Sunday, January 5, 2014

Parking Lot;

Right after we finished my late father's memorial service last Dec., my husband asked the retired-worker to widen our parking lot by reducing our small garden's space. 
One of the reason is that we have guests a bit frequently after his retirement. The other reason is that sadly our three pine trees were died due to the pesky bugs which is or was spreading our area. I thought his decision was a right one. Even though we felt painful at first, we need to look ahead, don't we (^_-)

this photo was taken early last year, you can see 2 pine trees 
there was one more bigger pine tree in the right far end
different angle from the picture of the parking lot

My humble dream for this year is to improve my skill for photograph (continuously from last year, haha) and wishing to be the quiet and relaxing one. But for you who have a personal big dream, I DO wish this year will be the YEAR.

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  1. Tuas fotos estão sempre boas!Gosto de ver! beijos,tudo de bom,chica

  2. Dear Miyako,

    I am so sorry to hear about your pine trees, they sure was beautiful. I do like the layout of your garden.
    Hope you're having a nice and relaxing Sunday, keep forgetting that you are some nine hours ahead of us here in Ireland.

  3. Hello Miyako, I love your garden. It is a shame about the pine tree though. I wish a peaceful and happy year for you! Have a great week ahead!

  4. Sorry about the pine trees, Miyako. Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

  5. i am sorry for the loss of your beautiful pines, but glad you could utilize the space for adjacent parking.

    yes, i think you could use a quiet, peaceful year. :)

  6. I'm sure extra parking space will be very convenient to have for your guests :-)
    I always enjoy your beautiful photos. I want to improve my photograph skills, too. I take many, many photos and most of them come out blurry. Very few photos that came out better are on the blog :-) Have a lovely new week, Miyako san xoxo

  7. Hallo dear Miyako. I think you've done the right thing with the garden. Makes it look more spacious. I always enjoy your photos. I hope it will be a happy, healthy and peaceful year for you, filled with many blessings. See you again soon! Hugs xx

  8. I think you and your husband made the right decision. When parking is a problem, extra space will be appreciated. I love your photography now! Can't wait to see what improved will be! Haha, I hope you do get to relax this year too! Hugs xx

  9. My dearest Miyako, first let me tell you I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful father. I know he was a kind and honorable man, filled with love for his beautiful children.

    I love your house so much and always enjoy your photography. You are far more talented than you imagine! Congratulations on the larger parking space though I am sorry to hear of your Pine trees. Nature has her own plans. ;-)

    I wish for you a peaceful and happy 2014, my beautiful friend. Warmest hugs from my heart, Mina

  10. Dearest Miyako,
    Oh that is a very neat parking space now; sad swap but if those pines die, what can you do?
    It will be also more convenient for older age and for less maintenance.
    Oh, this year you will have more time for focusing on photo making. That is a lot easier to do than all you went through last year! Hope the year will proceed very peaceful so you can really relax and do your things!

  11. Dearest Miyako sama!
    I'am sorry how much you are feeling about The pine trees Miyako san!
    I hope it will be a happy healthy and placeful year for you with OTOSAN and your lovely children.
    Please understand mylife Miyako san!
    OKajeni kiotukete kudasai mase!


  12. Dearest Miyako,
    you're right, we should always look ahead. The pine trees were beautiful, but a garden is a living thing - it changes throughout its entire lifetime. Some plants remain and grow, and unfortunately some plants die off ... Some additional parking space is certainly a good thing, you have solved your problem very well!
    Warm hugs from Austria, Traude
    ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥: ♥:

  13. Your home is lovely Miyako and if the pine trees were sick it was time for them to go. Parking space is a problem here where we stay in the wintertime....

    Your New Year's resolutions sound a great deal like mine. The little things that make us happy are important!

  14. I think your garden looks lovely, it is a shame about the pines though.
    I too would like to improve my photography skills this year, so I will be on the lookout for classes and maybe I need a new camera as well.
    Wishing you all the best of everything for 2014.


  15. Hello Miyako

    You have a beautiful garden - I would be sad to lose the old pine trees too.

    Wishing you Health, Happiness, Peace and JOY in 2014!

    I would like to improve my photography too - we can help each other.

    I'm now following your blog and hope to learn about your Japan!


  16. What a lovely garden! So sad to hear about your pine trees.

  17. How sad that the trees had to be felled but you still seem to have a delightful garden. May 2014 bring your dreams to reality.

  18. I hope that photography brings you deep peace. Happy New Year:-)

  19. Dear Miyako,

    So true, we do need to look ahead.
    It will be great to have the wider parking lot and sorry to hear about the pine trees.
    Happy New Year dear friend and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014

  20. looks like a wonderful garden.

    happy new year.