Friday, July 4, 2014

Cormorant under the dreary weather;

                           To All my Friends in America☆☆☆
            Good Morning America; I wish to start my post to say this today;

I'm linking this post to Saturday's critters", "id-rather-b-birdin’" 

About a week ago on a dreary day after the rain, my husband had an errand close to our city park. I asked him to drop me there and he picked me later.

          I was lucky spotted this cormorant far back at the lake in the park. 
I hadn't noticed he was posing like this, looking brave until I zoomed the camera :-) 

They do have amazingly flexible bodies (or necks) !!!
Come to think of it, their beaks are acting as their hands as well p;)

"Hey, don't disturb us on this quite dreary day"
I found the butterfly among the white hydrangeas;   
My focus was wrong;  No, I couldn't catch up its move p;) 

Thank you very much for stopping by;
My husband is out tonight (Japan time), I'll try my best visiting you. 


  1. Fotos lindas! Ótimo fim de semana,beijos,chica

  2. Hi Miyako san, I love your Independence Day image!
    And such beautiful pictures of cute birds! I agree, their neck is seriously flexible :-)
    The white butterfly flying around white hydrangeas is beautiful!

    I'm enjoying long weekend :-) Have a lovely weekend, Miyako san!

  3. Hello Miyako, thank you for the 4th of July wishes.. I love your pretty Cormorant. Wonderful photos.. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Dearest Miyako,
    Thank your first off for the beautiful 4th of July photo you placed here.
    And you were very lucky in capturing this cormorant as he was preening himself in front of your lens. You also showed very clearly his hooked bill. That is quite different from the Anhinga that I wrote about a couple of posts back. Indeed, their neck is like a snake, very flexible and they have to be for catching their fish meals.
    Sending you hugs from the USA from your American friend.

  5. beautiful shots! that cormorant is just gorgeous! love the detail you are able to capture with your new camera!

  6. Oh my word! What splendid captures of all these creatures, especially the Cormorant.Lovely white flowers too, and tiny flutterby.:)

    Sending kisses from Portugal.

  7. Great shots! Have a nice weekend

  8. Thank you for the good wishes Miyako. We had a quiet day since we're away from family and friends, but we took time to think about what the day means.

    The cormorant is beautiful -- I can see every one of his feathers so clearly (and can tell he did a great job of preening them). All your pictures are wonderful ...thanks for sharing the day with us.

  9. Fantastic shots of the Cormorant and I love the little Butterfly.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Hello Miyako, thank you so much for linking up your cormorants, cute ducks and pretty butterfly..Have a happy weekend!

  11. I like the detail in the cormorant's feathers. Nice details.

  12. Hi Miyako san!
    you has birds have to be for catching their fish meals.
    you has flexible good looking birds
    They have to be for catching their fish meals!
    Have a wondeful time Miyako san!
    We has raining for another so many days again...

  13. Beautiful photos! The cormorant is very handsome. Lots of hugs from Finland!

  14. Thank you so much for your Independence Day wishes! And how beautiful that cormorant is! Great shots of him, and of the other lovely birds. I also adore the hydrangeas. They are one of my favorite flowers. Hope you have an awesome week!

  15. Beautiful photos, the comorant is a wonderful bird.

  16. Great shots of the cormorant as he does a bit of preening. I find it really difficult to photograph butterflies - why don't they just hold still? :)

  17. Wonderfull foto and cormerant bird

  18. Beautiful photos of the cormorant ~ and thanks for Fourth wishes ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  19. Wonderful shots of the cormorant! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

  20. The Cormorant is very handsome indeed.

  21. Love the posing of the cormorant!! Fantastic images. Thanks for linking in this weekend. Your photos are always a wonderful addition.

  22. BEAUTIFUL shots of the cormorant! I have never been able to bring out the detail of the feathers like this. Very well done. You got some fantastic shots for a dreary day. Goodness!