turn. Many other places are having heavy rain falls. With strange mixture of typhoon and rain front, there was a heavy rain fall in Nagano-pref. (far north) with mudslide with casualties. I opened all the shutters, I thought "Be prepared and have no regrets."  (10am 10th)
Thank you very much for all the concern, and I always feel why Japan (like tsunami in Tohoku) experiences many natural disasters...

                 See you next week but I'll visit you, friends;


  1. I heard about the typhoon heading for Japan on Canadian news last night. Hope you will be safe!

  2. Dearest Miyako,
    Well, even with your empty battery you managed to take great cell phone photos. Clever to use the wire fencing to support those climbing roses and they look gorgeous.
    When I was in Japan it also was July and the same bad weather... where I escaped with our students one day ahead of schedule back to the USA.
    Hoping you all will be safe!

  3. Dear Miyako
    Please don't apologize for arriving late at my blog, I know that it's not always easy to do so.

    These are brilliant cell phone images.I wish I could join in Good Fences but I haven't got any to show.!:( One day perhaps!

  4. Forgot to say I hope you will be safe, and that the typhoon does not cause too much damage.
    Stay safe!:)

  5. i did read about the typhoon and thought of you. i hope you will be safe.

    i like that rose garden area at the airport and the sculptures, too!

  6. Those are such lovely pictures of an airport. They keep the green area really nice! The object in the first picture (looks like a square on top of two egg-shaped stones) looks very interesting!
    It is unusual to have big typhoon coming in July. I hope it won't cause too much damage. Miyako san, please be careful and stay safe xoxo

  7. I hope you are spared any devastation from the typhoon, dear Miyako! Will be thinking of you. Your airport has some pretty landscaping. :)

  8. Miyako, your airport has beautiful surroundings ! Greenery and flowers create a pleasant landscape.
    I hope that you and your family will be safe...

  9. such lovely flowers and greenery at your airport!
    a very interesting art piece in the first photo!!
    lots of news here re:typhoon ....i was not sure where you are in relation to the path it is on. i hope you are safe!!!
    sending love and hugs!!

  10. Hello Miyako! what pretty roses, greenery and fence shot! The airport has lovely landscaping..I hope you are safe from the typhoon! Take care and enjoy your week!

  11. nice nice nice picture ..
    You asked for comments and follow my blog

  12. Very nice pictures! I hope you and your family( and all Japanese ) will be safe.

  13. Your little fence with roses is adorable, but I have to say, I am more taken with that huge striated rock balancing on the egg shaped bases ... it looks precarious, but interesting.

    I have been following your Typhoon on our news. I am so sorry ... I agree that it seems you are getting more than your share of natural disasters in Japan. I am so glad that you are safe, but I know you hurt for your fellow countrymen who are not so lucky. Be well, Orchid and stay safe. Hopefully some good will follow ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  14. So happy all is well, it's been a strange year for storms! Your photos are so very lovely, and rich with color as well! Nice places to visit.

  15. Be prepared and then don't worry ... that's a great philosophy but can be very difficult to live even if you believe it. (Bad weather frightens me and as old as I am I should be better about not worrying.) You have the right idea.

    The whole Pacific Rim (California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska Coasts as well) are subject to bad storms but Japan does seem to get hit more often. I think one day it will be our turn. (Did you know that a lot of debris from the horrible tsunami in Japan washed up on the Oregon coast eventually!)

    Be safe -- sending good thoughts your way.

  16. I am so glad that you are not experiencing the worst of the storm, and hoping it is not too bad for everyone. Your airport garden is very nice - I like the sculpture and the stone posts. The building is beautiful with the blue glass windows. Stay safe, Dear Miyako!
    A hug xo

  17. Your new camera got out of butliry but unit about cell phone that make you happy with you! I'am sorry of caused some damages with injuries Okinawa with other area.
    Your is no rain but other having NAGANO with casualties you having are send to US more weather schedule the building is beautiful blue glass windows.
    We having raining for after few month always in the winters time.
    Otosan to happy time with you!

  18. In our area, we didn't have heavy rain or wind,luckily.But I was surprised that there happened the disaster in Kiso district far from the typhoon. Bad conditions piled up.
    Have a nice day!

  19. Love the roses against the fence. Please keep safe.

  20. pretty roses Miyako.

    I too heard about the storm but I'm glad you are safe and pray you continue to stay that way.

  21. Dear Miyako,

    I heard on the news of the typhoon that you were having there in Japan.
    You have been much in my thoughts and so glad to hear that you are safe.
    The photos of the Airport are great - the cell phones take great photos and they are so portable.
    Have a lovely weekend dear friend and hope that the weather is improving for you there.
    Sending hugs and greetings from New Zealand