Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rice Bran Bags;

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       Hello friends; I do wish you all are doing fine whatever the extreme weather; 
              cold or hot, whichever you have.  
The other day, I've finally made 2 Rice Bran Bags from my husband's request after hesitating for a bit of long time. They are for the use of making his soba-tools burnished and also preventing soba-dough from sticking to the table or the rolling-pins.
So sorry for the brownish pictures; it was a cloudy day and it was due to the electric bulbs color of the lights (not the fluorescent bulbs) in his hobby room.  

      Soba making table and rolling pins he needs to wipe with the rice bran bag. 

Showing how he does (mind you, he never help me for the house chores p;)
I haven't used sewing machine after making these covers for his tools in the picture below about 3 and a half years ago when he started making soba. The machine is a really old one p;)  We need  to roast rice bran before putting them in the bag. 

Thank you very much for stopping by, Love You Always;


  1. How talented you are, my dear friend! I am fascinated by the soba making process and how this helps in it all. I think you two could have a business with this somehow~

  2. Hello Miyako, you and your hubby work well together. With you making the bags and he makes the soba noodles. It is an interesting process. I hope you are having a great and wish you a happy week ahead!

  3. i laughed when you said he doesn't help you clean house. you are so cute. :)

  4. Husbands usually don't like regular household chores! But if mine made Soba noodles I would forgive him! (My husband does a lot too...;))!

  5. It is so fun to see make things .Them noodles must be so good .My husband does not help with clean , that would be nice. Your house looks so clean. I have not been on my blog much hope to get to it more.
    Friend Laura

  6. Dearest Miyako,
    You are a fascinating team but it did work out in the end; your husband managed to make you sew his Rice Bran Bags! Good for you and I loved your confession about your husband not doing house chores. Well, my Dad for one never used to lift a finger only till my Mom got really sick...
    What can we do?

  7. Hi Miyako san, your rice bran bags are looking very nice. I love the simple look! Your husband must appreciate your bags very much :-) I am not good at using sawing machine, but it would be fun if I can saw and make things like you!
    It's been very cold this week so I'm using Hokkairo at work :-) Stay warm, Miyako san, and have a lovely day xoxo

  8. Interesting. I never knew this. Thanks for educating me.

  9. The flower arrengement are beautiful for you O soba your husband has always hobby with soba summe time desu.Iam so happy your brother is well I feel so much for your MuM.
    My sewing machine is Janome desu.
    Have a lovely day with tanoshiku Otosam to sweet time!

  10. How interesting and unique dear Miyako :) You are so talented my dear friend. Much love and hugs your way :)

  11. Hello,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I now work at the Vision Center were their is an Optomistrist and they sell eyeglasses and contacts.
    I love the beautiful flowers on you blog...
    I am already planning for my spring garden planting.
    It is nice to have a friend in Japan.
    Love, Lorraine

  12. Hello dearest Miyako,
    I could not find a comment form in your recent post, so I write to you here. It does not matter if you do not always find time to comment - we still can not forget you: o))
    For me, making soba noodles sounds a bit complicated, but interesting.
    Warm hugs from your "only Austrian friend" :o))
    PS: Today we have the firs snow in our part of Austria!